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Arcane Sakura
05-05-2010, 05:35 PM
Hello everyone, jeez its been a rather long time.

So anyway, I think I've created a few new "friends" from my bean plant. These little bugs are creatures I've never ever seen before and they have a few odd characteristics...Before I tell you more about them, i feel i should describe the plant itself. It was a normal bean plant that was already grown but not yet matured (flowering). Now the way i grew it is really unique and i only hope you can understand it when i describe it. So i took out the soil and put 1 silver chain at the bottom. Then, i put about 4 inches over it. Afterwords I put in a lot of silver water in it and put the plants inside the jar. So in a sense, its a more water to soil ratio. I did this so that i could change the root structure of the beans and make them more water based. It worked wonderfully and they have matured and produced. But, after a while i noticed something odd...

For some reason, the beans stalks only grew one podling. All the other ones didn't make it. I thought i did something wrong. That's when i looked inside the jar and saw my new friends...

They are less then a centimeter big with a light yellow bodies, and red with a bit of brown in them. I thought these things were the problem. But they eat the algae off the side of the jar. Oh they also remind me or rolly polly's.. (I totally just forgot what they are really called so so sorry!) They also can't survive without the water. Like, me and my sister got one and put it in one drop of the water. It wouldn't move. They also don't ever go above the surface of the water. They build their homes on the top where some soil floats and in the dirt but they never ever go above the surface of the water. they also don't hurt my plant. If they did, then the roots wouldn't be as good as they are now and the stem would be damaged and split at the bottom but its not. But i do know they are doing something to the plant but I don't know what.

When i went to go re-examine the plants roots and it looks like some have little hair looking fibers coming out of them. Ive never seen a plant do this. they kinda look like strands of hair and when you pull them that root comes apart...

So can anyone tell me what these things are and if they are doing any harm to my plants? And if its not them, then can someone tell me just why my beans can only have 1 very large podling? Thank you for reading this!

~Kota The Arcane Sakura

Dendritic Xylem
05-05-2010, 09:17 PM
If your medium is mostly water, the plants will eventually drown from lack of oxygen. An air stone needs to be added if you plan on keeping roots submerged in solution. Such anaerobic conditions also invite pests like you're seeing. Having large amounts of soil in your solution will further invite pests. And those root hairs you tore off are vital in nutrient uptake.

Arcane Sakura
05-06-2010, 08:09 PM
So whats an airstone? Anyway, I figured that could be another reason why my plants are reacting so weird. Still do you know what the little bugs are?