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03-03-2010, 04:38 AM
"... Obtained in a saline form, whether multiplied or not, it can only be used for the healing of human illnesses, preservation of health, and growth of plants. Soluble in any alcoholic liquid, its solution takes the name of Aurum Potabile (7) Although it does not even contain the least atom of gold because it assumes a magnificent yellow color." - Dwellings

Interesting, no? He mentions some very interesting things about the Philosopher's Stone immediately after this.

Hellin Hermetist
03-03-2010, 03:23 PM
You know that after that he does the following statement:

"However, if the maximum number of its multiplications is exceeded, it changes form and instead of resuming its solid crystalline state when cooling down, it remains fluid like quicksilver and definitely non-coagulable. It then shines in darkness, with a soft, red, phosphorescent light, of a weaker brightness than that of a common nightlight. The universal Medicine has become the Inextinguishable Light; the light-giving product of those perpetual lamps, which certain authors have mentioned as having been found in some ancient sepulchers. Finally, if we ferment the solid, universal Medicine with very pure gold or silver, through direct fusion, we obtain the Powder of Projection, third form of the Stone. It is a translucent mass, red or white according to the chosen metal, pulverizable, and appropriate only to metallic transmutation."

So if you have acquired Fulcanelli's aurum potable in its saline state, you shall be able to acquire the radiant matter and the Powder of Projection with very little labour. Accordin to him, to acquire the radiant matter you have to solve and coagulate the universal medicine in its saline form (first state of the stone) to the mercurial water, which is the matrix of the stone up to seven times.
To acquire the Powder of Projectio you have to melt the universal medicine in its saline state with a small quantity of pure gold or silver. So if you believe that you have really acquired the aurum potable of Fulcanelli you shall try these experiments. If you succeed, that means that you have acquired the stone, which is mentioned by Fulcanelli, if not you should have acquired another substance.

03-03-2010, 04:18 PM
Yes, you are right HH, Fulcanelli mentions some very interesting stuff after what I quoted. I originally had the whole paragraph posted, but decided against it due to my conscience.

I know for a fact that I did not acquire the Aurum Potabile of Fulcanelli. It is completely different, and would be a waste of time. However, the others may try this, and it will be a good test.