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11-16-2009, 11:50 AM
I tried out some experiments with Lithium which were quite interesting.
I acquired the material from a AAA lithium battery (http://genius.toucansurf.com/Lithium battery.JPG).

In the movie (http://genius.toucansurf.com/Lithium.wmv) {which will open when you click on the link ;)} I stated that Lithium was less reactive than Magnesium...
this is in fact the reverse...I stand corrected :o

At the end of the movie the little piece of Lithium that finally sunk left a little
stone (http://genius.toucansurf.com/lithium crystal.jpg) in the bottom of the glass. I retrieved this and squeezed it between my fingers...
it appeared to be quite solid, it did not dissolve in the water so I thought I would bite it to see how solid it was.

Do not do this! Whatever it is it is extremely alkaline and really burnt my tongue.:eek: I'm still suffering as we speak.
This happened immediately and I washed my mouth out instantly.

Everything you see in the video, plus some experiments you don't,
were all done using just one AAA battery and I still have about half the lithium left.

Does anyone know what the little stone is made of?

Could it be Dilithium Crystal...is this the begining of warp power? :D

To get the Lithium Metal out of the battery I used a simple 15mm pipe cutter
around the groove of the positive end. Then pull back some of the outer casing to get at the inner core
and pull this out...try not to short the battery as this will decrease the quality of the Lithium.

Once out unroll the inner core and separate the Lithium metal from the layer of foil containing
Iron Disulfide...DO THIS OUTSIDE...Iron Disulfide really smells...Really smells<-
It took ages to get the smell out of my place. :(

Wear Gloves


12-09-2009, 10:13 AM
Lithium is highly reactive with water and will even pull moisture out of the air and instantly oxidise and even ignite like pure sodium metal does with water. Lithium forms many salts and they are all poisonous, don't put them in your mouth , irreversible brain :damage:eek:

You know whats cool about lithium? We can put it into liquid ammonia and it forms a deep blue color as it dissolves in the ammonia and if you can keep it sub-cooled you have a highly reductive environment that will burn metals in cold fire. The royal blue color is indicative of highly energetic solvated electrons.
Isn't physics cool?:D