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I am relatively new to Alchemical studies, in the strict sense of the word, although I have been a member of several Ormus forums for about eight years now. Though there have been Alchemical references and banter on those forums I never felt quite ready to go in that direction. Then, last Autumn, I began interacting with an herbalist who had an interest in Indian mercury/parad Alchemy and I felt drawn into an intensive and, to me at least, productive season of research in that area. Then, suddenly, it dawned on me, that when an individual is being called into Alchemical pusuits, they don't need to worry about the whole labyrinthine forest of it all [at once] because, day by day, with steady application, intuition, hope, Providence, and a tandem spiritual walk, particular avenues simply open up. One has to believe they already have the answers, so to speak, and then, daily, you make some measure of progress. Then one isn't as liable to succumb to some undercurrent of desperation and fall into an obsessiveness based on lack of intrinsic faith. And therefore can have fun even while they Work. Alchemy: The Glorious Puzzle.
I understand the vital importance of practical lab work but, for me & for the timebeing, that is limited to my involvement with EM [Effective Microorganisms] brewing. This is considered an Ormus area of research but can use plants, minerals, clays, etc. familiar to the practicing Alchemist. In fact, the more Alchemical texts I read, the more ideas I discover for brew ingredients, timing, etc. It is a field, the potential of which is far from being fully realized, IMO. I have also been charging my brews with magnetite/mica and other items.
I have been a sungazer, on & off, for perhaps 5 years.
I have some experience with entheogens - most recently Ayahuasca + Ormus.
Another area of research is fasting, dry-fasting and Inedia - although I have long felt that a quasinedian diet that allows for the intake of Ormus/Soma/Stone [and antioxidents] seems more optimal than no foods at all. The historical record seems to bear witness to this.
Allow me to express my gratitude for all the fine contributions to this serious and important forum - probably much more graciously useful than I am currently equipped to comprehend/appreciate.
Current reading:
- "Sorcerer's Stone" by Dennis William Hauck
- "Gold of a Thousand Mornings" by Armand Barbault
- "The Art of Alchemy" by Delmar bryant
- "Alchemy: The Secret Art" by Stanislas DeRola
- "The Jewish Alchemists" by Raphael Patai
- "A Commentary on the Mutus Liber" by Adam McLean
- "Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy by Chris Emmons
and... RAMS should arrive any day now!

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