View Full Version : Elemental Transmutation Circle

02-16-2010, 12:08 AM
I made this, its a bit rough, and i know the dimensions arent perfectly exact but if my chemistry knowledge is right, then the atomic structure of these elements make an interestingly alchemical pattern of themselves. :D

There has been a good deal of discussion of nitrogen and such so i thought you all might enjoy this, here is the key:


Dark Blue: Hydrogen

Dark Green: Carbon

Grey: Nitrogen

Red: Oxygen

Gold: Phosphorus


The center circle has two colors making two 5 point stars: the orange connects 1 Phosphorus to 2 Nitrogen and 2 Oxygen, while the blue connects 1 Phosphorus to 2 Carbon and 2 Hydrogen.

The second line:

Light Green connects Carbon making a square.

Purple connects the Nitrogen making an inverted Pentagon.

Orange connects the Nitrogen making a sideways Seal of Solomon.

Gold connects the Phosphorus and makes an octagon.

Outer Line:

Gold connects the Phosphorus making a Pentagon.

also, there are only three rings (the very center black mass isnt much except a focal point), which is obviously the underlying 3 concepts. ;)

Also, if one were to add up the electrons in this it will come out to 38 (i added a 2nd hydrogen, it is water after all. ;)
3 and 8... ah completion. :D

Obviously one could change the way the were arranged to make it different, but thats my "interpretation" of it, assuming I got it right, but in any event i thought it was a neat concept to show the atomic structure in a more alchemical way. :D

Anyway, hope yall like it. :)