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02-25-2010, 01:47 PM
I found the deuterium issue (analized by Leo Retilus & Solomon Levi in another tread) very interesting. So I put some Melissa in a deuterated compound (the Open All product by Deutrell Labs), supposedly based in a deuterium sulfate mix. To see what kind of tincture could result. Anyone have an idea about how we can use deuterium oxide (for sale in the web) in spagirics? Or if it is a good idea to experiment with it?
Note: Deuterium sulphate is actually used in a product called “Cell Food”. They say it split water molecules in the body, generating free hydrogen & oxygen. I used this product years ago, and it is very good; apparently this thing has the ability to penetrate at cellular level. So I’m asking if there is a way to use it as a trojan horse for tinctures?

02-26-2010, 10:33 AM
I did a little research on their product, it seems to be a complete scam/sham, there isn't even any deuterium or sulfur in their product and if their was Smoke, it would be H2S04,..... Sulfuric Acid, just plain ole drain cleaner, would you want to drink it?



That it de-alkalizes soil I don't doubt thats essentially what David Hudson was doing to his soil on his farm so that it would hold/retain water enough to grow crops and was a common practice in problematic alkaline soils. That unfortunately doesn't have anything to do with his while powder gold/ormes as that was a product of his gold mine he later purchased when he was tired of farming, there are alot of sources on the web that confuse both areas of his life and unfortunately is a product of ignorant new age hippie types/ufo conspiracy nuts who ran organizations that asked him to come and speak at their functions, the same seems to have happened with this Ev Story fellow and this Lee Reynolds guy.

I am not sure what they did to the drain cleaner to make it safe to drink, my guess is they bubbled ozone through it and reacted the compound away, this would unforunately separate the hydrogen from the sulfur and essentially cause the compound to fall apart, leaving the hydrogen to float away in to the air and the sulfur to precipatate to the bottom, maybe some hydrogen would double bond to the the existing water molecules and form 2H20, as it is no doubt diluted with water and would essentially become deuterium dioxide or D2O,which is just another way to write it(2H2O) and at this point would no longer be H2S04, hydrogen or deuterium sulfate, but once again as we stated on the other thread you refer to, drinking too much of it would definitely not be good for you, and not your plants either, they would eventually die of thirst. Unfortunatley there is alot of snake oil/pseudo science salesmen out there trying to convince un-educated consumers that they can make/ have made water wetter, and this is bad for all the real scientists/experimentors out there working with real techniques that involve magnetic fields/resonance and light to alter bond angles of water that have had real effects such as those mentioned in the magnetite water thread and elsewhere.

02-28-2010, 03:38 PM
Thank you Leo Retilus; you just open my eyes on this. Your exposure is revolving in my head! I’m truly amazed how this can be!
I drank a lot of that stuff (cell food), a neighbor give me a few drops in a water glass years ago, I was skeptic, but within 2-5 minutes I feel a very clear & potent boost in my physical energy.

As I feel really well, I buy & drink the product the next 3 months!
In those months I noticed marked improvements in my general health (even in my skin & eyes).

Now I’m thinking in the old Galenica farmacopea: They used small dose poisons like arsenic, to heal!
I speculate that the tremendous toxic potential present in the micro doses was enough to switch on all alarms and red lights in the body, provoking a fast general biological response. This response was so strong that many times the body overcome some illness.
The problem was the chronic accumulation of arsenic in the bodies of patients! Uuufff!

And off course, you’re right: We (I speak for 99% of Humanity) are un-educated consumers. For example I do not know the chemical & biological components of 95% of all things I ate (average western diet), and less more about drugs prescribed to me by doctors, to say the less!

Your point over wetter water is very interesting I read Patrick Flanagan’s work about surface resistance differences of diverse waters and magnetic water vortex experiments (what you think about his work?).

In the snake oil issue, I disagree with you: Mine its pretty good! I always buy it from a reputable cuak vendor!

I have a few days speculating about at what level of dissolution an Spagiric solvent should work; it should achieve disgregation of the plant to the point of molecular separation? Or it should dissolve (decompose) molecules, reducing the plant to primary components?

From your fascinating discussion over deuterium I imagined that it can be of some use for tinctures. Besides, casually, today I read about a new medicinal drugs line by Concert Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline, using deuterium as a way to enhance active ingredients half life inside body (deuterium as Trojan horse).

I would like if you can tell me if you can imagine a way in which deuterium can be useful as solvent for spagirics? Or you think it is definitely out of question?

Leo: I assume you do not sympathize much with hippies and conspiracy UFO nuts. But majority of “rational” persons still laugh when one tells them that we honestly believe in the possibility of Philosophers Stone! It is sad, but usually they despise us as (ironically) hippies and conspiracy UFO nuts.

My best wishes

03-01-2010, 11:22 PM
I do believe in ufos, not sure if that makes me a nut though, I'm definitely not the type that attends those type of conventions I was referring to. I don't believe they are all extra-terrestrial, I am a strong proponent of the ancient astronaut theory . I believe that at least some of them were ancient earth astronauts, pre-Summerian/Egyptian civilizations, who had possesion of the stone and anti-gravity technology, and who were at once at war with each other , although I believe all humans originated from other planets.

As for the deuterium, the only reason I brought it up in the first place was to illustrate how something as simple as water could be changed so dramatically just by adding a neutron to a hydrogen nucleus and that by virtue of that simple change simply by boiling water in starlight, stray free neutrons raining down on us from space become infused into hydrogen and change it so inherently that it begins to act on metals as was the case in that book that Solomon Levi read that inspired him to start that thread on nitrogen. These neutrons become important because they may explain at least from a scientific view how transmuting of elements become possible without high energy physics (particle accelerators).

However from a non-scientific viewpoint as alchemists we must realize that as Walter Russel once said every physical manifestation in this realm is a mirror image of what is occuring in the astral realm, the same forces that were present at the beginnings of the universe when God's will moved upon the face of the waters still exists today, and this universe of mind and motion is in a continual process of celestial death and rebirth. These processes are not very apparent to us from where we sit, but nonetheless are at work and is very apparent to me at least in the composition of dew, in that it contains the basic building blocks of life which are the first point of physical manifestation of God's will that bleeds over from the astral realm, and aside from the chemical compounds it carries, the astral substance is the intent of the continuation/re-creation of life and is the true seed of life/metals. This spirit/astral salt is solely responsible for life in the two kingdoms plant and animal and embeds itself into dna, using phosphorus as a backbone, the two serpents symbolized in Hermes caduceus are the two opposing sulfurs/mercuries united in harmony wrapping themselves around the spirit, which is symbolized by the flying cross. Once the life-cycle complete, and the organism/body dead the dna putrefies and it releases the spirit back into the air, waiting to be recaptured and re-diverted into another form of life. Metals constitute a kingdom as well, for the spirit will find a way to manifest itself another way if the chemical precursors of dna are not available to it, it will bind itself up in the walls of the crystalline lattice where it finds a home at least until the metal is melted. Silver and gold are themselves devoid of such seed, having themselves reached the highest state of perfection possible to a non-living entity, and such can be apparent from a scientific viewpoint gold itself being the most stable element having only one isotope, Au 197, while other metals have many isotopes signifying still yet unfulfilled potential.

We must then make an effort to separate the subtle from the gross and catch this invisible life essence, as we know it will be encapsulated in something alive, or from the first point of emanation between the firmaments as it is most universal when it is undifferentiated. And use this seed and bind it up in the incombustible body of the philosophic sulfur , represented by Hittoff's Violet phosphorus by combining red phosphorus with the purple soul of gold.

As for poison being used as a medicine, there is much evidence for this in the use of homeopathic medicine specifically in the practice of dilution and even the stone can be considered a poison and is lethal in large doses. But from two standpoints : what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and poisons themselves taken in small doses build an immunity beyond that of a normal person. But from an alchemical and astral viewpoint these poisonous tinctures might carry with them as well some life essence left over from spirits that once occupied the chemical compound.