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Here is an article that I would like to share with you all:

Of the Origin of Esoteric Teachings (http://www.triad-publishing.com/stone25a.html) by Jean Dubuis

In the experience of the consciousness at the highest level, Experience of the Point, Cosmic experience, experience of Eternity, etc. the state of consciousness of man and his access to Knowledge is the same as during the beginning of the Creation and after the return when the being is "realized". In the first case, man has all the powers of the creation - which he will lose - but is unconscious of it; in the second case, he also has the same powers - found thanks to his work - and this time, he is self-conscious.

What is interesting in this experience of the "Point" is that its occurrence triggers for the experimenter a source of information - not available from our earthly level - information on the Origin and the Becoming of Man and the Universe. When the Contact on Eternity happens through the Experience of the Point, the consciousness undergoes both an infinite extension of time, of space and of Knowledge where, immersed in a state of omniscience, the being has the instant knowledge of the Universe. From there comes all the true esoteric knowledge conveyed in our world.

When, after a first contact, the consciousness of man comes down to the level of the Earth, be it rapidly or slowly, a strange feeling occurs in which we remember that we understood everything, that we knew everything, and we suddenly realize that we no more know anything or nearly so. Yet, it is this "nearly" that we will have to retrieve, hold, fix. Thus, from a long succession of renewed Contacts we will be able to start retrieving the elements constituting the Creation.

We explain further that the tentative Contact supposes a taught process. When the contact is spontaneous or natural, this implies that the beneficiary has an inner degree of progress that always results from his work. Thus, each one receives the True Teaching, either through one’s own revelations, or through the revelations of the men who came before us. After innumerable experiences, these Ancients have been able to bring back to the Earth consciousness, element after element, the knowledge of the invisible worlds, including those in the Archives of Nature, an integral part of the Universe.

When the legends or stories of the sacred books tell, for instance, that Qabala was brought to men on Earth by angels and archangels, it is an erroneous interpretation of the origin of the source of information. Properly speaking, it was not angels or archangels who would have transmitted esoteric knowledge such as Qabala or Alchemy (chemistry of God) but only numerous mystical searchers after a long succession of personal revelations resulting from inner experiences.

Each epoch of History expresses itself through its own language, reflecting the culture of the times, to translate a certain number of phenomenons of nature. Thus the concept of the angel was probably the best at a certain period of the history of Humanity to illustrate the teaching brought from an other world. The angels represented like winged humanoids are not, and can never be zealous instructors since they do not have self-consciousness. In our modern language, we would express their function by saying that they are in fact energy sources, like computers, that ensure the automated work of nature; from these sources it is indeed possible to gather information concerning the Creation, when one forays in the space-time they belong to.

The so called "esoteric" teaching was transmitted orally and even fixed in writing, often in a coded way from the Wise men who made certain that Knowledge did not become a tool for power and domination. It is said that the library of Alexandria held numerous such books in which was transcribed the knowledge of men who had had Contacts. We can only regret such a loss for the human spirit and especially for the student on the Path. However, let us not lose sight of the fact that the main source of esoteric teaching still remains the Inner Revelation, which implies a continuous work. For each era of Humanity, this Inner Revelation must adapt to the Path already covered and express itself in a new language.

Copyright 1998, Jean DUBUIS. All Rights Reserved.
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