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The following extract is from a book called 'The Akan' by -K-

I am posting it here to provide a perspective that is culturally and spiritually quite different from what is commonly accepted by most.

For your consideration...
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7.5 Malidoma Some: Dagara Gays as Gatekeepers and Guardians

I came across this text by Malidoma Some, an African shaman from Burkina Faso. Malidoma'a books are to me nothing short of fascinating. He writes from the heart and his books Of Water and the Spirit and Healing Wisdom of Africa are... the real deal! Yes, certainly African spirituality is not at all dark and scary. If you get a chance to read theses you may yet enjoy them and even possibly be assisted on your path.

It struck me because I realized that Malidoma was saying some really deep things about some of the spiritual work done by his ethnic group the Dagara. I imagine that what he says in this interview is only the 'tip of the iceberg', so to speak. What Malidona is saying is that there are individuals in his ethnic group who play the role of 'guardians'. They maintain the dimensional portals, being entrusted to opening as well to closing them, not only for members of their ethnic group but as this article suggests, for the entire human race.

Malidoma received some criticism from Africans and other black people because he talked about gays. Those who are criticizing him are ignorant of the fact that the Ancient Earth human was androgynous, that the members of his ethnic group who are performing the role of guardians, in order to revert to a state similar to that of Ancient humans, the closest thing is gay or lesbian. Why? Among the Ancient Earther humans, before the gender split, there was no sexual differentiation as we know it today. Secondly, when two or more members of the same sex perform rituals together, the energy is much stronger/higher than when the group is mixed.This is a fact that is known in possibly all magical groups that do group work. This has to do with the nature of energy flow through the different physical bodies (male and female). Mind you, being in a physical gay or lesbian body does not mean that you are spiritual, so the angle from which to look at this is the spiritual point of view! I believe this is what Malidoma tries to do.

Malidoma says that among the Dagara, it is the male gays who become gatekeepers. This is because the male body creates a lot of energy of an electrical nature. If you have a look at the beginning of section 7.1 again you will see that the androgynous guardians are divided into two groups - one does work of a more electrical nature and another of a more magnetic nature. Malidoma says that 'the male can vibrate female energy and viceversa'. This is because the spirit inhabiting the male body (or the female body, for that matter) is itself androgynous and so has both male and female aspects perfectly balanced.

I think the most amazing thing he says in this interview is that the Dagara rituals ensure that the 'gates remain open'. This is what guardians do, they work with gates (dimensional portals). The Dagara people are here performing the functions of the 'maintenance crew'. I wonder what the full extent of their role is, it could be full of incredible accounts. I would add that many other African tribes have rituals that keep the gateways between our world and the nature spirit realm open. This is why in Africa, nature spirit phenomena is common. It is said that the Atlantean magicians abused their access to the portals, leading those to be closed. In Africa, and I know also in parts of Asia (perhaps South America as well?) there are guardians who are responsible for maintaining these gates.

Basically I am totally down with Malidoma on this one, and I say that his detractors are the ones who are ignorant of the facts, or are not looking at this issue from a spiritual point of view. Basically, it pays to look at things from a spiritual point of view.

( Source: http://www.menweb.org/somegay.htm )

Malidoma Some recognizes that he learned more through his initiation as a Dagara tribesman than from his PhDs from the Sorbonne and Brandeis University. His name means "be friendly to strangers", and he is charged by his elders of the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso (east of Nigeria and north of Ghana) with bringing the wisdom of his tribe to the West. His book Ritual: 'Power, Healing and Community' (reviewed in this issue) is highly praised by Michael Meade, Robert Bly and Robert Moore. If you were not fortunate enough to catch his reading at the Elliott Bay Bookstore last August, you can find out more about him through the book and tape reviews in this issue.

During one of the Conflict Hours at the Mendocino Men’s Conference Malidoma spoke eloquently on indigenous people’s views of gay men. He kindly agreed to elaborate on his views as he sat with me among the redwoods of Mendocino.

Bert: At Conflict Hour you told us that your culture honors gays as having a higher vibrational level that enabled them to be guardians of the gateways to the spirit world. You suggested that our Western view limits itself by focusing only on their sexual role. Can you elaborate for our readers?

Malidoma: I don’t know how to put it in terms that are clear enough for an audience that, I think needs as much understanding of this gender issue as people in this country do. But at least among the Dagara people, gender has very little to do with anatomy. It is purely energetic. In that context, a male who is physically male can vibrate female energy, and vice versa. That is where the real gender is. Anatomic differences are simply there to determine who contributes what for the continuity of the tribe. It does not mean, necessarily, that there is a kind of line that divides people on that basis. And this is something that also touches on what has become known here as the "gay" or "homosexual" issue. Again, in the culture that I come from, this is not the issue. These people are looked on, essentially, as people. The whole notion of "gay" does not exist in the indigenous world. That does not mean that there are not people there who feel the way that certain people feel in this culture, that has led to them being referred to as "gay."

The reason why I’m saying there are no such people is because the gay person is very well integrated into the community, with the functions that delete this whole sexual differentiation of him or her. The gay person is looked at primarily as a "gatekeeper." The Earth is looked at, from my tribal perspective, as a very, very delicate machine or consciousness, with high vibrational points, which certain people must be guardians of in order for the tribe to keep its continuity with the gods and with the spirits that dwell there. Spirits of this world and spirits of the other worlds. Any person who is at this link between this world and the other world experiences a state of vibrational consciousness which is far higher, and far different, from the one that a normal person would experience. This is what makes a gay person gay. This kind of function is not one that society votes for certain people to fulfill. It is one that people are said to decide on prior to being born. You decide that you will be a gatekeeper before you are born. And it is that decision that provides you with the equipment (Malidoma gestures by circling waist area with hands) that you bring into this world. So when you arrive here you begin to vibrate in a way that Elders can detect as meaning that you are connected with a gateway somewhere. Then they watch you grow, and they watch you act and react, and sooner or later they will follow you to the gateway that you are connected with.

Now, gay people have children. (Not my thing - A.) Because they’re fertile, just like normal people.

How I got to know that they were gay was because on arriving in this country and seeing the serious issues surrounding gay people, I began to wonder it does not exist in my own country. When I asked one of them, who tad taken me to the threshold of the Otherworld, whether he feels sexual attraction towards another man, he jumped back and said, "How do you know that?!" He said, "This is our business as gatekeepers." And, yet he had a wife and children -- no problem, you see.

(Once again - not my thing. I have better things to do with my creative potential than making babies. A.)

So to then limit gay people to simple sexual orientation is really the worst harm that can be done to a person. That all he or she is is a sexual person. And, personally, because of the fact that my knowledge of indigenous medicine, ritual, comes from gatekeepers, it’s hard for me to take this position that gay people are the negative breed of a society. No! In a society that is profoundly dysfunctional, what happens is that peoples’ life purposes are taken away, and what is left is this kind of sexual orientation which, in turn, is disturbing to the very society that created it.

I think this is again victimization by a Christian establishment that is looking at a gay person as a disempowered person, a person who has lost his job from birth onward, and now society just wants to fire him out of life. This is not justice. It’s not justice. It is a terrible harm done to an energy that could save the world, that could save us. If, today, we are suffering from a gradual ecological waste, this is simply because the gatekeepers have been fired from their job. They have been fired! They have nothing to do! And because they have been fired, we accuse them for not doing anything. This is not fair!

Let us look at the earth differently, and we will find out gradually that these people that are bothering us today are going to start taking their posts. They know what their job is. You just have to get near them, to feel that they don’t vibrate the same way. They are not of this world. They come from the Otherworld, and they were sent here to keep the gates open to the Otherworld, because if the gates are shut, this is when the earth, Mother Earth, will shake -- because it has no more reason to be alive, it will shake itself, and we will be in deep trouble.

Bert: Christianity has separated spirit from body and spirit from Earth. And earlier you talked to us about Christianity suppressing your culture. So there’s a suggestion here that suppression of homosexuality would be the way for the Christians to shut down the gateways, shut down the spirit, and shut down our connection with the Earth.

Malidoma: Yes! That’s right! Christianity stresses postponing living on earth, as of we are only here to pack up our baggage and prepare for a life somewhere else "out there." Jesus Christ is right here, man! And of course anyone else who knows more, who knows better, will be suppressed.

And you start with the gatekeepers. You take the gatekeeper and you confuse his mind. You threaten him and you throw him in the middle of nowhere. Then nobody knows where the gate is. As soon as you lose the whereabouts of the gate, then you have a culture going downhill. What keeps a village together is a handful of "gays and lesbians," as they call them in the modern world. In my village, lesbians are called witches, and gay men are known as the gatekeepers. These are the two only known secret societies. These are the only groups that will get together as a separate group and go out into the woods secretly to do whatever they do. And if they find you during their yearly symposium, they have the right to kill you.

Unless they go out on their yearly symposium, the village cannot be granted another year of life. They have to go out to do what they do, in order for the village to feel safe enough to live the way it has lived before. This is why, to me, we’re playing with our lives.

Bert: So our culture may not be granted another year of life.

Malidoma: That’s right! Every year it feels like the number of years that this culture is entitled to live is getting smaller. So God only knows how close to the chasm this culture is. This constantly- reiterated discomfort and hatred for the gay person is again another indication that every year we might as well be prepared for the apocalyptic moment when the stars start to fall to the earth.

You see, unless there is somebody who constantly monitors the mechanism that opens the door from this world to the Otherworld, what happens is that something can happen to one of the doors and it closes up. When all the doors are closed, this earth runs out of its own orbit and the solar system collapses into itself. And because this system is linked to other systems, they too start to fall into a whirlpool. And the cataclysm would be amazing!

Ask the Dogon, they will tell you that. The Dogon. They’re a tribe that understands this so well, it’s amazing, mind-boggling. And it is a tribe that knows astrology like no other tribe that I have encountered. And the great astrologers of the Dogon are gay. They are gay. There is a dull planet that, in its orbit, is directly above the Dogon village every 58 years. Who knows that, but the gay people.

I mean, I’m not just trying to make gay people look fine. This is the truth, man! I’m trying to save my ass!
Why is it that, everywhere else in the world, gay people are a blessing, and in the modern world they are a curse? It is self-evident. The modern world was built by Christianity. They have taken the gods out of the earth sent them to heaven, wherever that is. And everyone who aspires to the gods must then negotiate with Christianity, so that the real priests and priestesses are out of a job. This is the worst thing that can happen to a culture that calls itself modern.

Bert: That theme came up earlier with you and Marton, the Mayan shaman here, that if a modern society wants to shut down another culture they will go out and kill the keepers of the ritual.

Malidoma: Oh, yes! Because they know that this is where the life-pulse of the culture is. This is where the engine room of the tribe is. So if you go and bomb that place, then the whole mechanism shuts down. That’s pretty much what’s at work in the third world, and what has happened here with the Native American culture. And the thing about it is that humans are going to be begetting gatekeepers, no matter what. This is the chance that we’ve got. So maybe that means that sooner or later we’re going to wake up to the horror of our own errors, and we’re going to reconsecrate our chosen people so that they can do their priestly work as they should. Otherwise, I just don’t understand. I just don’t understand.

My position about it is not so much that gays be just forgiven. That’s just tokenism. But that they serve as an example of the wrong, or the illness, that modernity has brought to us, and that we use that to begin working at healing ourselves and our society from the bottom up. That way, by the time we reach a certain level, all the gatekeepers are going to find their positions again. We cannot tell them where the gates are. They know. If we start to heal ourselves, they will remember. It will kick in. But as long as we continue in arrogance, in egotism, in God-knows-what form of violence on ourselves, no, there’s that veil of confusion that’s going to continue to prevail, and as a result it’s going to prevent great things from happening. That’s all I can say about that.

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I blame "christians" (catholics) with the loss of knowledge and texts and writings on alchemy and nature. I blame them for not understanding many things and killing what they didnt (past tense) understand in the name of God by the vain arrogance of them thinking it was their job to set up God's kingdom on earth, which is not our (humans) place. (according to our Holy Text)

But in turn, i can blame plenty of others for their persecutions of some other thing or people group or idea, from nature worshipers to secular atheistic groups, to them that believe we come from aliens.

Stating that Christianity is causing the destruction of the entire world and universe is quite frankly ridiculously insane, offensive, and quite frankly, ignorant in an of itself. There are ignorant christians who do ignorant things, but throwing stones back especially as out-there as stating that one belief system is destroying the universe... thats just f***ing stupid.
Furthermore it really seems like some sorta ego-boost to a single group of people (homosexuals) as some sorta "gatekeepers". Funny, im pretty sure Paracelsus done a good job pointing out that EVERYONE has an "inner star"/"gate" which is the energy/portal connecting and enabling the artist. (whether alchemist or whatever their soul desires)

Im sorry, but much of that seemed like war-propaganda against Christianity, and as a christian it felt like a flat out spit in the face.

This Malidoma guy seems quite bitter and angry. Perhaps he should take a lesson from the Christ he is bashing and learn some forgiveness for whoever it was that seems to have hurt him. ;)


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In the gospel of Thomas- that theologians avoid - is to be read: “not before man becomes woman, and woman becomes man, shall they enter the kingdom of God.”

It really seems like some sorta ego-boost to a single group of people (homosexuals) as some sorta "gatekeepers".

It's not an ego-boost. Everyone has roles to perform according to their own natures. Different natures for different roles.
Denying people their own natures and preventing them from performing their according roles is what's criminal.
And there many other groups (with many pagan groups amongst them as well, by the way) who are guilty of the same crime, that is, denying other people's creative natures and preventing them from performing their roles and bring their own special gifts to the world.

Funny, im pretty sure Paracelsus done a good job pointing out that EVERYONE has an "inner star"/"gate" which is the energy/portal connecting and enabling the artist. (whether alchemist or whatever their soul desires)

I absolutely agree! But everyone's creative/artistic inner star is a different application of the One, and should be respected/celebrated as such (as it is), not condemned or denied.

We're One, but we're not the same :)

04-07-2010, 07:45 PM
This is a very fascinating article.

I think that it's an fresh perspective on homosexuality from a spiritual point of view (rather than being agents of Satan :P). Seth-Ra brings up some decent points.
I think that we all have our own innate connection to the One from which all originates from. But some of us have a different lens to express it. (I am reminded of the toy flashlights with the colored lenses from when I was a kid LOL).

Thanks for the good read, Andro :D

06-04-2010, 05:43 AM
Thanks :)

06-04-2010, 03:59 PM
Great link Thillum

What an artist and so fast too ;)

I think I get it. The challenge is understanding which timeframe people are in.

My boys are in the Present/Hedonistic, no work but all the fun :(

I think I flit through them all depending on mood.

I have this time observation curse I picked up along the way. I will post it
in a word file link so you dont have to read it. If you are easily influenced
I would suggest you do not read it or you may become cursed like me.

I call it The Chestnut Experience (http://genius.toucansurf.com/The Chestnut Experience.odt)

I know it is in my mind, but then so am I ;)


06-04-2010, 10:02 PM
I find this article interesting for other reasons. The person introducing it acknowledges that Maldoma calls these things gates/doorways, yet then in brackets "clarifies" to his audience using the words "dimensional portal", when it is clear from Maldoma's language he is referencing something which connects this world to "the otherworld". Why call it a dimensional portal?

I also find it cool that he references electrical/magnetic energy, this seems to suggest these types of energy are a link with the so called "otherworld". These are also the energies involved in shaping the human body and sexual differentiation, so his statement about gatekeepers makes sense. But I still don't think this equates to gay == higher vibrational state. Its just a different way of using the energy of the human body. Anyone who claims a particular sexual orientation denotes some kind of superiority or "special" status has an agenda to push IMO.

06-04-2010, 10:33 PM
BTW, from his website:


�In the indigenous mind, fire kindles and sustains an animating and pervasive energy in all that lives. It is in the water that runs, it is in the trees, the rocks, the earth, and in ourselves. It is the mediator between worlds since it is very close to the purest form of energy. Fire is the rising force that makes us do, see, feel, love, and hate. Fire has great power, both outside of us and within us.� -Malidoma Patrice Some�, in The Healing Wisdom of Africa

Fire, the first element of the cosmological wheel, is the mediator between the spirit world and this one, and it is seen as a most potent connection to the realm of spirits. A fire ritual opens the gateway to the world of the ancestors. Its function is to put us humans back on our spiritual track by consuming that which stands between us and purpose. The fire ritual also provides an opportunity to reiterate our commitment to walking our spiritual path.


Sounds very much like Fulcanelli's view on fire, and many other fire philosophers. Alchemy and Shamanism are pretty close cousins :)...

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...dang it.. now I kinda feel obligated to re-post my original message... I deleted it b/c I sometimes get diarrhea of the mouth.. Energy must flow... I'm still working on understanding the timing... but here it is, again:

Wow, I love the insight, and perspectives... I admire diversity, for it brings a greater palette of color..

I, for one, accepted a lot of this information with almost no resistance... in fact in my eyes, I think its important to acclimate to the history of Christianity, inspired by Yeshua, the Christ.

This can be arranged geometrically, but I doubt the subtle nature of such a grid would reflect much understanding with words... The Christ emanated a sequence in time/space that ensured the salvation of humanity... literally. In essence, Jesus with the unabated love of Mary, through the practice of tantra or sex magic was able to supercharge the MerKaBa of Christ in order to fulfill his birth vision, which was very much intact when he was inspired and born out of this world.

This Christ Consciousness is a magnetic field that resonates a very intrinsic geometrical relationship to the rest of the continuum... I wish I could find the source.. but I am very scattered... research in cymatics illicits a harmonic field, or rather a unique pattern of resistance in the medium. And for instance, certain octaves, or keys create very symmetrical geometric shapes if you play a certain note through a plate with sand on top..

33 is a master number. If you think in line with incremental thinking, that is to say, binary/linear thinking modality, Numerology is as much a divination of the subtle rhythmic oscillatory frequencies of this experience we like to call Uni-verse as is Astrology. Life is a matter of focus and focal awareness really..

Christ Consciousness in numerology is 33..

...I think this Video has a nice, relative perspective on the matter:


_______ ___ _

My focus in posting the above was to alleviate/transmute Seth Ra's POV which came off a bit heated..

This might help get my point across, besides the link above, Excerpt from the Secrets of Shambala, by Redfield:

Christianity was emphasizing the idea that the spirit manifests in human beings not just as an increased awareness of being part of God but also as a higher self--as though we become an expanded version of who we are, more complete, capable, with an inner guidance and wisdom leading us to act, as if the human personality of God, the Christ, was now looking through our eyes.

Jesus Christ was the empirical manifestation of spirit in order of creating the Christ Consciousness grid.

Besides, the point of labeling is not to choose sides, but to see the parallax of each positionality. Call it Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, what have you, each piece is perfectly playing out its role, PERFECTLY--You can't have a matrix if the parts don't compute (period).

For a more unbiased approach at understanding the subconscious unfolding and conscious evolution of humanity, I suggest looking into the Cosmic History Chronicles... It gives a more.. leveled POV of the Cosmos and completely belittles humanity's arrogance in thinking we are the sole reason for the destruction and confusion..

What if a pattern was apparent throughout the progression of the universe?... :D

Fibonacci Spiral/Golden mean Spiral... where these two meet is zero-point... which therefore somewhat brings the perception and understanding of time in question... b/c ultimately time is not linear, but circular.. and in fact, relative to each Biosphere and/or focal awareness.. (For more info check out Time Lines and Distortional Effects by David Barclay.. I would have uploaded article, but upload sizes are extremely limiting.. Website: http://www.gravitycontrol.org/)

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Did you cut out a previous post and paste it in post 9 or did I reply to your post
before you posted it? :eek:


solomon levi
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The Four Atlanteans, guardians of Tula - ancient Toltec site mentioned by Castaneda.