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12-31-2009, 12:35 PM
Here are the oak acorns before the extraction, followed by their resinous extract and the potash, ready to be united.

This (http://www.triad-publishing.com/stone18b.html) is what inspired me to perform this process, although I've changed a few details and enhanced the project by adding the Salt.

01-04-2010, 06:03 PM
Before even mixing in the Salt, I was surprised to see that the resin I'd been extracting from the acorns is actually very water soluble. The ether I had submersed the acorns in somehow helped to strip of the resin, but when I did another extraction I noticed that the two (ether and resin) didn't actually mix... And the resin is hardly (if at all) soluble in alcohol...

I made a week tincture with a bit of resin dissolved in water (which turned yellow/golden) + a little vodka for preservation.

I gave one drop to friend who is very sensitive, and within less than an hour his lower back pain of many days vanished.

Now I've come to understand that the resin from the acorns is quite different than the actual resinous blood of the oak tree (which is NOT water-soluble). It most likely contains tannic acid, which can have therapeutic effects on the kidneys in small doses (that may explain the healing of the lower back pain), but poisonous to the kidneys in large doses.

Anyway, this is not my main/high priority project, but I'm still curious how it will behave when mixed with the potash... or maybe I should get the resin from the oak tree itself (after asking permission, of course) instead of the acorns...