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Arcane Sakura
05-09-2010, 02:39 AM
For those of you you do not know, I am pursuing a carrer in Holistic medicine. Sadly, the only version or main version of Holistic Medicine in Colorado is Medical Marajuina and I am very agianst it. So, I study things like herbalism and Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that consists of symbols that correlate to specific ailments, plants, higher beings, and chakura's. The history behind it is somewhat interesting as well and I have a theory behind all of it.

Its started with a man named Dr. Usui who wanted to persue more ways in healing others. One day, he went to become a monk and meditated on top of a mountian.He fasted for 21 days or so and still nothing. Then he shouted to the heavens becasue he was about to give up. Then he suddenly had some sort of enlightenment. After that, he saw symbols all around him and flahes of bubbles and lightning. After words, He decided to climb down the mountian. On his way down he had slipped and ripped the nail off one of his toes. He concentrated on it and touched it, thinking of it to heal and get better. Then, it was all back to normal, as in he had a new nail there and everything! He stumbled across a place that gives food to wandering monks. The man who owned the place had a daughter who had a tooth ache, He put his hands on the place that hurt (not inside her mouth but outside on her jaw) and thought of the pain going away. Within moments she was healed completly.

Ever since then, he went around healing others who were poor and who needed it. But, he did it so that they could get back on thier feet and pursue a purpose once more to society and thier lives. After a while, he only did this to those who wanted to change. Anyone who didn't was casted away from him.And that was how he taught his own students as well. That is a version of how Reiki started. There are other versions as well but they follow this same base of the story.

Anyway, the way its used is by a universal force. the universal force travels into the symbol or chant and flows through the reiki practioner. Then that practitioner acts as a bridge between the universal force and the reciver and uses that energy depending on the sign and, the persons own intent/willpower. Inorder for someone to be practice reiki, they have to have a reiki master draw these symbols all around the person and blow the energy through them and out.They are trying to open up the recivers "enlightenment" through the universal power that they follow. To me, the universal force is God ( I'm Chirstian) and the unlocking of this "enlightnement: is the opening of the third eye because of how its described. It said that when a reiki practitioner acts as the bidge they coonect teh energies thorough the main sorce of power that cant be explained hence the third eye.

Granted there is probably so much more to reiki then I'm saying now but, I will probaby add on more when i learn more. Anyway, my main delima with this is the "Attenment" or the process in which the reiki master opens up your third eye. For one, i believe that the third eye cannot be forced open like that and, it has to be opened wth someone's OWN realization, not a few hundred bucks for a few classes and some guy breathing on you. Granted, I believe these symbols and this flow of energy is right but, the enlightment part is gained my self. Therefore, my theory is that if i can open up my third eye be my alchemy, then i can also figure out how to use the full power of the reiki symbols.
I know, far fetched but if you think about it, both Reiki and Alchemy have that same idea as well as parts of the Kabbalah, So why wouldn't it work?

I dont know im still figuring out the kinks so any if anyone wants to correct me or add on to this theory I'd really appreciate it.
~Kota the Arcane Sakura

05-09-2010, 03:53 AM
Greetings Arcane Sakura,

I myself have been 'attuned' to Reiki master Level as well. Suffice is to say, I can understand your perspective with the 'attunement' process. Yet originally Usui did not 'attune' his students so that they were Reiki practitioners.
I've heard that Usui used Reiki as a portal for spiritual development, because in effect he would use what is known as the Reiju technique in order to energetically 'unlock' the body of the disciple. So that one day, one may realize the subtle permeance of this universal Life Force and Source.
The principle behind this technique is to clear/open the meridians and/or gate/chakras of the individual that with the assistance of time one will move past these polarities within their being that are limiting them from being a facilitator and/or understanding 'Reiki'.

The attunement process as we now know it is a western adaptation, in order to synchronize the awareness of the individual to one day receive an intuitive understanding of this life force. The way I like to view the attunement process is like a ritual or spell. The effects are not instantaneous and they are instantaneous; time is the paradox. In essence a Reiki Master is attuning the individual to be a beacon of this subtle energy. Yet in order to be a conduit we must be in tune or alignment for the source to anchor itself within our presence. Another way of looking at this is the Reiki Master is setting a time lock that will synergistically unwind all these polarities of consciousness carried within a persons' presence in order to systematically prepare one's awareness for embodying this subtler vibration.

Alchemy is a metaphor, for ultimately Life is alchemy, life is a state of constant change, aka transmutation. Like all things, it is a tool, a crutch to prepare the mind for the final step into oblivion to be reborn again. The best posturing unfolds before your very eyes, always. Be present.

I am studying to be a holistic medical practitioner as well, namely Acupuncture. Although at this point I am losing interest fast; I just can't be bothered with the western education indoctrination system. I learn more from my intuitions and following my own sources of information presented to me by experience under the humility of an open mind.

If your into energetics, aka Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Magical Awakening, so on and so forth, I highly recommend looking into Tong Ren.

Read the theory and I kid you not your awareness will greatly be postured for more attuned future synchronizations:


Good Journeys and God Bless.

In Lak'ech

Arcane Sakura
05-09-2010, 01:37 PM
thank you soo much. I never thought id get a reply that fast so i appreciate you reading my thoughts. I know that Reiki can go more indepth with teh person as you siad when conducting the nergy. Its all to be aligned. But when i saw the attenment process on a video on youtube, i was rather dissapointed and figured i can open my own enlightenment and have better results.. maybe. So that was my biggest reason for not wanting a reiki master to "enlighten" me. I really hope i didnt offend you and I will take everything you said into consideration. Perhaps if i figure out more, I will add on and talk to you about Reiki and different meditations and such.
Thank you!!

~Kota the Arcane Sakura

05-09-2010, 04:50 PM
I didn't think once that you offended me.

I'd appreciate it if you could actually.. by setting off my triggers one will allow me to become aware of other polarities within my consciousness that I must re-align assisting my return to source.

Besides, there is more than one way to become enlightened, such that we can approach and assimilate these intrinsic truths in anyway through a complexity of different sequences in order of synchronizing with source.

Whats important to understand is that truth can be understood subjectively and is ultimately esoteric, but truth is like the myriad levels of existence that has created a cyclical ordering from the gross to the subtle and/or vice-versa; These fields of consciousness contain all encompassing truths. Truth is to be experienced subjectively, but ultimately in principle applies objectively.

A very good book that I currently read is the Celestine Prophecy; the 9 insights are nicely accumulative in perspective and highly in favor of a intrinsic energy within all things perceived by the appreciation of beauty.

Good Journeys