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Arcane Sakura
03-26-2010, 04:40 PM
The work of the Alchemist is always never enough for mankind. We have the ability and knowledge to change all we want to and can, but that never seems to be enough. Even so, we create the things we do to make a change, be it for man or for yourselves, or even, the things we love the most. That is our dream with our dream, comes our sacrifice.

I bring this to you because recently, well currently, i have undergone a drastic realization in my life. You see, plants are my talent when it comes to my work. I love seeing how i can change what they can do and how i connect with them as well. But, because of my parents always demanding i was never good enough, or always treating me as a child because im a 15 year old girl. But, if only they cold see what i've done. One thing is i have opened my gold with my rain water. However, what this seed, what my creation has done for me, is above all my greatest work...

I have 3 experiments. One is lilac water, mixed with gold rain water, silver rain water, white lilac dew with the alchemical marriage, and my own blood. The other is my silver rose water. And finally, my chimera. It had my lilac salts with me rose water, along with some of my gold and silver rain water. It also had dead mums in it. But that's not what makes it special. Originally, I had mad it to help cure the virus that had taken the life of my bamboo plant. The virus was from water contamination. I took the root of the bamboo and put it in there, hoping for a change. However, nothing had happened.

A few months ago, i was making a tea that was supposed to have some very amazing effects on curing the sadness in my friends hearts. I charged it with me Reiki as best as i could even. Anyway, in the tea i used apples but saved the seeds for some reason. So, i figured "why not?" and put them in the virus infested water where my bamboo lied.There where 4 seeds. In a few months time, one actually sprouted, healthy and alive.

I wonder now, how this happened, but i think of it as a gift, my gift. Every time i'd meditate with my waters, they appeared as my guardians and where always there for me. They were my servants, but also, very special parts of me...
When the time came to plant my apple seed, i had decided that i wouldn't throw away the seeds but rather, dry them up and eat them. It took me to a place of myself i've never known and now, and gave me my shadow to conquer. However, they are trying to kill me. I am sick now ever since then: poisoned and am filled with a virus from the bamboo. Since the human body has no correct enzymes in our digestive system to break it all down properly, I'm in big trouble.
My only hope was to take the little seedlings leaves, its only new source of gaining sun and use it for a remedy.. Long story short i did, and now im recovering however, the seedling, my creation and one of my beloved guardians might die.
I thank my work for sacrificing what it had for me, i thank all of my work for helping me. But i ask anyone, anyone at all, to help me save my apple seed. This seed has survived more than death and now needs my help. Please someone give me a solution to help cure my Beloved Servant... Anyone..

~Kota The Arcane Sakura :(
P.S. I seemed to have left out a few parts. For one, the reason i want to save the seed is because it was the only one that grew out of the four. Also, the stem is half way dried up and is only getting worse. I planted it in soil (origianlly it grew in nothing but water in a sealed jar), and the roots have not yet adjusted top the new form of getting nutrients for itself. Agian this is urgent that i save it and make it live agian..

03-26-2010, 06:58 PM
Hey Arcane Sacura:)

When I see your apple seed so smal.
I ask myself in awe,
Why oh why did god create,
Such beauty in this world of hate,
Why oh why I do not know,
All I know, that it is so.

Since you can connect with plants so good,
why don`t you move your consciousness in
the apple seed, be the apple seed, feel like
an apple seed and give it your strenghs.

When this don`t work, give the apple seed your
love in the end and except the way nature works.

Love .. Joy:)

Arcane Sakura
03-27-2010, 11:47 PM
Thank you so much for replying to me ^.^.

I tried your idea and there is something very weird about me.. I tired to connect with my plant and something bad happend. My head began to kill me and felt like nails where going through the front part of my head (near the third eye) and the back of my head. Im assuming it has to do with the poison from the brothers and sisters of the apple seed. It seems that this maybe due to the fact that i can feel the seeds pain, or because there is a barrier that wont allow me to connect to my seed.
I'm not too sure and im wondering if anyone can tell me whats wrong with me.
Joy, thank you so much for responding, i really appreciate it ^.^

~Kota The Arcane Sakura

03-28-2010, 06:10 PM
Hi Kota,

You could use some water as medium for your intentions. Try to send/project your "Energy", "Intentions" or "Higher Self" into the water and then feed a bit to your seed. I'm using that on "levitated water" to heal myself, that's why i thought it could help your seed while you can avoid direct contact.


Arcane Sakura
03-29-2010, 06:49 PM
Thanks you all for your support. Sadly, the seed wouldnt of made it. I looked at the roots and it wasnt looking to good. So, I've decided to remake it by taking its lifeforce, and the ashes of the plant in a new chimera version of my water. That is one that isn't poisined. Then, once the body and salts form, I will add in the soil that the apple seed once grew in, so that I still have reminiants of my last creation.
Once my parents get apples, I can plant the new seed in its new home and only pray to have another gift like that other one once more. Wish me luck and thank you all for your help ^.^
~Kota The Arcane Sakura