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10-07-2009, 02:43 PM
Bigger houses, smaller families
More comfort, less time
Higher education, less common sense
More knowledge, bad judgement
More medicines, less well-being
Walking on the moon, but not walking over to our neighbour
More computers, more information but less communication
Quantity before quality
Eating fast food, digesting slow
Big men, without character
More and more profits, less and less relations

Everything seems possible, but we have no tools!


10-07-2009, 05:22 PM
This could be termed the "Age of Effulgence", like the white-noise opposite of the dark ages...


03-15-2010, 03:08 PM
I agree 100%!, we live in very paradoxical times. For me, in many senses this is the result of an involution in values in general among the elites that own the planet. For example:

Today wars are no more intended to win, but to stay as long as possible to benefit big business.
(a victory in Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon Iran, only means the end of profits for war-pig corporations. The true defeated are the people in middle east: They put the dead; and the US & England people: They pay for the wars with their taxes money).

Technology is over funded with money, but science is at the brink of bankruptcy.
(accidental discovery of aspartame -five lucky minutes- make you instant millionaire -contracts with coke & pepsi-: But working years to develop the most advanced physics & mathematical theory of space black holes, will give you a job and average salary -Stephen Hawking case-).

In middle of a new cancer therapy test, company employees noticed that hair of voluntary human guinea pigs regained its natural color (no more gray hair) as secondary effect of therapy. The company realized immediately that this weird effect could be more important for company's future survival than developing a cancer cure!

In the middle of history's more expensive and bloody "war on drugs & terror", but simultaneously the moment of never seen flourishment of drug trafficking and increased levels of insecurity.

In the century of wonders like internet, cell phones, space tourism & nanotechnology, millions of people with no job, no house (foreclosured), no savings (absorbed by mortgage): Like street dogs looking through the crystals of a gourmet meat market.

(and many other highly technified forms of misery).

Sometimes I imagine that our time is like the summer night in Bangladesh: An amazingly bright starry sky, shinning over the deepest shadows of hunger and despair.

The tools exist, but the will to use them is inexistent among world rulers.

But maybe ...just maybe, the Alchemists here can -one day- give us an new Archimedes stick long enough, and we shall move the world.

Best wishes

03-15-2010, 03:59 PM
IMHO It would be wrong to consider this a them and us situation.

It is because we create this "them" that it continues because everyone believes
they are one of the us'.