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Donna Matrix
04-30-2010, 05:20 AM
Blessings fellow alchemists!

I am Donna Matrix- a name given to me many years ago, and a slight play on words as you may have guessed.
I own two businesses and in my previous career was a physical therapist. I have been a student of the esoteric since the day after college graduation many years ago, mostly Bailey and Blavatsky. I am rather developed psychically and am a keeper of crystal skulls. I have vast experience with flower essences, gem elixers, and crystals. I also have some experience with chinese herbs and have begun using spagyrics. I am a practiced meditator and a traveler beteen worlds working with beings in the sun, dragons, ascended masters and now fairies. I was recommended to alchemy by the ascended master St Germain. I thought it was ridiculous, but began to study and low and behold!

I have read Frater Albertus, Mark Stavish (who completely inspired me), Junuis, Fulcanelli and have begun to study Golden Dawn and Kaballa. I am looking forward to my progression, and am grateful for a forum like this. I have begun lessons with the IAG. :D

04-30-2010, 01:13 PM
Germain is a cool cat!



05-01-2010, 05:44 PM
I have been inspired by the same Spagyric authors you cite, as of the summer of 2009. (There should be pics of my home study/lab in my photo album). I have been a student of alchemy for a couple of decades, mostly through Jungian analysis and my own psychotherapy practice. Now, I'm connecting with my chemistry experimentation of childhood, wherein I discovered the primal religious emotion - 'AWE!,' I have begun to perform alchemical procedures.

I would be particularly interested to hear of your gem elixirs, as I see this as part of Ayurvedic medicine/alchemy as well as having seen a Rose Quartz elixir in the Western literature. I am interested in a Ruby elixir, based on the procedures of the Rose Quartz (I am a July birth, with the Ruby being placed on a gold ring for me along with a Diamond at age 5. These symbols connects with the Red and White Drops [thig le] in Tibetan mysticism, as well as the Mystery of Blood and Water which issued from Christ). My Lady's name is Rose, and I am trying to climb on this rainbow bridge of Synchronicities.

Anything you care to venture would be appreciated.