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I have been a sungazer, on & off, for perhaps 5 years.
I have some experience with entheogens - most recently Ayahuasca + Ormus.
Another area of research is fasting, dry-fasting and Inedia - although I have long felt that a quasinedian diet that allows for the intake of Ormus/Soma/Stone [and antioxidents] seems more optimal than no foods at all. The historical record seems to bear witness to this.

Interesting, I recently went 40 days without eating food and I did drink a little water especially through the detox stage. I certainly don't recommend this for everyone as it can be very harmful if you aren't prepared for it, and it can be damaging to your social life. I am a Qigong practitioner who cultivates energy everyday which the body can downstep vibrationally through the Pineal and Pituitary glands which then is used by the marvelous Alchemy lab that we have within our body to produce everything needed. The Body reboots itself like a computer and old conditions can be eliminated (high blood pressure, edema, and dependence on potassium supplements were eliminated in my case). Fasting is a word that the brain understands as starving and it can really infuse panic in your brain, so I recommend eliminating that word from the vocabulary of aspiring Inedics. The body uses water mostly for detox from food toxins and environmental factors. 1 ATP (chemical energy) yields 6 water and 2 glucose as waste components. So the if you can produce enough ATP through storage of enough Qi in your neurons then you don't need to ingest water, and you can become full breatharian.

I can personally attest to the power of sungazing. I was born with 20/20 vision and tested at 20/15, 20/13, and 20/10 in my DOT physicals over the years. I'm a truck driver by trade.

On with my introduction..I'm very interested in the Quantum nature of the universe. This is a word that was invented by physicists when the nature of the universe started to appear more and more metaphysical to scientific researchers. Unexplainable variances in experiments due to individual beliefs of the researchers caused physicists to formally name the grid of consciousness that interconnects everything in our universe as Subspace. With new fields of study such as Hyperdimensional Physics being of interest, I embarked on a metaphysical journey studying Ascended Master teachings. My interest in the human body's electrical nature led me to work with the Quantum Xyrroid Consciousness Interface (QXCI) computer program which changes the electrical condition of a human which in turn changes the biochemistry of that individual. I practice medical Qigong and the results of that amazes me. I have been able to project my Qi over distance. I became involved in the Orgonite movement. I do like constructing devices to clean and restructure water, eliminate microwave interference in various localities and defeating mind control agendas through all those towers you see all around you and increasing Qi flow in an area. I have been able to work with Elementals which control all the nuts and bolts operations of Alchemy. In my Ascended Master related activites, I work with Light and Sound rays which can beckon Elementals and Angels to assist me. I am not a chemist, and I feel I don't really need to be. The Electronic and Magnetic nature of the Universe affects all chemistry. The use of Sacred Geometry is of interest to me as our Etheric fields around us are using this which connects us to the myriad of geometry and fractals found throughout nature.

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Well if you are interested in quantum nature of the universe and ayahuasca then I am sure we will discuss a few things.



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A very interesting introduction. Welcome ! :)

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I have been a sungazer, on & off, for perhaps 5 years.....
I can personally attest to the power of sungazing. I was born with 20/20 vision and tested at 20/15, 20/13, and 20/10 in my DOT physicals over the years. I'm a truck driver by trade.

First welcome!

Someone else mentioned sungazing recently and I ment to comment then.....I 've been sungazing since I was a child, and I too have better than 20/20 vision in each eye. Not only that since I was about 13 years old up until today, during the daytime when the sun is out I can see my the blood vessels in my eyes and liquid flowing through them, including individual blood cells, its like a projection effect out into space, at that point they appear large. I used to think when I was a kid that I could see angels or something, but one day I put my hand in front of my face and I could still see them, thats when I realized they were in my eyes and not floating around in the air. The sunlight causes the blood vessels to cast a shadow on the retina, and that image is cast out into space as a projection in my minds eye, this gives the illusion that there are really there. People with really good vision and the ability to focus near and far at the same time should have the ability to see them.

I have however been training myself to see the etheric fire as Baron Von Reichenbach spoke of in his Luminous World writings on Odic energy, all it takes is a very dark room and some patience and the good Baron's advice.

Just thought I would add as well that, I used to sit in class as a teenager bored and purposely blur my vision at the book I was reading, when I do this I can read messages,or rather skewed words become apparent between the blurred lines. It used to be just my name that appeared, now its thoughts though.

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Welcome Chi'