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01-31-2010, 02:41 PM
Here's a interesting method that can be found on page 133 of reusenstein on RAMS. At first it sounds simple but he leaves out alot of details. Probly so only people with alchemy knowlege would understand because the process is quite easy.

The material we use is saliva. I have only read of a few processes with it in rams but this one seems the most intriging. Though overlooked, saliva does have healing properties. What do you do if you get a deep cut in your finger? You instinctively put it in your mouth. Animals also will instinctivly lick their wounds. Whats weirdest is this process seems so simple but the end result is so powerful.

He first tells us to let it putrify in a tightly sealed barrel where the sun and wind get to it.( I assume its an oak barrel and it stays in there for a philisophical month but he gives no further details). He then tells us to distill the spirit and volatile salt which we mix and pour over the capt mortem once its gently dried.( He doesn't tell us what sign to look for when the spirit is finished disstiling, probly large drops in the reciever) Then seal it and leave it in a warm place until it dissolves then filter it.(He doesn't say how long we leave it in a warm spot).

Now this matter has a strength to dissolve 1 part of gold to 8 parts of the tincure. He dissolves his gold 1 lot to 8 lots, filters it and extracts the spirit until it is oily.(by extract I assume he means to distill) He treats this oil with the 2nd degree of fire until its red. Then he adds 1 lot of gold to this red oil(probly in leaf or powder form.) Leaves it in a warm place for 24 hours then the materia dried. Finally he applies the 3rd degre of fire to the phial for 6 hours and inside there is a sulphur colored powder which has the strength of 1 to 30,000.

I currently have some saliva in a mason jar. Keep it in the dark so nothing grows in it. Perhaps we could come up with a code name for it like the GW.

So what is everyones thoughts on this one?

01-31-2010, 04:11 PM
I knew this one nad I also think that maybe somewhere else it was described as "a creek in the mountains"?

Anyway, the best method I think will be that there will be a big nugget for dinner, so the body will produce pretty mighty saliva 4 digestion. :D

The miserable part of this is, that I think that is better 2 dissolve philosophical gold, its supposed 2 b cheaper, but nobody tell what it is...

01-31-2010, 05:10 PM
Saliva was used in R+C groups since a long time. It is a powerful method.
This one is very intersting.
As always, you 'll have to work it in order to take the knack with this matter, and after you will have not to follow books by the letter.

02-02-2010, 05:21 PM
A reoccuring problem I'm haveing is that the starting material keeps turning green and fowl. I collect it in the dark and keep it sealed in the dark but it happens in 2 days or so. I read somewhere in RAMS that it should remain clear. Any clue what is causing this? I sterilize the jar every time.

I also read a small document on a white salt obtained from this material that is "fusible with metals." Doesn't this mean it can open metals? It wouldn't suprise me. The alkahest alone from this substance is nearly as powerful as the one from dew.

02-02-2010, 05:49 PM
Hum, maybe it is good to, it can come from what remains in your mouth, or the PH of it ?

Concerning the fusibility, it only means that it can penetrate a metal, not necessarily acting like an Alkaest, which is a special thing.

02-03-2010, 02:07 AM
I have been working with saliva

you can see some of my posts here
I collected it over four days...each time making sure I had very good oral hygiene.
By the fourth day it began to stink...I had about two thirds of what I desired.
I completed the volume by adding dew. I then saturated this with sea salt and
left to digest as was suggested by you-know-who with the dew and sea salt method.

I did contaminate the mix with a tiny bit of gold dissolved in AR mixed with
some Sal/Am

I mixed a little of this with a little solution from my sea salt & dew mix and
It does appear to be doing something with gold but the jury is still out on it.


Edit: What I refered to as phlegm was sailva, also the smell went as soon as it was saturated with sea salt.

02-03-2010, 02:51 AM

The solution started out clear see flask on right (http://genius.toucansurf.com/Sea%20salt%20work/ganges-dew-phlegm.jpg) , then turned a slight yellow, the yellow became
deeper when the gold solution was added but still was quite pale.
I showed this in a comparison pic (http://genius.toucansurf.com/Sea salt work/phlegm and dew mix.jpg)with the jar I added gold leaf to. This
jars solution really turned a vivid yellow and this gave me reason to think it was reacting with the gold.

However, again I find myself having to wonder because I just got the saliva flask
out to take a pic and this has now turned vivid yellow.

There is now circulating particles, which were not in the solution before it was opened, these could be diatoms as Aleilius suggested when the same phenomena
appeared in the dew flask.


02-03-2010, 05:09 PM
Very interesting. I don't remember that person suggesting saliva. That effect on gold is quite an accomplishment.

I was thinking of Buying magnetite for this process. I was also contemplateing the same thing about the greenish color being a good sign. I think magnetite may have some positive effect on the matter that keeps nasties from growing. Leo said his GW was rendered odorless by it. perhalps it speeds up the process of putrification.

I'll find out as I progress

solomon levi
02-03-2010, 07:41 PM
Besides spit, they also mention expelled (de-"spised") breath as containing
the mercury. I conceived a method based on observing hot breath condense
in a tube, like a snorkel for instance. So you can be simply breathing (in your
nose, out your mouth) with a sufficient tube and collector strapped on you,
thus collecting the condensed air all day, or as long as comfortable. It must
be cleaner than spitting.

Thus we have condensed carbon dioxide - what alchemists/chemists called
"Fixed air".

02-03-2010, 08:20 PM
Oral cavity could be a cave and note that teeth are the hardest part of body.
Mineral? Vegetable stone??

02-04-2010, 12:37 AM
I have a mouth full of amalgam. I wonder
if that makes a difference?

I like the breath catching idea Sol
But I still think it will putrefy before you
finish collecting; creating a bit of a whiff.


02-04-2010, 01:36 PM
A human/animal Stone, as it comes from your mouth.

Sol', I think water from breath is different, because saliva comes from exocrinian glands, not breath. For collecting breath you can use a liebig condensator.

Personnaly I would not add something to saliva before distillation.

Saliva turning green is normal, I read that crystals can come out of they can transmute some metal into gold.

02-04-2010, 01:47 PM
Mr. Ghislain,

I wouldn't get too obsessive about oral hygiene while collecting saliva. The earlier adepts did quite well without all the oral hygiene products of today. Eat an apple instead :)

Maybe the amalgams in your mouth will even act to your benefit, since most likely your saliva has already been extracting some seed out of them :D

02-04-2010, 02:28 PM
Ive found out where I read something about saliva on a adam mc lean page of blog/site :

1. How can I go about fermenting saliva? Is this an anearobic or aerobic fermentation process? (nothing is added to the saliva) Any special temperature that is advised? Length of days to let saliva ferment before blue-green crystals start forming at the bottom of the jar? Any ideas would be much appreciated. (these crystals can transmute base metals into gold)
I have no idea. Sorry, fermenting saliva is not the sort of thing in which I have much interest. Saliva only appears in a few alchemical works,however, it would appear to be used more in an allegorical sense, such as "spittle of the Moon", rather than as actual saliva. I very much doubt that "these crystals", if indeed they appear, will produce the result you indicate. Turning saliva into gold sounds a bit too good to be true ! Perhaps this is a joke.

02-07-2010, 08:21 PM
Its been a little over a week and I have noticed the saliva first becomes clear then gets a white cloudy substance staying towards the bottom. It turns pale yellow and eventually pale green. Today I'm seeing very small chunks of something growing throughout the liquid. The crystals perhaps? I see no blueness yet.

If I get the blue-green crystals to grow to a point, I wonder if its a sign that putrification is complete? I'd probly try projecting them on some bismuth first. That part would be very interesting.

03-27-2010, 10:25 AM
Its been nearly two months. I checked on it today and found it to be a little more yellowish green. I held it to the light and could see alot of green salts have precipitated from it but most unusual was the appearance of a sparkleing salt. It was as if there was some kind of glitter in the liquid that only appeared briefly. Who would have thought old spit could be so beautiful? Has anyone ever noticed this? Perhaps this is the salt which is "fusible with metals?"

I think it needs to be placed in a warmer spot as the instructions indicate. Maby with a bit of oak added to it. I plan on letting it putrify a bit further before I try anything. I also have some dew I collected throughout last year which I have prepared as reusenstein instructed and it has turned brown which gelatinous sludge and a white film on the surface. I plan on doing ether the wet or dry paths with it once I feel its ready.

Its funny how reusenstein makes some stones and medicines that are like a yellow powder or white clear glass or something else bizzare. Some of his unmultiplied stones seem to have strong medicinal powers and accomplish the "T" word much better than one might imagine. I wouldn't think it would have such effects unless brought to the first order. Some are already multiplied to that power. Probly some steps he leaves out but includes on other processess so only serious readers will understand. Very sneaky, and beautiful

True Initiate
03-28-2010, 04:40 PM
I also have some dew I collected throughout last year which I have prepared as reusenstein instructed and it has turned brown which gelatinous sludge and a white film on the surface.Very sneaky, and beautiful

Can you post the pictures of this dew?

03-28-2010, 05:27 PM
Here you go.

The picture quality is quite poor. The white film isn't as apparent but it is there.

Based on my readings the dew must be completely Black, thick, and covered in the white film

I don't think I'll be posting pics of the saliva yet because it doesn't do it justice. Only looks like green slime and the colors, glitter, and salts don't show up..



03-28-2010, 06:09 PM
strange,looks like the fractional distillation i performed on plant ashes before i froze and thawed it. except mine did not have that black mater inside of it. only very very faint specs of ashes.

True Initiate
03-28-2010, 07:57 PM
Here you go.

The picture quality is quite poor. The white film isn't as apparent but it is there.

Based on my readings the dew must be completely Black, thick, and covered in the white film

Thank you very much for the pictures Researcher, clearly the earth has separated itself from the water which is the first sign of the separation and will increase itself with the time.The second sign will be the vegetation stage with many kind's of lichens and covered with a green membrane.The third sign will be the animal stage with worms and all kind's of flies appearing and if you had have enough space (the size of the swimming pool for example) you will see the fishes swimming in it.

The profaners may believe this or not...

Dendritic Xylem
03-31-2010, 07:46 AM
The third sign will be the animal stage with worms and all kind's of flies appearing and if you had have enough space (the size of the swimming pool for example) you will see the fishes swimming in it.

When I was a kid in TX, I would find small puddles on our land with minnows swimming in them. These puddles would be a good distance from the closest pond. I always rationalized it by saying birds must have released the eggs that were present in the fish they had eaten. But really, how easy is it for a delicate fish egg to survive digestion?

Another interesting aspect of that particular property was the amount of bacterial decomposition happening just under the top soil. Anytime we dug more than a few inches down, it would smell similar to a septic tank, even several hundred yards from the nearest tank/sewer line. Of course at the time I didn't realize the importance of such activity.

04-23-2010, 10:45 AM
The 3 month mark is approaching. It has gained a bit of a brown color now. I think once these slow color changes end it will be ready. I have also let some GW sit for a few months and I have found it to be very similar to saliva. There seems to be a chunky substance that cant be filtered and many colors but most notably the sparkling glitter is readily apparent. Interesting isn't it? This makes me think it may be ready.

So what is everyones thoughts? Should I proceed to the next step or keep it sealed for another month?

05-01-2010, 12:56 PM
I began distillation today. The first thing I noticed is a beautiful snowy white salt precipitated as it was heating. Then all kinds of impurities began to manifest in the salt as the heat circulated it. I began at a very low temperature I'd say between 150 and 200*F but I found that there was very little evaporation happening. There was however the appearance of a white oily substance on the sides that seems to dry before fully circulating. The sparkling salt brilliantly shines through every now and then but subsides in the mixture.

I have it in a sand bath on a propane stove set on a low setting. I've increased the flame a bit to see if that will cause something to come over.

True Initiate
05-01-2010, 04:54 PM
...and did you separated the three essentials?