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01-07-2010, 10:24 AM
Taken from : http://www.drjoechampion.com/

"Requirements include the following:

I bucket similar to a 5 gallon bucket purchased at a hardware store

10 to 15 ounces of silver shot which can be ordered from any jewelry store.

One gallon of distilled water

One kilogram of yeast [Preferred Fleischmann’s yeast]

Place the silver yeast and water in the bucket and place the bucket in a area that is warm. I use the sun as my heater but sunlight is not required.

The preferred temperature is near 100 degrees but the process will work at lower temperatures but is slower. Try to stir the bucket at least three times a day. During the first two days you may see the yeast rise. Just stir in back into the water. It will take between four and seven days for you to start seeing the first gold color on top of your silver shot. Depending on conditions it may take upwards to twenty days."

Joe also says, "Prior to starting, I warn you that you that the probability is you may fail. I am not being negative, but realistic. To understand this more, please visit this page. (cannot post link, its an internal link) It will cost you some money to get through the first step to see if you have the abilities to achieve the first level. Millions of dollars and brilliant people have attempted this process and I know of only two people who have reached near commercial production. If you attempt it, I wish you total success. However if you fail, please accept the risks for your money and time. To my knowledge there is no danger in this procedure or I would not be doing it. "

L.R. Personal notes : The yeast will take some time to begin to react on the silver, but within time and according to Joe if your mindset is proper, the yeast will begin to act on the silver and actually mutate through successive generations into a modified form of yeast that will interact with silver immediately from then on, so in other words if it works for you it will work slowly and then will speed up as the yeast mutates, and if successful you should keep the yeast that worked and reuse it and even use it to seed new yeast batches.
Also even though he doesn't say it directly , his first process of converting silver to gold is through direct phonon resonance or heat resonance under sand or in a pressurized environment, that will be the next process I present, it involves heating at the resonant temperature of silver which is approx 109F. At resonance the metal should step up it metallic crystal lattice energy to the next level which is gold.

Please go to Joe's website and click on the silver yeast area in the menu on the left and drag a window pane back over the original so you can see the new windows that will open, I urge you to go through all of them, the pictures take a little time to load , I especially like the "Gold made in Belgium" article there under Silver Yeast, because it shows the guy separating the gold from the silver with nitric acid as it attacks the silver and not the gold and cause the gold layer to flake off, I have also confirmed this, you can then rinse of the silver and return it to the yeast and take off again. You can melt you own silver and shot it yourself, or PM me and I will tell you where to get silver that is already shot-ed, silver is running from about $18 an ounce right now, this shouldn't be a problem for anybody if you are really serious about it, and if this process doesn't work for you , you can always remelt it and cast it into a form you can file down and use it for the geode process. I don't believe that any one is going to make much gold doing this unless you have several batches and pounds of shot working, we are talking about micrograms and milligrams of Au here and will take alot in one place to add up to anything significant But it maybe most valuable as a good exercise for your will.

Have fun and once again don't get greedy and start trying to recruit investors and build a huge plant for your commercial operation, you'll probably end up in jail like good ole Joe did.