View Full Version : about alcohol tinctures

solomon levi
10-26-2009, 05:00 PM
When I first started lab alchemy, 95% alcohol was a precious commodity
because I have to drive down to Portland to buy it - they don't sell it that
strong in Washington state. So I ended up leaving many of my creations
in tincture form because it was still a bit of a project to distill and I valued
it too much to evaporate it away.
Now, though I still appreciate the Everclear when I have it, I also frequently
use 50% vodka and "dry" it with potass-carb.
But what I really wanted to say is that I now have had the pure oils,
uncut, undiluted with alcohol, and they're much more effective. You still
put them in a glass of wine or whatever, but there's a big diff between the
uncut in a glass of wine and the tincture in a glass of wine. I've
begun evaporating away the alcohol from various tinctures simply by
placing them in funnel-shaped glasses in front of my space heater.

I just thought I'd share that if any of you are also feeling attached to your alcohol.
If you can distill without much hassle, definitely do that. If not, you may agree
with me that it's worth it even if you have to evaporate it away.