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  1. Liber Nigri Solis
  2. The Green Book
  3. The Metaphysical World of Isaac Newton
  4. Arcan Divina
  5. How To Read Alchemy Texts
  6. Book Idea: Alchemical Knowledge
  7. Digitalizing the Ritman Library
  8. Rare Manuscripts in BnF
  9. The Dry Path of Alchemy
  10. Pierre-Jean Fabre's transmutation account
  11. Antonio de Abbatia on the solution of silver in the secret solvent vs aqua fortises
  12. Book Collection - Kingdom Within
  13. Dorothea Juliana Wallich
  14. Schema Illustrato Della Grande Opera
  15. Manuscript Quest: Secrets Of The Golden R+C
  16. The missing Chapters of John French's Art of Distillation
  17. Theoricus Degree
  18. New Book: Philosophical Preparation of Cannabis Sativa
  19. Save Charles Littleworth from extinction!!
  20. PDFs of various books
  21. Interesting Water Work Lineage