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solomon levi
10-22-2009, 09:49 AM
How'd you do on the vino?
Want to play again?

Human being:

salt - seems complicated; they say when you calcine a human you are
left with the twelve cell salts. Bones should play a major role. It seems if
we had to pick one it would be calcium phosphate.
Ammonium sodium hydrogen ortho-phosphate earned the name
"Microcosmic salt" by the early chemists. It's in the urine, but doesn't
exist in any other animals - just humans. Due to it's title - salt of the microcosm,
salt of man - we have to consider it.

mercury - when we look at the other two kingdoms, the mercury of each
is a radical solvent, able to dissolve the bodies, yet it exist in the bodies.
I guess I have to go with urine and sweat. Or we have HCl - stomach acid.
There's a lot of water in the body. ???
the mercury of the other kingdoms also exists volatilely as a vapor.
That makes me think of the air we breathe.

sulphur - I think the oils of the body must be the blood and horomones.
The relationship between iron and blood seems to verify this, as it occurs
in the mineral kingdom as well.

This is a tough one. What do you guys think?

solomon levi
10-22-2009, 10:02 AM
The multitude of elements involved seems so complicated.
The chicken egg is so simple, but where do those tria prima go when the
egg hatches and you have feathers, organs, fluids, scaly feet, etc...

This makes me think of the clyssus.
In alchemy the clyssus is a spagyric unification of all the manifestations
of a thing. For example - the rose: you'd take the roots, the bark, the flowers,
the hips, the seeds in the hips, the leaves... you have to wait the whole year
sometimes to collect the various manifestations of a thing as it changes through
the seasons. Then you solve, purify and recombine all the products of each
of the manifestations and put it all together again. This way you know nothing
was left out. :) The tria prima got to be in there somewhere!! :D
They must have gotten tired of trying to guess what the tria prima were
and decided to throw in everything, leaving nothing to chance. :)

Or they realized things aren't always so simply categorised and divided. ??

10-22-2009, 10:22 AM
Particulars are complicated. The universals are much easier, because most of the work nature has already done for you.

Human material is not really part of the animal kingdom. It is universal.
So the components will be unique and will not be as in the animal kingdom, but the stone will be universal.
We can use almost all fluids of the body. Urine, blood, saliva. Each of these fluids contains all 3 components.

I started the process with one liter of saliva. It smells terribly :D and i like it - it putrefies well in gentle heat. I will write more about this batch as I proceed.

solomon levi
10-22-2009, 10:32 AM
Thanks Fireball!

Yes, obviously we can get a salt, a phlegm and an oil from urine.
It seems weird to observe the urine in it's own right, outside of the human being.

I see what you mean by universal and particular.
The way one phrases and directs the question emphasizes these two features.

10-22-2009, 04:51 PM
Heh, Fireball, could you tell how did you manage to get "one liter of saliva"?

10-22-2009, 07:20 PM
Heh, Fireball, could you tell how did you manage to get "one liter of saliva"?

Hard work of spitting into a jar every day for 2 months! :cool:
Do not use any chemicals or tricks to fool your body and produce more liquids!
Alchemy is about doing things that you do anyway in your life, only instead of discarding you collect your precious liquids. Like The Fremens in Frank Herbert's "Dune" do!

P.S. It goes well while watching a good movie ;)