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  1. Albertus Magnus
  2. Giordano Bruno
  3. Paracelsus
  4. Who was Fulcanelli?
  5. Apollonius of Tyana
  6. Nicholas Flamel
  7. Louis Claude Saint Martin
  8. A strange theory regarding Paracelsus
  9. The Greatest Alchemist?
  10. Albert Cau's alchemy theory
  11. Comte de Saint Germain
  12. Paracelsus sites?
  13. Edward Kelly and John Dee
  14. Johann Isaac Hollandus
  15. Death of Jean Dubuis
  16. Death of the French Alchemist Patrice Partamian
  17. Andrew Crosse - The Inspiration for 'Frankenstein'
  18. Flamel Evil?
  19. Anyone interested in John Dee and his work?
  20. Elias Ashmole
  21. Newton & Philalethes
  22. Anyone read Dobb's works on Newton?
  23. Manly P. Hall
  24. Giacomo Casanova and Marquise d'Urfée
  25. The Parisian Sect of the "Grand Lunaire" - Fulcanelli Affair
  26. Nova's Tribute to Newton
  27. Was Nikola Tesla a real-life alchemist or just a folkore of middle ages?
  28. Li Ching-Yuen, the 250-year-old man
  29. The Alchemical Medal of Leopold I
  30. Transmuted Gold and Silver by Boettger
  31. The sages who have reached 'the philosopher's stone'?
  32. The Death Of James Price
  33. Richard Chanfray
  34. J. Erik LaPort
  35. Adam Michael Birkholz