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Sex? Male

Age? 33

What is my profession? Electrical Engineer

Education? B.A. Nuclear Physics from U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
A.S. Electrical Engineering U.S. Navy and Cleveland Institute of Electronics

Hobbies? Gold prospecting, Gold refining(electronic scrap) Aqua Regia, reverse electroplating, Building free energy devices(Tesla patents), HHO electrolysers, Orgone energy(Joe Cells) , Reading and researching ideas and methods then confirming through experimentation the work of Reich, Mesmer ,Baron Von Reichenbach, Priore, Tesla, and Moray and modern folks like Floyd Sweet, Stanley Meyer, Bob Boyce, EV Gray, David Hudson, Barry Carter and Don Nance. And all things ormus, magnetic levitation trap, air trap, pyramid fire(oil of gold), sea water, volcanic black sand sodium burn,and h2o2 methods.

Where do I live? Alaska, I work in a fish processing plant and service the boats you see on the Deadliest Catch, I program plcs, and design and maintain SCADA programs, maintain networks and troubleshoot everything electrical from generators to computers.

Marital Status?I am married and have four children.

How I got into alchemy? A difficult question whose answer span years, I was first introduced to alchemy about 15 years ago, when I started studying the Kabbala, I began in the traditions of the Golden Dawn and very quickly became an adept in Ritual Magic and outer alchemy, so my transition began where it should, by first transforming myself. An interesting aside is that in the Outer Orders we are thought that true alchemy of metals isn't meant to be taken literal and that turning actual lead into gold was just an expression that meant alchemy of the soul, and so I never researched into it much so I wasn't aware of any processes or color changes. During this time I had a sort of recurring dream where I would be dressed in a suit of a solid color, in the first dream I was dressed in nice tailored black suit , but the color didn't really mean much or pop in my head until I had the dream again. This time dressed in a green suit, some time would pass in between dreams, sometimes months and sometimes years. In the next I was dressed in white suit and in the final dream a red suit. Then the dreams stopped, this prompted me to look up the significance of the colors in a dream dictionary, all pointed to color changes on the path to the stone .But even then I didn't take it literal, again I thought it was just a confirmation that I was on the right path spiritually from my subconscious mind. Looking back on that now I understand only now that this was my destiny and a force was trying to draw me to it then, and continually through out the years, sometime through other people and sometimes just my own thoughts, till I finally answered the call. Know I know beyond a doubt that that I could not have done all the things that I have done in this life if God had not loved me.

Frater L.R.

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