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While I'm not really new here (I've been reading some of the old threads for a couple of weeks which provide much food for thought and are very well written) I might as well give this introduction a shot.

I began studying Hermetics in 1996, and then Alchemy in 1999 during a period of researching the origins of the tangled doctrines of the New Age and the history of Western spiritual movements. I began with Fulcanelli's Dwellings, in a hardcover edition that was quickly stolen and replaced with the tattered softcover edition I still refer to today. I've now been studying Fulcanelli and the classical authors such as Sendivogius, Pontanus, Artephius, Cyliani, Cyrano and so on, for around 11 years.

My lab/manual experience so far is basic and involves low heat processes, as several authors have described the temperate+equable heat required to allow the Secret Fire to work effectively. It mainly consists of evaporative, putrefactive and stove-top processes. My main work however is focussed on exegesis of the classical texts in the light of Nature and several simple alternative physics models, in order that there may be more of a practical philosophical basis for experiment - a purpose which is finally bearing fruit lately.

I arrived here eventually after leaving several other alchemical forums, which claimed to be alchemical, but actually spent most of their time where members tried to debunk alchemy and the various theories they held, and created controversy over the political, spiritual and entheogenic associations several members had. As to theories, some held that the matter of the great work was soot, or vinegar created from soot, and spent great amounts of time trying to prove that the cracking of the tree in Cyliani related to dry distillations of oak, etc etc, although Cyliani clearly describes evaporative/crystallization and putrefactive processes at the start of his work, following the work of Nature. Others persisted in the martial regulus of antimony delusion, blinded by the outwardly formed star and forgetting the inner, negatively entropic one.

I also investigated the Ormus/Ormes forums. Unfortunately several of the Ormus forums suffered from a deplorable lack of critical thinking about what they were doing most of the time, even though there were definite aspects of alchemy to be found in the use of the wet method waters/powder on plants, through the celestial influences delivered by subtle salts to the ground, and how natural generation might be studied in this context. Other forums had critical thinking, but sometimes too much of it, and were focussed outside of alchemy and on modern physics models.

Others spent large amounts of time trying to figure out who Fulcanelli was, forgetting the fact that real adepts can change their name or face, misrepresent their political associations externally, or use several intermediaries in such a way as to mask their mundane identity. On all of these forums there was very little if any solid discussion of the classical texts, let alone thoughts of cross referencing them, or thinking outside of the box of modern day physics, which is often thought to be infallible. Yet all the classical authors pointed the way toward a correct method of thinking, pointing out the importance of studying natural generation, simple natural processes, the elements etc., without applying unnecessary modern physics models to them.

For some time I have been in private off forum discussion with some people, which I have found more fruitful than many of the previous group discussions I have had to clarify my thought. However I've noticed several threads here which seem to lead to the heart of the matter (if you will pardon the multiple puns) which keeps me watching this board, particularly discussions between Aleilus, LeoRetilus and Green Lion on some threads. The Joe Cell discussion and the discussion of the Magnet in some of the longer threads (I forget their name) was especially interesting. Also this board seems to discuss the various theories of alchemy with more openness and open-mindness than I have seen elsewhere, as well as with largely logical and metered discussion and less drama than other places I have visited. This is a very good thing, and IMO is needed in the present day to keep the science alive.

I'll probably be posting with fairly low frequency and watching mainly, and primarily focusing on the practical discussion and texts forums.

Name is unimportant except as a label, but my birth name ironically has connection in the argot to the fool, the matter, and truth/science. That should serve for now :).


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Hi, and welcome to this place,.... after your many internet wanderings, glad to have you here.

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I'll probably be posting with fairly low frequency and watching mainly, and primarily focusing on the practical discussion and texts forums.

Do not worry for that, it's okay.
Wecome !

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Glad you found us. We try to keep an open mind. No agenda other than sharing gnosis...



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Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

Leo - I noticed the signature. Thelemic, F.R.C., both or neither? Am curious (am both myself).

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previously Alpha et Omega R+C, but don't practice anymore or pay "dues", outgrew it in a sense I guess, my only priority now is in the truth, thus LVX

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