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10-11-2009, 08:39 AM
well i was wondering why do we watch dreams while we are asleep
i would really like to hear an explanation
any idea?

10-11-2009, 02:12 PM
The mind makes natural drugs... like DMT... we trip at night!


10-13-2009, 04:27 PM
Well, the way I look at it is as such:

The conscious mind and what can be defined as the soul are suspected to be linked through the subconscious, and our mind culminates in the physical organ that is the brain, which is then connected through the brain stem/spine/nerves to the rest of our body. During our waking hours, we are connected through the physical world via those connections through the senses so as to calibrate as much around us as possible. During our state of sleep, our brain starts going into stand-by mode and begins to relax, and as such we become far more receptive to everything around us, including whatever spiritual anomalies that are drifting about. When we finally fall into slumber, we enter into connection with our soul through the subconscious. Not to mention that during the day, even with all the visible thinking we do, our minds are swarming with hundreds and perhaps thousands of invisible thoughts that occur from our senses and our subconscious mind during the day. We do not realize everything that we think. The mind is a creative entity, especially the subconscious mind. So, when sleeping, our dreams are shaped by our reception to everything around us, including our soul, and that is translated into messages to our brain and hence to our mind which then results in dreams. Our mind never sleeps and therefore it only takes time to rest, for only the body itself sleeps.

Sometimes your dreams will come deep from within you (soul), sometimes your dreams will be affected by temperature changes and sound as well as other physical happenings, sometimes your dreams will be affected by what you were thinking during the day, sometimes your mind is subject to raw creativity from the subconscious mind, sometimes are dreams are affected perhaps by supernatural anomalies. There are a variety of factors.

This is just my two cents.

solomon levi
10-13-2009, 05:45 PM
From my acquired knowledge, the brain communicates in symbols and images.
The image/thought of a banana, for example, requires thousands of neurons
to fire all the associated ideas: yellow, crescent, fruit, the odor, etc...

Without conscious, intentional training, the average person's brain's neuronets
fire without ceasing, save in brief moments of dreamless sleep (theta, or is it delta?).
In other words, if you don't learn to consciously use your brain/thoughts/imagery,
then they use you - that is, your past will recreate itself according to circumstance,
habit, hormones, etc.

Gurdjieff said the same thing using a different systems. He said that the centers
continue to talk to one another while we sleep. Well, the centers are connected to
the neruonets... it's actually the same system - central nervous system. The centers
talking to themselves is the same as neuronets talking to themselves, or you
talking to yourself.
As this talking goes on, corresponding firing in the brain is occurring and producing
images while you are awake or asleep. These are dreams - waking dreams or sleeping
dreams are the same if they are dreaming you. ;)

03-01-2010, 10:39 AM
On my point of view; Castaneda’s books (“Journey to Ixtlan” – “Art of Dreaming”) have very interesting hypotheses about dreaming. Stephen LaBerge (“Lucid Dreaming”) is also very good, and Patricia Garfield has done good work too on dreaming.

The most intriguing (and attractive) suggestions (to me) are from Castaneda:
He postulate that normal person’s dreams generally are useless and deeply distorted perceptions, due to multiple factors and mainly an uncontrolled (common) dreaming manner.

Furthermore, he states that dreaming is our conscious gate to the infinite. He talk about the goal of integrating the two dreaming entities (the dreamer & the dreamed) in one whole conscious unit (as the concept Solomon Levi mentioned in other tread; Abolish duality).

Another point of interest is that he warns that foreign conscious beings in universe, can actually reach us across dreams, traveling in the infinite and dark ocean of (sub) conscience (an ocean formed by all forms of conscience of all living creatures in the universe). He warns that this kind of “scouts” are lonely, tough, and very aggressive/dangerous creatures (they must be, in order to survive their inconceivable journey into the unknown), they only obey the single universal commandment: SURVIVE (no matter what).
As a hint, he said that when one of these scouts are moving too close to our conscience (in normal dreams), our dream becomes somehow frightening. This is because some part of our subconscious can feel the menacing presence of the scout.
One Castaneda’s nice thing is that he didn’t want us to believe anything he postulates. He invites us to verify by ourselves following his simple dreaming exercises.

If you never had a lucid dream, try it. It is an extraneous and very fascinating experience. There are a few simple praxis steps to achieve such dream.

Best wishes for all

03-01-2010, 11:09 AM
Dreams are astraly linked.

The production of waves or neurotransmators are only a consequence of what is happening in the astral realm, in order to bring and 'fixate' the informations into the physical data base = brain/cells memory.

If you just wake up in a dream, you found yourself in the astral realm, which means, with all the complexity this required to be understood, that you are just in the exterior projection of your mind if the dream is in the psychoanalysis line (desires etc), or "real", if you are in a "real" world in the astral realm.

That's the way I see it.

We dream because our bodies relax during sleep, and wander by themself in their own level of existence, astra mental levels.