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05-15-2010, 11:58 PM
Since joining this forum, a week or so ago, I've noticed that some members are attempting to lay hold of a bridge between Alchemy and Entheogens [more specifically DMT + MAOI], in one form or another.

Interested parties may benefit from investigating the works of Ananda Bosman - specifically his book entitled "The Soma Conspiracy" wherein he posits that, indeed, such DMT containing plants as Acacia, and MAOI containing plants as Harmala have long been a secret aspect of some alchemical traditions.

To this he adds the factor of high-spin platinum-group elements.

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Excerpt from "The Soma Conspiracy" touching upon Alchemy:


Ananda Bosman Hadronic Mechanics & Entheogens [1 of 22]:


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Book distributor for Ananda Bosman [allow a week or more for response]

Korinna Annemarie Müller: kamjournalist888(at)gmail(dot)com


I am not entirely enthusiastic about everything Ananda Bosman has to say. I am not a "follower" of his. However, I think he is quite bright and has something to contribute in his field of expertise.

Although he makes a link between these aforementioned elements and Alchemy [and claims, as well, to have been contacted by "blood-line" Alchemists who confirmed this premise] some may well conclude that his evidence is slim, at best [though he certainly makes, or builds upon, a good case that they are part of the Soma tradition]. I have no stake in the argument either way.

The book is rather expensive, takes time to procure, and is not for everyone. It has lots of spelling errors. And more than a few rather bogus etymological presumptions. I don't recommend it. You don't need it. Move on.

05-16-2010, 01:15 AM
Entheogens and related may serve as a transitional phase for those who still need them on their path.

They are not Alchemy.

They have their agendas, just as any member of any Kingdom outside ourselves, be it Metal/Mineral, Plant, Animal or even Astral.

Quoth Ali Puli, from his epistle 'The Concentrated Center of Nature':

"I say to you, my students in the study of nature, if you do not find the thing for which you are seeking, in your own self, much less will you find it outside yourself. Understand the glorious strength resident in your own selves. Why trouble to enquire from another? In man named after God, there are things more glorious than to be found anywhere else in the world."

"Should anyone desire to become a master, he will not find a better material for his achievement anywhere than in himself. Oh, man know thyself. In you resides the treasure of all treasures. Unknowingly this is the great wonder of the world. It is in reality a burning water, a liquid fire, more potent than all fire. In its crude state, it dissolves and absorbs solid gold. It reduces it into a fatty black grey earth, and a thick slimy salt water, without fire or acid, and without any violent reaction, which no other thing in the world can accomplish. Nothing is excluded from it, and though it is the most costly thing in the world, a king cannot possess more of it than a beggar, the wise men of old sought for it and found it."

"Seek for it, my friends, in every way and in everything, though maybe you do not know the hidden source of its origin; and even if you should come to find it, yet you would not have any idea of the aspect of things to be seen within it. Yet I will be explicit; it is a spiritual water, a true spirit, the spirit of life itself. Surely I may be justified in proclaiming: O, water, magnificent, illuminating, sweet; O, bitter and obscure, which strengthens us until the day of our death. This is the foundation stone in truth, which is rejected by the careless ignorance of the builders, and the alchemists even to this day."

05-16-2010, 01:55 AM
I was about to edit my post by adding that "All you need, you already have" when I saw your response.

Aya + Ormus, due to the nature of the combination, my intent, grace, or a combination of the three, only "took me" to what was here & now. No Jaguars. No vine-goddesses. No astral-plane phantasmagoria. No typically "shamanic" imagery. No entities. And, yes, that here & now is not something I have to go to something else to get.

So, do you consider all substances one must procure outside themselves to be beyond the pale of true Alchemy as you perceive it?

I am curious about the effect substances can have in advancing physical health and mental clarity. "Entheogens" is a broad category, just like the term "Herbs" is. Some herbs apparently promote health and increased cognition. Others don't. I am not really even interested, personally, in repeating my prior experiments. I'm more interested in working with/understanding the effect of a low therapeutic dose, much like a daily supplement.

"They have their agendas, just as any member of any Kingdom outside ourselves, be it Metal/Mineral, Plant, Animal or even Astral."

That is a very intriguing statement which I'd like to look further into. If you have anymore information on this, or links, I'd very much like to read more.

I enjoyed reading the quote.

Thank you for your response, Androgynus. I enjoy an intelligent, well-intended challenge. I may not have quite the position you might imagine, but then you were responding to the post as written - and dialog can bring further clarity. Otherwise, pull every false thing down that can and should be pulled down, brother.

05-16-2010, 03:17 AM
The best answer I could possibly give would involve the basics of feedback and self-circulation.

This comes in stages, and we all need all sorts of nourishment to pass through those.

Everything we take in is psychoactive to some extent, be it emotion, food, thought, or food for thought.

No less does our Art lie in what we take in than it lies in the way we process our intake and generate feedback.

If you were a bit clearer and more specific about your interests in Alchemy, it would be more helpful for me to provide better fitting replies.

05-16-2010, 05:59 PM
As stated in my introduction, I am essentially new to Alchemy - in its practical, lab-inclusive sense [except insofar as one considers the body-mind to be a type of Alchemical lab]. But I’ll attempt to give you a clearer sense of my trajectory as it may pertain to Alchemy broadly considered.

I’ve noticed two parallel themes in my life: Word & Substance - which seem to run in tandem, play off, and support one another. My conceptual understanding seems to improve as my energetic intake is refined, the more subtle and profound the energetic intake, the clearer and deeper the perception - or so it would seem. I found the need to continue to work with and refine both my understanding and my diet, in parallel. Being very sensitive to whatever I consume, the feedback I get is both quick & definitive.

Currently, my diet is within the category I call “Quasinedian” [Quasi = in a certain sense or degree. Inedian = not-eating, i.e. Breatharian], consisting primarily of modest quantities of the Ormus-rich, non-alcoholic, brew I make [with dozens of ingredients but negligible calories], some coffee, and sometimes a bit of something for the flavor sensation - which is difficult to explain.

A good book on Breatharianism, entitled “Lifestyle Without Food” can be found here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/16617902/Lifestyle-Without-Food) - for free.
Another good book on the subject, which includes a measure of scientific scrutiny is “Life on Light” by Michael Werner and Thomas Stockli, available here (http://www.amazon.com/Life-Light-Possible-Scientist-Experiences/dp/1905570058/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1274028515&sr=1-1).

On days when the dawn sky is clear, I consume light/information from the sun [and whatever the sun is a step-down transmitter of]. Not infrequently, sun gazers reach a point of no longer feeling the need for conventional food.

Sungazing has been linked to an increase in the size and functioning of the pineal gland.

A basic book on the subject can be found here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/378210/The-Art-and-Science-of-Sun-Gazing-Living-on-Sunlight) - for free:

I’m sure you are more aware than I of the many allusions to the Sun which are scattered throughout the Alchemical canon - not all of which are allegorical.

In the greater Hermetic tradition, Giordano Bruno more or less hoped to rebuild human culture on a more solar-aware base. A book on this subject can be found here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/8747321/Francis-a-Yates-Giordano-Bruno-and-the-Hermetic-Tradition) - for free.

And Marcilio Ficino’s “Book of the Sun (http://www.scribd.com/doc/7797208/De-Sole-Ficino-the-Book-of-the-Sun).”

Some sun gazing quotes perhaps relevant to alchemical considerations:

“How can you purify and strengthen your body? By learning to meditate in front of the rising sun. ... Everything you eat, drink or breathe leaves some waste within you which can never be completely eliminated. Only the sun's rays leave no wastes. By working mentally to absorb the subtle particles of gold that the sun disseminates throughout space every morning, you will begin to regenerate your own physical body." - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

"Find a place where you can watch the sun rise or set. Be
careful not to look straight into the sun until it hits the cusp of
the horizon or is filtered by the atmospheric densities at the
Earth's edge. But once it is orange and comfortable to watch, you
will find in its center an infinity point which will resonate with
the infinity point in your own soul, and this will give you much
nourishment and positive awareness even to the point of biological
nourishment. It will actually assist in the manufacture of vitamins
and the utilization of minerals."

"All this [dietary chemical problems] will take care of itself when your energy
frequency is high enough to manufacture what you need. Your body's
energy level is too low right now to provide everything for you
without support or compensation. Directly receiving sunlight at
sunrise or sunset will actually help increase your frequency levels.
Whenever you do this, your body chemically responds, and stimulates
the manufacture of certain nutrients your energy level is otherwise
too low to produce. Chemical resonance equals energy frequencies and
vice versa. Actually, much of the value of hard mineral traces in your
bodies is the energetic matrix generated by them. The sun can provide
this directly, for it contains both the substance and the fire of every
mineral available in your solar system"

"A true understanding of the relationship between food and
love could revolutionize health. However, do not forget what I told
you about sunlight; to watch the sun in the morning and the evening,
because watching the sun can actually set your physical, etheric, and
spiritual hearts into a harmonic resonance which will attract what
you need and process what you have more perfectly. Doing this will
improve your experience of the day, as well as your energy, your
nutrition, and your sleep, for adamantine particles are the river of
life connecting Heaven and Earth." -Jeshua

Although I’ve been, off and on, following the Ormus forums for many years, I was, just this Autumn, drawn into investigating Indian rasashastra Alchemy and, more recently, the Western Alchemy tradition. Strictly speaking, I don’t know why. While I take up some intuitive path in reading, I am also picking up ideas for improving my brews [I’ll start a separate thread on this in the Ormus section of this forum]. I realize that my brewing process, however long or involved, is not the same as anything alluded to in the texts, but there is enough of an overlap that it can serve, for me, as a reasonable learning-ground. Also, I can’t help but notice how many Alchemists worked so hard to lay hold of something absolute - only to die relatively young [Paracelsus, probably of rickets, at 48, for example]. I like the idea of, right from the start, working with a health-giving elixir which, by means of study, intuition & providence, continues to improve, year by year, in efficacy. Some renditions may gradually morph into something the ancients would have recognized - or may be something as yet undiscovered, unique to my own investigations.

As for the “Word” element: Like most forum members, I bear in mind a palette of factors, the listing of which would likely prove even more tedious than what I’ve written above. Many factors appear contradictory on one level, while resolvable on another. There is ambiguity and many an ad-hoc, [working] premise. It is Subtle Cartography & Subtle Energy. Deeper still, the two are likely one. Where there is energy, there is usually information.

Now that I seem to be well established in Quasinedia, I want to explore dry-fasting more. There is something very mercurical about dry-fasting. Aside from the fact that there is a longstanding Indian tradition of dry-fasting just before the full & new moons, after 2 days one can't help but notice how fluid their otherwise solid programming seems to be. This is why many religious traditions endorsed dry-fasting as a means for reprogramming. It's free but requires some measure of dedication to succeed in.

The website of Sergey Filonov, on dry-fasting. You might need a Google Toolbar/Translator to read this: http://www.filonov.net/ocentre

05-16-2010, 06:19 PM
Ive heard different stories of how Hohenheim (Paracelsus) "could have died", but i dont know that anyone has found a body, or any solid proof that he died, so... who knows. ;)

Starting with a "life-giving elixir" is good, but the true test/job is to purify that which would normally be a sickness/poison - thus making things better.

Look to the sun, but raise higher the earth to mach. ;)


05-16-2010, 07:17 PM
Look to the sun, but raise higher the earth to match.

Yes, this is very similar to what I was about to say :)

The Sun needs to be 'corrected'/'rectified' in order to become truly Alchemical.

A certain 'Earth' is indeed the key to that, and it needs to be 'risen' to be able to alchemically contain our Sun.

And I would even go further, using biblical allegory, and say that this 'Earth' first needs to die and subsequently be 'risen from the dead' to provide a fitting/fixing Matrix and Rectifying Agent for our Sun.

And there is of course the visible sun, but there's also the 'invisible' one, which shines brightest in the North - and this Sun is the one highly valued in our Art.

05-17-2010, 01:31 AM
Entheogens and related may serve as a transitional phase for those who still need them on their path.

They are not Alchemy.

They have their agendas, just as any member of any Kingdom outside ourselves, be it Metal/Mineral, Plant, Animal or even Astral.

Quoth Ali Puli, from his epistle 'The Concentrated Center of Nature':

I see LSD as a version of The Philosophers' Stone. In its pure form, it scintillates when shaken, giving off sparks of light due to its Phosphorus atoms. Phosphorus - distilled from human urine by alchemist Hennig Brand. Phosphorus - identified on the Periodic Table as 'P' - how appropriate. ;) Phosphorus - the Greek equivalent of the Latin Lucifer - 'Light Bearer.'

Ergot - a fungus - a life-form which produces carpophores, mushroom-bodies, tiny purple mushrooms which spring from the purple-black smuts of ergot after it has dropped from the rye stalk suspended in the air and fire of sunlight to the moist earth. Air, Fire, Water and Earth are combined in a special way in ergot - a way which carries more than most matter when interfacing with the Psyche. Then Spirit [Consciousness] appears. Wrongly taken, the Fire predominates - Saint Anthony's Fire. Taken rightly, and the Light of Spirit manifests, and the effect of Spirit on Psyche is Enlightenment.

Enlightenment calls for greater unions. The Psychospiritual can lead the Psychophysical, through new paradigms, to where it can attain Enlightenment. If not for LSD, my life would have remained Psychophysical in its goals, behaviors and lifestyle. Entheogens can always provide a higher perspective no matter where one is, while one still embodied in this life. So, inasmuch as I am an alchemist, Entheogens are part of alchemy.

05-17-2010, 02:08 AM
I see LSD as a version of The Philosophers' Stone.

I don't negate the possibility that a particular alchemical or at least spagyrical Stone can be had from the original Ergot material by proper preparation and rectification.
But the result would not be LSD.

However, if LSD works for you and you're comfortable with seeing it as a version of the philosopher's stone - then who am I to argue?


solomon levi
05-17-2010, 06:00 PM
Entheogens and related may serve as a transitional phase for those who still need them on their path.

They are not Alchemy.

They have their agendas, just as any member of any Kingdom outside ourselves, be it Metal/Mineral, Plant, Animal or even Astral.

I disagree with the phrasing "those who still need them". It implies that they should be transcended.
And I'm not saying that because I "need" them. I don't.
I'm not addicted to any drugs, but I use them on occasion. IMO and experience,
they are doorways to other areas of consciousness, and consciousness is WHAT WE ARE, not something outside of us.
Or maybe we DO need them. We also need water, air, the earth... at least for the
time being. I wouldn't suggest people should transcend breathing air or drinking water,
as if they are handicapped, although that could be argued. :)

People have god-given rights (I really don't believe god gave us any rights - "Do what thou wilt"
shall be the whole of the law.) to explore consciousness, to know what they are.
It's deplorable that there are laws against it.
It's sad that people frown upon it if/when it involves substances. True, there are
consequences; but every responsible person knows that. There just doesn't exist
many responsible (for themselves) people. (See "it's your fault" thread.)


05-18-2010, 08:51 PM
I disagree with the phrasing "those who still need them". It implies that they should be transcended.

Let's consider my former phrase, and insert [***] instead of the subject matter.

[***] may serve as a transitional phase for those who still need them on their path.

Insert whatever you want. It will fit. As long as [***] is on your path, regardless of frequency, it's there because you need it.

If you wouldn't need it, it wouldn't be on your path.

You must see this from the higher perspective and understand the 'Paradox of Origin' (The real Genesis) and the importance of NEED in this most Universal Equation.

Everything is meant to be transcended eventually.

People have god-given rights. (I really don't believe god gave us any rights)



05-18-2010, 09:07 PM
Im not a big advocate for drugs of this nature, that being said, our brains produce a certain amount of these kinds of things normally so i dont think they should be considered as "bad" either. I think there is a proper way to use them, and those that abuse them pay the price. ;)
Call it "karma" if you prefer.

As a side note - the "God given rights" - i see the right of choice being always available: for good or for evil. (both of which are expressed in laws of nature, not man-made bullying ;) ) In essence, you have the right of choice to "do what thou wilt" - "Do i wish to drink a glass of water, or place my hand in the oven?" (its a joke, i burned my right hand when i was a baby by sticking it on the oven, and have an eternal mark from a skin graph. Doing what you will has consequences, but you have the right to choose whatever. :D )


05-04-2014, 04:53 PM
I was Googling for Ananda's "Soma Conspiracy" and found this link; I am occasional visitor here, having done Frater Albertus' 7 years, and know some of the posters personally...so this tribe of Canterbury Pilgrims (or more appropriately, those on the Road to Campostella, whether by way of Eleusis or not!) feel like family, for who else understands the many paths we weave together looking for the Root of All Weavings?

I know of no one who has achieved the Stone, including some friends who post here, and who continue down the urine path, looking for that God Particle to be nurtured, the tinder to be fanned into flame. My own theories have not panned out so far either. Many seeming insights into the Outline, but being in the right place, at right time, or Age... we seem buried in dense objectivism that oppresses our access to a once more freely available Prima Materia.

Without entheogens or MDMA I should never have had my many mini-initiations into new mental models or feeling lightly some truth that IT IS IN ME, but being dipped and baptized to soul-shaking augean stable cleansings, to KNOW and trust IT is in me.

Because IT is in me, IT is the guide, and all around are false turns, especially in the books of the "alchemists" whether true masters or fakers.

But then, part of the Gnosis is that Mind is All and Everywhere, and that plant, or cloud of informational patter we call a "chemical" is also an organ or aspect of the Root, and the Root calls to each of us to return Home. All's fair in love and war and in finding That which we Seek... which is our own Root, to be multiplied when we can serve IT with devotion.

So this fuss over whether IT is in you or outside you seems to me another veil and stumbling block the alchemists have laid in our path. Sure the Life Force is in us, in our blood or sperm or urine, or mind, or however you conceive the "Water" that has fallen and condensed into "us."

In studying the entheogenic path it becomes pretty clear that the use of eye-opening plants has always been part of initiatory traditions. The Mysteries went underground, Paracelsus studied in the forests with the "witch women" and no doubt had mini-initiations; the Buddha Siddhartha lived within 30 miles of the psychoactive Jains and no doubt hung with these ascetics learning their ways. It is said poetically that he "died" from eating mushrooms. Can you translate this coded meaning?
See http://cista.net/GregHoward pix for some of these images.

When Ananda Bosman makes the case for an entheogenic Soma, which the priests in Vedic times swilled constantly, what is the problem? The Soma is a gift or grace from Manu to reconnect us in conscious memory with our Homeland. Do YOU take any supplement or do any practice to improve your baseline state of awareness? Then you agree that our normal state is somehow deficient. Nature only needs to fulfill the basics: eat, shit, and procreate. Past that, we must apply our will and consciousness to amplify our awareness. Only for the few "natural" shamans does gnosis come as grace.

How could the ancients do what we can't? Have conditions changed making it harder to nursemaid the Stone, i.e., to find the seed and let it condense to the tangible? We look to the past for clues. All around at this time more and more information is coming to light. It is a time of Re-membering.

I am recommending to all that they investigate the Saturn Sun story, as found at thunderbolts.info starting with Symbols of an Alien Sky. My drug fevered brain has hinted to me that the "gods" of the Vedic days were actually beings who lived in the Brown Dwarf Sun of Saturn which hung over our head, and that Prima Materia streamed down constantly into Hyperborea. Gravity was much less, levity was abundant, grid lines were glowing, and the stuff of the Stone was gatherable, it may have even hung like dew on some magnetic plants. Life was far more etheric.

http://cista.net/Saturn/Albums/Album1/Large/saturn_skymarpa.jpg http://cista.net/Saturn/Albums/Album1/Large/Saturn_Sun_images009.jpg

See many images: http://cista.net/Saturn see video;

And so we have fallen in density, objectivity, disconnectedness, and stupidity. The overlords are traumatized bloodlines of sociopaths. The dung covers the Light. Hopefully we seekers are part of the enzymes that will dissolve this shroud, this veil, these layers of lies.

therefore the first step is clarity of insight. Use whatever herb or plant the "Lord" has given as nourishment; if the small voice within says "I have something to tell you of what is already in you; use this supplement to amplify my message and open your eyes from dial-up to broadband;" then take the pill, leave the Matrix for a moment, and re-enter refreshed.

Blessings and thanks to all in this family who are my true friends seeking the Heart and Way. Don't get blinded by the Light! :cool: