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solomon levi
05-17-2010, 05:42 PM
There is power and magic in memory, but first we must broaden our definition of
the term. As it is, memory is generally only applied to recalling conscious, linear
events. We must examine this familiar aspect of memory, for it holds the key to
its other uses.
When we try to re-member something, we usually begin by focussing our attention/
awareness on associated items. For ex: If you want to remember a person's name,
you generally imagine their face, where/when you met them or last spoke to them,
or some time when their name was spoken around you or introduced to you.
Often when we learn a name, we immediately associate with other items to help us
remember: "Oh, my sister is also named Sue." or perhaps a song that contains the name...
Anyway, if we carefully observe all the facets of what goes into recalling memories -
people, places, things, times and events - we will have the blueprint for other
magical or so-called "non-ordinary" (there's no such thing as ordinary) uses of memory.
To broaden our definition, we bgin by including non-conscious and non-linear events.
These may include dreams, altered states, deeply repressed memories, etc. There are
other non-linear events happening all the time, but we've trained our brains to
ignore/reject them as "real". One example of non-linear memory is remote viewing,
in which a subject is given coordinates in an envelope and they can tell us what
exists at that place without ever having physically been there.
Another use of memory, or memory attention, is creating or manifesting reality, as
it has been called, or "future memory". In this practice, we use that which we
want to create or experience as the primary association to wrap our attention around,
and then begin to build or fill-in other associations and dimensions until it is "real",
or as real as a conscious, linear past memory is real. This is the practice behind the
maxim Mark 11:24: When you pray for a thing, believe that you have it and it shall be
yours. (or some similar words). Also the "attitude of gratitude".

When we really look at it, the application of memory is really the ability to fix
attention, and therefore to "make real". It is an exercise in concentration and samyama.
A wise observer will also notice how and where we store attention/memory, which
can be studied in various areas of massage, energetic healing, NLP, Castaneda's
"assemblage point", etc...


05-17-2010, 09:01 PM
Or if we look at, and agree with, the concept of the morphogenetic field (MF), then this attention might be the locking in on the right frequency in the collective memory bank.

The pulse goes both ways... it is possible that the law of attraction is only another way of explaining the subconscious understanding, and use of, the information within the MF. Since all time can be seen as happening at the same time, if you feel the pulse you can anticipate it. Perhaps a lot of mumbo jumbo... but I see the MF in most things these days.