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Arcane Sakura
03-23-2010, 06:11 PM
Greetings fellow Alchemists!

My name is Arcane Sakura, and I'm looking for people to help guide me through some new ideas. Seth-Ra, my sensei, who got me into Alchemy, has introduced me to this and has requested for me to join.
My talents involve, plant alchemy, energy manipulation through meditations, Asian arts, Reiki and a few other things as well.
So far, i have opened up my gold and am working on making a very special kind of apple seed that has grown in a peculiar way... Sadly, I won't be posting about that until I am sure that the plant will be able to sustain life.

There is a very key thing I'd also like to point about about me. I am a 15 year old in High school and can't make posts as often as I'd like. My school work has to come first. Also, my parents are unwilling to understand what i do, so this forum is somewhat secretive for me. So, I will try to make as many posts as possible when I can.

I look forward to hearing all of your ideas. Also, Sensei, this is my time to prove I am no longer a child. You have taken me under your wing since i was a child, and now I will show you I can fly on my own. Be prepared!
~Arcane Sakura

03-23-2010, 07:24 PM
^.^ Glad you found time to join Sakura, and im sure you'll learn quite a bit here. ;)

Do your best, and im sure many others here will lend a helping hand as i have. :)

I Look forward to seeing your work and your progress.

your sensei,

03-24-2010, 11:08 AM
Welcome Sakura,

I also hope you will learn a lot here.

All my best in your Magnum Opus.

solomon levi
03-24-2010, 06:30 PM


03-26-2010, 06:16 PM
Most welcome ... Joy:)

03-27-2010, 04:04 AM
Yes, welcome!


Green Lion
03-30-2010, 06:26 AM
Welcome Arcane Sakura.

So far, i have opened up my gold and am working on making a very special kind of apple seed that has grown in a peculiar way...
What is the practice you call "open your gold" ?
Be careful with alchemical allegories because you would be lost in the future if you don't really understand the symbolism in alchemical texts which are to be understand with a real intelligent philosophy and not with personnal interpretation.

Dendritic Xylem
03-30-2010, 09:05 AM
You can learn a lot from the members here.

My best advice would be this, to reread every post on this forum...whenever your perspective is altered. Be thankful that these concepts have reached you at such an age. I am truly envious :)

Arcane Sakura
03-31-2010, 02:46 PM
Thank you all for your welcomes ^.^

What i refer to as "opened my gold" is just a term of what it has done. I mean it's the only term i can think of to call it. Though i cant send a picture until I am off spring break, I will try to describe it as best as i can.
I put a gold ring in my rain water and kinda just left it in there. After a while, red flaky residue was forming at the bottom of the bottle i had it all in. One day, I decided to filter all of my work and when i took out the ring, their was a red substance on t but, it wasnt really flaky looking but rather looked like blood.
Im not sure if its because of an acidic property or because of the ring itself (this ring has 8 diamonds in it as well as being gold).
Green lion, if you have any information to give me about this, then it would be really really appreciated. I use this gold in all my work and see part of that red residue in all of them so if it's something i shouldnt be playing with, let me know ASAP.
Thank you all for being so kind! :)

Green Lion
03-31-2010, 02:56 PM
Is that the same rain, left him with nothing added, also gives a red residual?
Does the same water from rain, in which is added a piece of copper, also gives this red residual ?
In the first case, this means that they are only bacteria and algae.
In the second case, it means that it is a copper oxide.
Untreated rainwater normally can not extract anything from gold.

03-31-2010, 07:34 PM
Standard gold rings have cca max 58 % Au... so not suitable for these experiments.

The good news is, your brilliants seats are likely not destroyed.

Arcane Sakura
04-01-2010, 02:48 PM
well it was just normal rain water. Nothing treated, got it directly from the rain in a glass jar, err a few glass jars. No copper, nothing. Just my gold ring. The thing is, i can only get that residue when i leave the bottle closed. If i let it breathe, it dies or kinda just turns from red to brown and looks unhealthy. I don't know, all the things i seem to do end up turning weird in some way but aside from that, I have no idea what my gold is doing, or the water, or even what this substanace is but, it doensn't come off as something bad or as a plant; its something else....

Also, what do you mean its not sutible for these experiments?

Green Lion
04-01-2010, 02:59 PM
The fact that the residue becomes brown when the bottle is opened indicates that it is algae.
These algae are microscopic and are found in rain and dew.
If you distill this rainwater and that you redo the same thing, you no longer have the red residue.

PS: A gold ring still contains copper as pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry.

Arcane Sakura
04-02-2010, 02:49 PM
Hmmm, guess i have some distilling to do then huh.. But hypothetically, what if after i distill it the red residue comes back? What are the possibilities then?

Green Lion
04-02-2010, 02:54 PM
If the residue comme back, that is not a "natural" phenomena.
So, your rain water were particular.
And so you could call your result as "open your gold".

Arcane Sakura
04-11-2010, 11:04 PM
Well Ive begun the ditillation but it'll take a while. So, i decided to take out the gold rings from the rain water and still the red residue came back. This was even after i removed the major red salts at the bottom for the distilation and after i filtered it. The residure itself has changed too...

Its no longer flaky, but rahter looks like its broken itself down. Its not like little dots and specs, not plant like but reminants from a stone when you scrape it. So now im really really doubting its an algea.. Anyone else?

(( I was wondering if anyone else thinks i should move this to a different thread)).

~Kota The Arcane Sakura