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solomon levi
11-07-2009, 11:45 AM
I have some herbs that I'll be experimenting on - I may include more later.
Right now I've read about and obtained poppy seeds, nutmeg and galangal.
I'm sure there's a few more that can be added to this list.
I was going to try the poppy seeds, then I read about the tea and how it's
very addicting - morphine and codeine - so I probably won't do anything with this, although I'm curious and would like to try it once. Does anyone know
is it so addicting you can't try it once? or twice? how about three times? Just kidding! :D
You can also die from an overdose, as with nutmeg (see post on nutmeg already made in poison plants).

I haven't ingested any of these yet. The one I'm preparing now is the
galangal root. I actually bought a few ounces of the dried powder a few
years ago when I first read about this but never got around to doing anything with it.

I was surprised that vodka extracted a darker tincture than acetone,
and very quickly too - just a few minutes sitting in front of my space heater.

http://i88.servimg.com/u/f88/12/78/17/61/th/gala_010.jpg (http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=208&u=12781761)

The vodka is on the right.
It's using quite a bit of vodka - I keep decanting and adding fresh. So when
I get all the tincture from the powder I'll distill it down to something more
concentrated and try it and figure out a dosage.

11-18-2009, 07:12 PM
There is no such thing as a drug which makes you addicted from just one use. In fact, that would be absurd, as addiction by definition is repeated problematic usage despite a desire to stop. Opiates like morphine and codeine are addictive enough that if you consumed them every day for one to two months, you would most likely develop a physical dependency which would result in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use. If you do not use it that regularly (ie, not every day), it is less likely that you will develop this type of physical dependency.

Addiction to opiates in particular is a complicated issue and tends to have more to do with becoming accustomed to or dependent upon it in the treatment of some kind of ailment, be that psychological or physiological. For instance, if you have pain or are depressed, opiates bring sweet relief. When you're on them is the one time that all your problems go away completely and you feel absolutely free and relaxed. If you're very stressed out or unhappy with your life, that can be very compelling, and perhaps so compelling that you want to keep experiencing it as often as you can -- and then because you're stoned all the time, you never do anything to fix the underlying issues (such as a shitty job or bad social situation).

Simply taking the drug is not sufficient to form an addiction, and the vast majority of people who take the drug will never become addicted. It's particularly dangerous if you're using it to escape from something, or if you use it daily, but it generally does not pose a meaningful risk if use use a safe method of administration, control your dosage, and don't make a habit of it. Just be aware that habits are very easy to form, and extremely hard to break, especially since, if a physical addiction forms (which it will if you use it daily for more than a month or two), stopping will mean subjecting yourself to both horrible pain and brutal cravings. So don't use it, or any other stimulant or depressant for that matter, daily.

Is that helpful?