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  1. Fire Circle Alchemy
  2. Spiritual Dissolution
  3. Spiritual Calcination
  4. Transmutation of Shadow Selves; Dark Watcher, Guardian Dem
  5. My theory of personality types
  6. Spiritual Alchemy - Interpreting Representative Texts
  7. Alchemy and Dreams
  8. A (probably false) epiphany
  9. Symbolical and Emotional Logics
  10. Soror Mystica
  11. Please share your methods of Spiritual Alchemy
  12. N3xus of Light and Dark...
  13. Changing Archetypes inside the head
  14. Spiritual experience from m-state gold
  15. Wholeness of body/mind/spirit/soul
  16. personal dissolution
  17. Cosmic Light Attunement Exercise
  18. The Dawn of Aquarius: A New People, A New Consciousness, A New Era
  19. All Things Work Together For Good
  20. Esoteric Christianity vs Exoteric Christianity
  21. A Giant of a Man - Meet Nick Vujicic
  22. Calleman: Why Dec. 2012 is infact Oct. 2011
  23. The Order of Spiritual Alchemy
  24. Long awaited - Gurdjieff
  25. The world, the brain
  26. Nigredo Phase
  27. Franz Bardon
  28. Troubled
  29. illusion of the self
  30. Mutational Alchemy
  31. psychological prima materia
  32. Do you swing?
  33. love
  34. the middle way
  35. solar energy
  36. two paths
  37. Wingmaker
  38. The Philosopher's Hand
  39. The Field
  40. wrestling the green dragon
  41. death of the alchemist
  42. solve-coagula and perception
  43. VWIWV??
  44. Meditations and Inner workings
  45. When magick becomes alive.
  46. Lucid Dreaming
  47. The Cosmic Awareness
  48. Knowing
  49. Prima Materia - Materia Prima
  50. Vampire Services by Tim Rifat
  51. The net
  52. Alchemy and Spirits
  53. Alchemical Meditation
  54. Rosarium Philosophorum and Rosary Practice
  55. The Vessel
  56. What can you do if you don't have the Stone ?
  57. Spirits or old recordings?
  58. Magnetics & the Heart
  59. connectedness/Oneness
  60. Relationship with an Alchemist... No thanks?!
  61. Location of the Heart in the Human Body
  62. Spirit Science
  63. Solipsism
  64. Divine amnesia
  65. Monas Hieroglyphica
  66. My Alchemical journey to another world..
  67. The Black Sun..
  68. only revealed by God
  69. Christian Alchemy
  70. A Proper Magnet
  71. The ‘Super Psychics’ of China
  72. The Forbidden Letters
  73. Good vs Evil and the Quality of the Stone
  74. Good vs Evil in Alchemy?
  75. Trying to find a word...
  76. Alchemy of Emotions
  77. Alchemicals symbols in dreams
  78. A Big Trap of the Alchemist
  79. Revitalizing Water with a Powerful Water Vortexer
  80. the trees of knowledge and life
  81. welcome to the church of the generic
  82. Philosophers Fire - Embarrassment?
  83. A long life within one incarnation
  84. Oneness and Duality (spin-off thread)
  85. freedom from the god concept
  86. Clear beginner sources for spiritual alchemy?
  87. Thy will be done = congelation?
  88. Rainbow Body
  89. Operations of the Silver
  90. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. ideas.
  91. Inedia / Breatharianism
  92. Reincarnation
  93. Overcoming Saturn? Help!
  94. purpose of life
  95. living stones - awareness
  96. spiritual reasoning
  97. Imagination
  98. unconditional love
  99. Who succeeds in the Magnum Opus?
  100. Compassion and Judgement
  101. 2050
  102. The Primacy of Consciousness
  103. Eureka
  104. How do you do it (and more epic fantasy type alchemical ideas...)
  105. dreaming and alchemy
  106. crucible initiation
  107. Human Astral Travel Capabilities
  108. Of God(s) and Man
  109. proportions and more musings
  110. grace and the golden rule
  111. Dream Symbols
  112. general description of four elements progression
  113. Where is Here - Learning from Death
  114. A few words on the history and structure of the Universe, and the hierarchy of beings
  115. Classical and Chinese Elements: A Classification
  116. Curious thing about fire
  117. Alchemical Process of my life thus far
  118. lame saturn
  119. To be a good Philosophical Mother
  120. My strange visitor
  121. Devachanic Paradigm
  122. Solve Et Coagula
  123. Transformation of Attitudes
  124. for those spirit=matter proponents out there
  125. Change of heart and things I never would think would cause it...
  126. if consciousness is substance...
  127. I found the stone, yet I never paradigmically called myself an alchemist...
  128. the essence of good and bad
  129. The Hiding Place of Wisdom
  130. Nature of Wickedness
  131. The Spiritual Method ~ complementation as spiritual writing
  132. the engine of nature is evolution
  133. Soul & Body; Spirit & Physical... what's the connection?
  134. Remembering Other Lives/Selves/Incarnations
  135. What are we and where are we going?
  136. Crystalline DNA, Triple-Helix
  137. A new vision for Alchemy?
  138. the two paths
  139. Complementation and Circular Distillation
  140. Quiksilver into the Philospher's Stone
  141. Isolation
  142. ESP - Extrasensory Perception
  143. Emotional Addictions
  144. True Will of the Soul
  145. Wrote this a couple decades ago ...
  146. Psychic Shield
  147. should i open my third eye?
  148. Is ignorance bliss, or how can a free mind operate in a caged world?
  149. The battle with the strong Ego's
  150. Let Go
  151. For the best, and the worst.
  152. An interesting opinion of Bruno
  153. The Alchemy of Girlfriends
  154. Question regarding fundamentals which I can´t find satisfying answers to
  155. Have you lifted the veil?
  156. Alchemist's Mind Palace
  157. Do Mantras work?
  158. Great Experience With Binaural Beats
  159. Is Spiritual Alchemy A Valid Path?
  160. Playing and having fun!!!!!
  161. Caesar's Messiah - Joseph Atwill
  162. Kechari Mudra: the tongue lock - The Key to Overcoming Death
  163. In Sync
  164. Spiritual Spagyrics
  165. Spiritual and Cosmic Evolution.
  166. Alchemical Bi-polar
  167. God helmet or the Koren helmet
  168. What happens when you ingest the stone?
  169. alchemy - the unbroken chain of being
  170. Harding - the headless way (zen)
  171. Deathlessness
  172. Heavenly Oil
  173. Cleansing your life of negative people
  174. A Market for Elementals
  175. Intensive repeating dream phenomenon
  176. How can I continue this meditation?
  177. Alchemy:- From the spiritual to scientific and back to spirtual.
  178. Physical Immortality... on THIS Earth?
  179. The Hermit
  180. Mirin Dajo
  181. Seminar on Alchemy by Anne Baring in London.
  182. Spiritual meetings and experiences
  183. The Vow of the Hand of the Philosophers
  184. The last Gate to Immortality?
  185. Glory Be To God In The Highest
  186. The best way to Deathlessness
  187. Sharing the path of a White Belt
  188. Question on Solo Practice
  189. Question on Solo Practice
  190. A Lamp to Illuminate the Five Stages: Teachings on Guhyasamaja Tantra
  191. Connecting with Elementals.
  192. Quietism
  193. Alternative Spiritual Paths
  194. The white stone has just turned red
  195. Disciplines That Develop Superpowers
  196. The Peculiar Process in the Shaping of the Magical Child
  197. Siddhi's
  198. Key to Internal Alchemy
  199. Why is Qi-Gong and Tai Qi considered Alchemy?
  200. Internal/External Alchemy - As Above, So Below
  201. Heretical Visionary Sacraments Amongst the Ecclesiastical Elite
  202. Albert Hoffmann became LSD before he made it unknowingly! MUST READ
  203. Soul, Anima, Spirit/us concepts
  204. Metaphysical Alchemy, and the Relationships between systems of Divination
  205. Time thought and karma