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  1. Liber Nigri Solis
  2. The Green Book
  3. The Metaphysical World of Isaac Newton
  4. Arcana Divina
  5. How To Read Alchemy Texts
  6. 'One Matter' - Empiricism & Alchemy - Discerning Truth from Deception
  7. Book Idea: Alchemical Knowledge
  8. Digitalizing the Ritman Library
  9. Rare Manuscripts in BnF
  10. The Dry Path of Alchemy
  11. Pierre-Jean Fabre's transmutation account
  12. Antonio de Abbatia on the solution of silver in the secret solvent vs aqua fortises
  13. Book Collection - Kingdom Within
  14. Dorothea Juliana Wallich
  15. Schema Illustrato Della Grande Opera
  16. Manuscript Quest: Secrets Of The Golden R+C
  17. The missing Chapters of John French's Art of Distillation
  18. Theoricus Degree
  19. New Book: Philosophical Preparation of Cannabis Sativa
  20. Save Charles Littleworth from extinction!!
  21. PDFs of various books
  22. Interesting Water Work Lineage
  23. Is R.A.M.S. worth checking out?
  24. Alchimist, Lauchimist, Lachrymist
  25. Texts relating to the Luna Path.
  26. The Book of Knowledge Acquired Concerning the Cultivation of Gold, Al-‘Iraqi
  27. 'The Book of Formulas' By John Hazelrigg, F.H.S.
  28. Treatise Study #2: "Twelve Keys" by Basil Valentine
  29. De Natura Fossilium
  30. Golden Chain Of Homer - Third Part English
  31. "Rosinus" (i.e. Zosimos) on the origin of moonlight
  32. Tour De Main = Tower of the Hand
  33. La Clef des douze Clefs
  34. Arnold de Villeneuve Le Rosaire des Philosophes
  35. Using the Imperative in Middle French Alchemical Texts
  36. Ripley's Philosophical Axioms
  37. Micreris (i.e. Mehraris/Mihraris) on the several forms of the secret solvent
  38. Janus Lacinius on the action of the secret solvent on gold