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solomon levi
12-06-2009, 06:52 AM
The glyphs of the planets should be studied and meditated upon, for
symbols are the true and direct alchemical language.

The seven classical planets are composed of three symbols:
the solar circle, the lunar crescent, and the terrestrial cross.
These can be read as sulphur, mercury and salt respectively.

The relationship between these seven glyphs is significant, as well as
the relationship between the tria prima of a single glyph; for example,
that in venus/copper the solar disc dominates the terrestrial cross,
whereas in mars/iron this is reversed.

Instead of saying everything I know about it, I'll leave the reader to
study this on his own if drawn to.

I'll mention too that many alchemists have given us dissertations on the
tria prima of each of the metals - whether the sulphur is fixed, pure or
crude, etc. Sometimes they even point out the relationship in proportions
of mercury to sulphur and salt.
Obviously their telling us these things for a reason, and i recommend to
you to search it out if you haven't.

Here's one example from Basil's 12 keys, but go ahead and search out and
compare others - Roger Bacon, Paracelsus, Philalethes...

"Now, the spirits of metals have this property of fixedness in a greater or less degree; they are more or less volatile in proportion to the mutual fitness of their bodies and souls. A metal that has the three conditions of fixedness is not affected by fire or overcome by any other outward agent. But there is only one metal that fulfils these conditions, namely, gold. Silver also contains fixed mercury, and is not so quickly volatilised as the imperfect metals, but stands the trial of fire, and yields no food to voracious Saturn.
Amatory Venus is clothed with abundant colour, and her whole body is one pure tincture, not unlike the red colour which is found in the most precious of metals. But though her spirit is of good quality, her body is leprous, and affords no permanent substratum to the fixed tincture. Hence the soul has to share the fate of the imperfect body, and when the body dies the soul has to leave it. For its dwelling has been destroyed by fire, and it is without a house wherein to abide.
Fixed salt has imparted to warlike Mars a hard, firm, and durable body, which is evidence of the generosity of his soul; nor can fire be said to have much power over it. And if its strength be united to the beauty of Venus, I do not say but that a precious and harmonious result may be obtained. For the phlegmatic or humid quality of the Moon may be heated with the ardent blood of Venus, and the blackness of Venus removed with the strong salt of Mars.
You need not look for our metallic seed among the elements. It need not be sought so far back. If you can only rectify the Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt (understand, those of the Sages) until the metallic spirit and body are inseparably joined together by means of the metallic soul, you thereby firmly rivet the chain of love, and prepare the palace for the coronation.
These things represent a liquid key, comparable to the celestial influence, and a dry water joined to the terrestrial substance: all which are one thing, derived from three, and two, and one. If you understand this, you have already attained our Magistery. Then you must join the husband and wife together that each may feed upon the other's flesh and blood, and that so they may propagate their species a thousandfold."

I'll give one more scrumptious morsel...
Notice how Basil mentioned a harmonious result between the union of mars and venus?
You should also note that venus is a great electrical conductor and mars a magnetic one.
The two tinctures together make a wonderful, powerful medicine. ;)