View Full Version : alchemy and the subtle realms

solomon levi
11-29-2009, 12:16 PM
This has probably been said, but it bears repeating...
It's often hard to grasp or to remember just how personal and subjective
alchemy can be. It's easy to assume that if one follows a recipe to the letter,
one should obtain the same result as the author. It's a reasonable assumption -
science is supposed to be objective.
But that is where alchemy parts from chemistry (along with a strict adherance
to nature's processes). One should always keep in mind that we are
dealing with the subtle realms, the quantum world.
We're talking about energies and forces that respond to stars and planets,
to sun rays and moon beams... we're talking about levels of purity, and
matters of determination - imprinting through touch...
So it should go without saying (as above, so below) that one's personal stars,
one's astral being, one's mental being - that which is subtle in ourselves -
will be a significant and all-important aspect of our laboratory work.

That is the minimum understanding. Those who are really in the know
utilise astrology, kabbalah and theurgy to enhance their labratory work.
It's said that Antimonial preparations are accessible by anyone, as Antimony
has the same vibrations as this world - Assiyah, and the 10th sephiroth.
But each of the classical seven metals is appropriated to higher spheres:
9 - luna
8 - mercury
7 - venus
6 - sol
5 - mars
4 - jupiter
and 3 - saturn

This may explain why there are dozens of recipes for potable gold and yet
you probably know noone who possesses it. Can't anyone follow these
simple recipes? ;) Well, if the theory is correct, you have to have initiation
into the sixth sephiroth, or be living from your fourth seal/heart chakra, in
order for gold to be accessible to your alchemical permutations.

Just something to consider.