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Arcane Sakura
04-08-2010, 12:03 AM
Hello all,
So, this post is mainly linked to me last post which was titled " The Servants Sacrifice" so for those of you who have the background of it, you'll understand it better. For those of you who haven't, i will only tell you teh ending result of my desicion.
A very special apple seed had sprouted from my chimera water which also contianed a bamboo root that had a virus. But, i needed to cut off its only leaves, to use it in making an antidote for me (which i am finally cured of). Inorder to save the plant, i decided to burn the sprout into an ash, and put it in anotehr batch of my chimera water but, one that wasn't poisoned.
My chimera water consists of, rose water, lilac salts, snow water, and both gold and silver rain water. My intention was to let the salt of this new creation formate and plant a new seed in there. However, something peculiar is going on...

When i got home from school and checked on the water, and the salts are forming beautifully. They are like an orange red type of color and the water has a tint of gold but crystal clear. When i looked at the salts more closely, i saw that they had reached the top too but it was a small thin layer. All in the middle between the two was also more of the salts but, they remined me of a tornado, cause of the way the salts connected the top layer to the bottom one. Afterwards i checked the lilac water and the rose water and, they are all the same. The way thier salts are forming on the outer rim of the jar, the color of the salts look very similar but kinda varies depending on the water. The funny thing about the water is, one is either lighter or darker then the other but, still in the same color catagory.
The rose is the darkest, the lilacs are the middle and the chimera is the lightest.

Granted, none of the other two have formed the tornado like formation but, its still only happend after the incident with the apple seed. I know all three of them have a strong connection with me in the plant realm but, this seems a little bizzare.
I think i forgot to mention that the salts in the chimera jar, look like they are frozen, like time has stood still in the jar. And, the only way you can see the salts like this is around 3-5 p.m. when the sun is up and high.

So, if anyone has any ideas of what this could mean or what it could be, I'd like to know all theories!!

~Kota The Arcane Sakura

04-08-2010, 04:40 PM
This is an intriguing and interesting experiment, thank you for sharing !

Arcane Sakura
04-08-2010, 08:30 PM
Indeed it is, thank you for the compliment. I forgot to add that when it hits the cold, because i have my jars next to my window and it snowed making the jar cold, the salts turn a dark green color. But, it goes back to that red orange color once it gets heated back to its original state of temp.