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solomon levi
04-07-2010, 06:25 PM
(please note i am not saying this is THE prime matter. it's just something to consider)

I've been wanting to collect some accounts of "astral fluid", ectoplasm
and clouds, mists or veils that are produced from the ether by a medium
for consideration. In the literature, this fluid often emanates from the eyes,
and the eyes have a relation to:

"greek Drakon, also etymologically related to the eye and seeing - derkomai
the dragon's eye or glance is petrifying - turns to stone. same as Medusa serpents.
Hebrew - ayin = eye and/or spring/fountain.There are plenty of alchemical references to fountains and springs.
The aries glyph is not only the horns of a ram, but a fountain erupting."

Aries, the house of the ram, is ruled by mars/iron, aka sideros, which also means stars/astral.

Here is a very interesting account where astral fluid is formed and coagulated into
a stone. The words "primary matter" are used. The stone is then placed on the
table and runs/flows like mercury (their words!).


Here is an interesting entry in the Encyclopedic Theosophical glossary:
Athanor [probably from Arabic] A self-feeding furnace of the alchemists, and also a transmitting agent formed of astral substance or fluid. "Electricity, the one Life at the upper rung of Being, and Astral Fluid, the Athanor of the Alchemists, at its lowest; God and devil, good and evil" (SD 1:81).

(I'm sure SD refers to Blavatsky's book "Secret Doctrine")

An extremely subtle and therefore invisible essence or fluid that emanates from and surrounds not only human beings and beasts, but as a matter of fact plants and minerals also. It is one of the aspects of the auric egg and therefore the human aura partakes of all the qualities that the human constitution contains. It is at once magneto-mental and electrovital, suffused with the energies of mind and spirit -- the quality in each case coming from an organ or center of the human constitution whence it flows. It is the source of the sympathies and antipathies that we are conscious of. Under the control of the human will it can be both life-giving and healing, or death-dealing; and when the human will is passive the aura has an action of its own which is automatic and follows the laws of character and latent impulses of the being from whom it emanates. Sensitives have frequently described it in more or less vague terms as a light flowing from the eyes or the heart or the tips of the fingers or from other parts of the body. Sometimes this fluid, instead of being colorless light, manifests itself by flashing and scintillating changes of color -- the color or colors in each case depending not only upon the varying moods of the human individual, but also possessing a background equivalent to the character or nature of the individual. Animals are extremely sensitive to auras, and some beasts even descry the human being surrounded with the aura as with a cloud or veil. In fact, everything has its aura surrounding it with a light or play of color, and especially is this the case with so-called animated beings.

Here you can view many pics of ectoplasm:

solomon levi
04-07-2010, 06:50 PM
Here are pics of what are called "orbs".
I have some experience with these entities;
specifically, pulling them out of a mirror.


04-07-2010, 06:59 PM
The dragon's tears make fine stones of magical virtue. ;)


04-07-2010, 07:03 PM
Mars also co-rules Scorpio, death, transformation, poisons and elixirs alike, sex (and the sex organs), etc...

While Aries Mars springs from Above (the head/eye(s), Scorpio Mars stings from the other end and springs from Below ($&*#).

As for ectoplasm, I've never personally witnessed any fully manifested stuff with my physical eyes, except some people's auras and some instances of seeing astral contours.
But when astrally (or higher) travelling, everything is made of this stuff (according to where we travel on the density scale/ladder).

And returning to the physical realm:

If only it would be possible to collect a workable amount of tears - it could make for some very interesting experiments :)

I would think, as a general principle (speaking of naturally manifested body fluid emmanations) - the longer it takes and/or the more challenging it is to collect, the more powerful the matter.

solomon levi
04-07-2010, 07:18 PM
And scorpio, besides the scorpion, is symbolised by the eagle and the serpent -
both alchemically important terms.

04-07-2010, 10:34 PM
Astral Fluid as a prime matter...exactly where I am going...and precisely how it all ties together IMO. Here is Walter Rusell's Periodic Table:

Let me remind those of you who have already read my previous posts concerning Walter Russell and also those of you who don't know, but Russell had a doctorate's conferred upon him by the AAS, because it was he soley, who predicted the existence of deuterium and tritium, between hydrogen and helium, he was able to predict this becuase he associated the elements to the 9-octave cycle of creation at the heart of the fractal nature of the universe. If you look at his depiction of the periodic table you will notice he tucked each element in along chain of succesion in each half-wave.


"Cycles of Planets
All planets revolve upon the plane of their sun’s equator.
All light particles are alike. When found in different relation to their equators and different positions and directions of motion, they are called by different names, such as neutrons when they are on wave amplitudes, photons, positrons, and other such names when they are found in other parts of the wave.
Elements exhibit different characteristics because of their differences in gyroscopic relation to equators and amplitudes.
If light particles are part of systems that rotate upon a plane near wave amplitude, we say they are iron, copper, boron, and many others.
If their gyroscopic relation is on wave amplitudes – 90 degrees from wave axes – we say they are carbon, silicon, sodium chloride, and many others"

So if we look at where he placed hydrogen, we will notice it is at 0 position in between the 3rd and 4th octave, notice the end of the previous wave builds the crest and the next wave collapses it, once again back to zero where we find helium. Now notice he listed three gases in between hydrogen and helium, science said he was wrong, but later proved him right in the discovery of deuterium and tritium, they have yet to look for and find the third, unless it is the product of a deuterium-tritium reaction that produces what science calls an isotope of helium or more aptly protium.

Now since hydrogen is supposed to be the smallest atom and the lightest element recognized by science and I will tell you as a scientist they only like to recognize what they can prove the existence of through their analytical science that is what their detectors can pick up, but how do you detect what refuses to be measured, that which has no mass and no charge, interacts with no instrument and leaves no trail, becuase it is part of a multi-dimensional field that blinks in and out of existence here and interacts with the mind on the quantum level more than it ever would with any instrument. You should realize that we can not actually see electrons or any other sub-atomic particle , hell we can't we really see atoms themselves, the only evidence of their existence we have and what led to the development of a working model, is the shadows that they cast on the walls of our perception, where we are at in Plato's cave, that is there interaction with detectors and cloud chambers. But you should know only what has mass and what has charge will leave a trail. So if you look at Russell's table you will notice that, once again hydrogen is at the end of the third octave that leaves three full waves worth of elements to be accounted for that must be lighter and smaller than hydrogen. He lists 22 gases lighter than hydrogen. Now if his logic served us to find deuterium and tritium why should we think that the other 22 don't exist, just cause we can't see them or measure them. Wrong, they must account for the rest of the missing matter, the "dark" matter.

I recently read another work relating alchemy to snowflakes besides the work of Dr. Emoto, this work managed to isolate only 15 distinct crystallizations for snowflakes, now the logic here is thus: We know that only pure solutions will form crystals, the ancient alchemists as well knew this, this why a large part of the separation of matter(subtle from gross) was undertaken through crystallization. We also know that we can isolate one substance from another by the way it crystallizes, that is no two different purified substances will crystallize alike. So if we can have 15 different crystallizations of water into snowflakes, how can we account for this? The answer is simple there must be something else in the air, lighter than hydrogen that is infusing itself into the water molecules, we know through the work of Emoto, that thought and emotion influences this action. These 22 gases comprise the unseen ether, the prime matter, the point where mind interacts with the universe to produce matter.

Hudson as well as others like this man, whose work I have also exposotioned here: JOHN V. MILEWSKI, a Ph.D, physicist , also believe that ormus or Hudson's S-ormes can exist as a gas as he explains here: Ormus is a Gas (http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/ormusgas.htm) where he shows the growing of gold out of thin air, as well as a mysterious white coating that is attracted out of the air by a magnetic force inside certain types of rocks.

So if these 22 gases exist in our atmosphere, how do we attract them and separate them and harness their power, enter the Joe Cell and Orgone Energy......

From: http://energygrid.com/science/2002/as-joecell.html

An Interpretation using Walter Russel's Theories

"There is a neutral ether consisting of countless myriads of inconceivably small particles per cubic centimetre having no electric charge and no mass. Universal mind places electrostatic charges on these particles when there is a suitable magnetic field so that the become charged particles. The complexity of the charge determines the type of charged particle and its behaviour." Beyond the Atom, Walter Russel

The above nicely explains several points to the average reader:

As ether, ( Orgone ) has no mass or electric charge it makes it very difficult to measure. If you read about the efforts that science has gone to, to measure gravity waves and neutrinos, you will more fully comprehend the problems of measuring these "forces". Suffice to say that just because scientists cannot measure Orgone energies does not mean that Orgone does not exist.
As our Joe cell geometry, chemistry, electrolysis, location, materials and experimenters vary from cell to cell, the Joe cell will thus produces a whole series of different effects for different experimenters. The cell can lose weight, cause rain, heal people, make people sick, "create" various elements and even do what you want it to do ie. power an internal combustion motor.
So, how does a Joe cell "run" a car? Again I will stick my neck out and suggest an answer that makes sense to me. Obviously it is a theory and is only in place until a reader suggests a better theory, in which case I will remove mine and insert his with full credits.

Have you ever considered exactly what occurs when you use a battery for your radio, torch, etc. I mean what is in the battery that makes your device work and why does it go flat? There is many chemical and electrical ways of explaining the process, but I would like to explain it to you from a slightly different perspective. Lets set the stage:

Every unbalanced action must eventually be balanced no matter how long it takes. Remember that I have mentioned in another section of this book the great clue, Rhythmic balanced interchange. All things in creation including our battery and the Joe cell obey this fundamental rule.
Electricity is dividing a pressureless condition into two opposite pressures which desire release and thus a return to a state of balance. So our 1.5 Volt battery for example, does not want to have a positive and negative pole and is trying to return to a state of balance ie. eventually the battery will go ² flat ² the duration depending on how much work we ask it to do.
Work is the result of unbalanced matter seeking a rest in balance. Notice how we make our battery work for us by letting it return to a state of balance. JUST AS IN THE JOE CELL!!!
So the charge of the battery, ( or the Joe cell ) is a pressureless condition separated into two opposite pressures.
A charged battery is dually unbalanced by the opposite pressures which desire release, exactly as in the Joe cell. Opposites oppose, they never perform any other function than to oppose. Opposites are not things; they are conditions.
Okay, if we look at the above clues and using the car battery as an example, we can readily see that the electrolysis that occurred in the battery when we charged it via the car alternator has created an unbalance that is frantically trying to return to a state of balance. If you do not believe me and if you are foolish enough, just put a spanner across the terminals of a charged battery and watch it melt and disappear. Please don't do it, take it as fact. In like manner, when we charged the Joe cell, ( which is also acting as an accumulator ) we have created an unbalanced condition that is also frantically trying to return to a state of balance.

A car battery reaches a state of balance by finding an electrical path either in the battery (self discharge) or outside the battery in a resistive load ie. turning your lights on. The Joe cell reaches a state of balance if you accidentally short the cell when it is charged, or in the combustion chamber of the car by using the timed spark plug spark or a similar electronic "trigger" to allow it to drop to a lower or balanced density (the state it was in before you forced it to do work). The result of the Joe cell "working" is translated into an expansion of the intake air charge and thus the forcing of the piston down the bore to turn the crankshaft etc.

Now a few words of mine should fall into place for you. A stage 3 cell is charged ie has sufficient unbalance to do work. A leaky cell is a self discharging cell. A balanced or stage 1 cell cannot perform work. To make the cell work, we must have an efficient transfer to the point where the work is required, ie. we must contain the unbalanced condition until it is in combustion chambers by using the right type of cone, tube, blind plug, motor and electrical connection.

The Joe cell accumulator is constantly trying to return to a state of balance and given the slightest excuse will return to balance and thus be useless to you. As you build up you familiarity with your cell, you will find that the cell is constantly giving you small clues as to what it is doing. As such working with the Joe cell is an interactive exercise and developing the skills of a good observer will be highly beneficial.

* * *

Alternative Explaination 1—Blacklight Power Inc.

The inventor of BlackLight Power's technology and founder is Dr. Randell L Mills. (For more information visit http://www.blacklightpower.com) His theory is the existence of previously undiscovered lower energy states of hydrogen. Mills calls these lower energy states of hydrogen "hydrinos" and dihydrinos. This theory of lower energy states of hydrogen has the potential to change everything that we understand about physics and the physical world. Now before you get excited by the above, please realise that Walter Russell listed many, many elements lower than hydrogen on the periodic table way back in 1926! Similarly is we call Orgone "hydrinos" we are back to square one ie. the massless force that is at the base of all things. Needless to say, other scientists think that Dr. Mills claims are preposterous.

Traditional physicists claim that the "ground" state of the hydrogen atom is the lowest energy state possible. According to the "experts", all levels of the hydrogen atom are accounted for in quantum mechanics. As far as the majority of physicists are concerned, there is nothing to suggest that other levels exist.

It turns out that a fundamental error in physics ignored the existence of a second non-radioactive form of hydrogen which is an inert gas ( just like Orgone, what a coincidence! <grin>). Low energy hydrogen can be made from ordinary hydrogen when its electrons orbit drops to about one twentieth its ² normal ² size. When this happens ( in a vacuum at about 2,500 deg. Kelvin with potassium vapour as the catalyst ) the hydrogen atom release up to one thousand times as much energy as needed to get hydrogen from water. This means a lot of energy is available with no pollution at all. In theory a 200 hp car using this system could go 100,000 miles on the hydrogen in a single tank of water.

Art. B. Rosenblum

The byproduct of Mill's chemical reaction is a hydrino, the lower energy hydrogen atom. It is chemically inert and floats into space in much the same way helium ( or Orgone ) in a balloon floats in space.


Lets sum it up. The creation of hydrinos from hydrogen create a vast amount of heat and thus useable power. But what would happen when the hydrinos from the sun or the Joe cell interact with the water in the motor and/or the air in the combustion chambers? Under the influence of a high electrical disturbance eg. spark-plug or similar, would we get an expansion in the combustion chamber/s and a resultant drop in temperature? If so then the hydrinos = Orgone and I have no arguments with Dr. Mills. I would suggest that you go to the Blacklight Power site as shown above and make up your own mind.

* * *

Alternative Explaination 2 -Muon hydrogen

I quote the following:

The Muonic hydrogen (MUH) group is a research collaboration of physicists based at http://www.triumf.ca/homepage.html. The group attempts to understand the reactions involving muons and different isotopes of hydrogen, as well as muon catalysed fusion.

A muon is an elementary particle which can have a negative or positive charge and has approximately 207 times the mass of an electron. The MUH group works with negatively charged muons, which carry the same charge as an electron. These muons are produced at TRIUMF by directing a beam of hydrogen ions(protons) moving at 3/4 the speed of light at a target consisting of beryllium or carbon. In this way particles called pions are produced, and shortly these pions decay to become muons. Unfortunately the muon has an average lifetime of 2.2 microseconds (or millionths of a second), and one challenge when working with muons is to use them efficiently before they decay.

There are three isotopes (varieties) of hydrogen atoms. First there is protium (H), by far the most common of the three, which has one proton (a massive positively charged particle) as its nucleus. Then there is deuterium (D), whose nucleus is made up of one proton and one neutron (slightly more massive than a proton with no electric charge) bound together as a deuteron (d). About 0.015% of all hydrogen atoms in nature are deuterium. Finally there is tritium (T), with a proton and two neutrons forming a triton (t) to make up the nucleus. Unfortunately tritium, though very useful in these experiments, is radioactive and its safe containment is a major concern. Any two of these isotopes will be bound together by orbiting electrons to form a hydrogen molecule (the most common of which is 2 protiums making normal hydrogen gas).

Beyond reactions involving muons and hydrogen, the MUH group is concerned with creating muon catalysed fusion. Unlike other fusion processes, muon catalysed fusion can be carried out at room temperatures or (as is the case in this group) at about 3 degrees Kelvin (-270 degrees Celsius).

To create muon catalysed fusion, a beam of negative muons is stopped in layers of solid hydrogen isotopes. A muon will then replace the electron in a hydrogen atom. The muon can then bind the two atoms together in a special muonic molecule or molecular ion. Since the muon is 207 times as massive as the electron, the hydrogen atoms are bound together far more tightly, so that the nuclei can fuse, creating energy and ejecting the muon.

Theoretically, the same muon could go on to catalyse many more reactions, creating enough energy for this process to be used as a power source. However, sometimes the muon sticks to a charged fusion product such as an alpha particle, and is lost to the cycle. Over 100 fusions per muon have been recorded in other experiments but it is estimated that with the current equipment it would take somewhat more than this in order to "break even" energy-wise.

The goal of clean, inexpensive energy from this source may be far in the future if ever attained, so don't look for portable Muon Catalysed Fusion generators on the market any time soon.

More information can be found in the MUH contribution to the TRIUMF

End of quote

So this theory rests on the presumption that if you put moun-hydrogen in the presence of a spark, then some of the electrons could replace the muons. The now normal hydrogen atoms would expand and the spare muons would decay and the resultant expansion would do the work. See: http://ourworld.cs.com/elhoreth/hydr.html

Again dear friends we are calling the same rose by a different name. At the end of the day it does not matter in the least as to what the name of the force is as long as we know its cause and not just use the effect as we have been doing. You will find out that sooner or later, our scientists will have to admit that they have no idea as to the causes of our present forces. Only when we admit that our sum knowledge of the causes of energies can be written on the head of a pin with 10 meter high letters, will we start to really learn.-Alex Schiffer

Now I have built some Joe Cells, and have managed to get combustible gas as well that manifests itself semmingly out of nowhere. My theory is an alchemical one, since the production of this gas is dependent on this mysterious white coating that is needed even in modern HHO cells to produce coeffieient of power>1 through resonance cracking of water as exemplified by Bob Boyce and Stan Meyer. This white coating is the product of the addition of an electrolyte to the water to help conduct current faster and thus crack water faster, the most common electrolyte used is potassium hydroxide, KOH, best taken from ash of a plant. This electrolyte then becomes a magnet just as the ancients spoke of for this gaseous ether. Because its energy signature you see is tied into phi- the golden ratio.

Soon I will give the details for building a very powerful orgone accumulator modeled on the work of this mysterious figure,-- Al Sinclair and the story of the Mormon "Relief" mine and Bishop Koyle and a very special ore that together were used and marketed for a brief time as a "soil conditioner".

04-09-2010, 08:45 AM
Woah. That was Very enlightening... and I question why information presented to inform is so sequestered or hard to come by? Mmm, is it projection of reference, relevance and positionality that catalyzes a grid from subtle to the gross? Thereby implying that the Illuminati to some degree are architects turning the wheels. Really it seems to adhere to the Science of Imagery and visualization, honing the mind's eye to see with penetrating clarity. Of course the engine will not turn if your missing, the key ingredient to catalyzing matter and manifesting from the ether. Pure intent~ unconditional Love.

Ah, let me focus >_<

The quote:
"Cycles of Planets
All planets revolve upon the plane of their sun’s equator.
All light particles are alike. When found in different relation to their equators and different positions and directions of motion, they are called by different names, such as neutrons when they are on wave amplitudes, photons, positrons, and other such names when they are found in other parts of the wave.
Elements exhibit different characteristics because of their differences in gyroscopic relation to equators and amplitudes.
If light particles are part of systems that rotate upon a plane near wave amplitude, we say they are iron, copper, boron, and many others.
If their gyroscopic relation is on wave amplitudes – 90 degrees from wave axes – we say they are carbon, silicon, sodium chloride, and many others"

I wonder. Seeing the geometry/symmetry and my selective imagination, I began to wonder... Somewhat akin to the idea that the kundalini within the body must arise and inorder to find the light in our mind by will alone is not a direct path. To such a degree that in order to shift dimensions, or octaves the Merkaba is activated through circular breathing, or possibly different pranic rhythms of breath will impart subtler and depending bandwidths with respective fields...

More specifically, the 90 degree step from amplitude to axis: as in the more pervasive, albeit slower to perception form known as matter to the most subtlest and purest archetype defined as Light. Somewhat mirroring the flux of two measurable wavelengths we've defined as magnetic and electric thus illuminating the spectrum of electromagnetic frequency/bandwidth.

What would this frequency/bandwidth of insight inspire within the realms of octaves and music?

Actually, I keep going on tangents, readily, what is the 90° shift in dimensions from x:y to x:y:z as it relates to the 3rD and 4th dimension?

In the 3rd dimension of space the 90° shift from dense matter to subtler spirit or light... or in between, the coherence of resonant polarities on one axis vs the equilibrium and momentum or readily the Schumann resonance of the earth...which is aligning with collective humanity and where we as one mind co-exist in reflection of light quotients.

Hmm, I seem to oscillate between the two lobes of the mind. Then I wonder, the next octave contains two polarities as well. Yet readily, the full circle has been inscribed with 360° of relative measurement... And I wonder, why 360. to think that in relation to the mayan calander a solar year is roughly 365 days and then some, changing each year I believe...

Interestingly, there are 25.38 hours in a solar day according to yahoo answers.

Now get this:
"Because the Earth moves around the Sun, it takes a bit more than a full rotation to make this happen. (See the diagram on the wikipedia link below.) Also, since the Earth's speed around the sun varies, the length of an apparent solar can vary by up to 22 seconds"..

It would seem that with inclusion of a polarity or rhythm as great as the moon one might begin to show the above degree of centrifugal unpredictability, entropy, or other unforeseen forces mirroring a smile.

I begin to wonder if this shift in 2012 might pertain to the absolute alignment of unity 90° from the axis, meeting the polar north magnetic shift to point or trace our elliptical trajectory in space time... Implying that the sun's trajectory across the horizon would readily eliminate the seasons to a greater degree. I've confounded myself with logic... oops.

To think that there are tell tale signs inferring that we are do for an ice age. If my memory serves me correctly, Drunvalo Melchizedek mentioned that we oscillate from ice age to temperate climate at a 90,000:13,000 year intervals. Research in earth core samples validate this claim... from what I Googled: 100,000:10,000 years or so, readily the congruity shifts.

_____ ___ __ _


Very interested in your orgone accumulator blueprints LeoRetilus. Blessings. That technology would in my mind's eye be in similitude of a ethereal condenser/portal to subtler realms of consciousness.

Solomon Levi, check these orbs out:
oOooo (http://kryon.com/orbs/orbs.html)

Oh and my mind just got blown when reading the Aura bit and how it all compounds.. I think I shifted a few degrees, on many different dimensions. Thanks :D

Well, it was a fun ride. You can see how I can keep going... =P Thanks for the inspiration; all of this is completely rewiring my software. Funny thing, light is the key, but the eye is the lens. ;)


04-09-2010, 06:55 PM
To think that there are tell tale signs inferring that we are do for an ice age.

Thillum did you mean due for an ice age? :confused:

Ghislain :D

04-09-2010, 07:21 PM
I read up on Orbs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orb_(optics)) just now on wiki and it says they are due to low light and flash use.

I was not aware of Orbs until I was showing a friend of mine my photo's from India.
She is a keen photographer and pointed out the many Orbs in my photo's.

She implied there was something a little mystical about them...who's right wiki or
my friend? or is it both?


04-09-2010, 07:44 PM
I read up on Orbs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orb_(optics)) just now on wiki and it says they are due to low light and flash use.

I was not aware of Orbs until I was showing a friend of mine my photo's from India.
She is a keen photographer and pointed out the many Orbs in my photo's.

She implied there was something a little mystical about them...who's right wiki or
my friend? or is it both?


From what i understand orbs can be caused by dust, water vapor, even small bugs, and yes flash and certain lighting conditions. I wouldnt put much stock in them. ;)

now pyramids on the other hand! ... :cool:



04-09-2010, 08:07 PM
I think you have to look at the issue of focus and clarity of the image, they look like orbs cause they are fuzzy (ill-focused) just like looking into a telescope at Saturn without it being properly focused. But these images on the other hand:

First this one that I took in a gold mine here on the island:


Notice the particles do not look like "orbs", they are well focused and constitute a vapor, but a vapor under intelligent control that's for sure, but the questions is...by who?


Now here are real orbs:http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/01AKeiki.jpg



The same image but with negative gamma correction, see the doorway?
Now even though your eyes cannot discern anything in particular from within the BOL
the negative gamma correction does not lie, it is only a slider that shifts the color temperature
and here indicates depth, do that with an out of focus, "orb". These plants were watered with trap water
from a magnetic levitation trap.

Balls of light being given off by the plant at the tips of the leaf,....... the true authentic crop circle videos out there also show the balls of light phenomenon, the light/energy is given off by the crops themselves and is not UFO/alien activity, it is the energy signature of the collective plants tied together at their roots, charged by the telluric currents of the earth and the motion of the sun, the union of above with below, these balls of light under intelligent control shape the crop circle and encode messages therein, a leading physicist/mathmetician has taken to deciphering them and has found a very blatant mathematical chaos code, in the authentic ones, phi!!

04-10-2010, 02:32 AM
And Scorpio, besides the scorpion, is symbolised by the eagle and the serpent - both alchemically important terms.

Indeed :)


04-10-2010, 08:44 AM
I read somewhere that the soul resides in the spine.

If this is the case then when we refer to someone as 'spineless' or
as having 'no backbone' could this be infering the person has no soul,
weak willed? Or might it be that having no backbone would make
one weak and jelly like?

I have tried to search for the origin of the word but alas could not find it.

The latter of the above seems most obvious, but obvious is not always right.


solomon levi
04-13-2010, 07:02 PM
Orbs are definitely not dust or light flashes.
I've communicated with them. They have different stages too that don't
just look like fuzzy dust balls.

Here's an interesting bit on orbs and Prime Matter:

Also this by Micael - I know him personally:


04-14-2010, 01:05 AM
The dust notion seems to be false. Although not entirely scientific, if you check out the link I attached to 'oOooo' it has a little insight into their nature.

In fact, I doubt you'll find a picture with more orbs.

check em out here:

Also worth mentioning is that digital cameras seem to pic them up, and not film--he mentions this in Kryon book 11; his super high quality film camera was not able to pick up any orbs compared to the digital cameras which showed thousands.

and has found a very blatant mathematical chaos code, in the authentic ones, phi!!

I've read that the crop circles are somewhat like time locks if you will.. they imprint a certain vibrational quotient in order to facilitate a shift. And that in essence, we are becoming more etheric, aka inter dimensional, such that these beings who reside in alternate dimensions are more easily able to enter our space/time dimension because the time locks are being released. We are in quarantine until we become holistic.

There have been crop circles of everything for sacred geometry, the mayan calendar, responses to a mathematical anomalies sent out in space, and even an ascii coded message from E.T.'s about the significance of this time and mentioning that there are those who still use deception and misinformation.

I've also heard that the majority of crop circles which take place in that famous field in England is a vortex if you consider meridians and energy pathways akin to the human body.

In fact according to Drunvalo's 'Serpent of Light' book, the major energy vortex on the earth shifted/will shift from egypt, where it passed through the King's chamber in the Pyramids to somewhere in Latin America.

solomon levi
04-14-2010, 05:46 PM
Orbs often have a signature. I mean you can sometimes tell them apart from their
rings or some feature. They will also change shape. I've seen one change
shape to resemble the camera that was taking its picture. I've also had experience
communicating with them; if you pose a simple 'yes' or 'no' question, they can
show a 'Y' or 'N' inside the sphere. Sometimes I've seen faces of people inside
them, sometimes babies (about to be born - hovering around watching the family)
and sometimes older (usually dead people). And as i said, I've pulled them out of
a mirror before - that wouldn't be dust obviously. Orbs are basically Castaneda's
IB's (inorganic beings). Some are aliens, some are OBEs, some are dead people,
some are waiting to be born, some are angels and some are demons (the group I
was with once called the "Mothman" and we had a large winged orb with red eyes
show up), some are great spiritual beings... you also possess a vehicle like that.

Orbs also change shape when they go through different frequencies - like when
Micael (pronounced Mee-Hawl) is pulling them from the vortex - they pull apart
into those neuron-looking shapes.