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05-30-2010, 10:10 PM
It is my opinion that the Universal Spirit comes from another dimension. At all times, the Universal Spirit is popping in and out of this dimension. Its supply is never-ending, infinite, and inexhaustible. The closest thing it resembles is light. It can be found everywhere - even in the vacuum (which is the closest spot to its real "niche").

It is this in which all matter partakes. It is this that is able to open all the elements. It is this that holds up the pillars of this universe. It is this that is the very root of matter, and from which all matter evolved. It is this that is nature's universal solvent.

It is not detectable by modern scientific methods. It doesn't have to be in the liquid state. This is simply a matter of condensation, and concentration. It can exist as a gas, liquid, or solid. All of which is exotic matter.

05-30-2010, 10:40 PM
It is my opinion that the Universal Spirit comes from another dimension.

Not really dimension, but more accurately density, although it does permeate all densities and dimensions alike.

And it doesn't 'pop in and out', but rather omnipresent on all levels of reality.
If 'IT' would 'pop in and out', so would we :eek: - because it's the Universal Component in all of us.
And even if we have the ability to pop in and out between dimensions and/or densities, this Universal Component is always with and within us.
It's the Universal River on which we are sailing in our Specified Boats. :)

Inded, it may be made 'dense'/'corporeal' by alchemical means, so it can be perceived and interacted with at the density level where our reality focus/point of reference currently resides.

Otherwise, this topic has already been widely covered in the Philosopher's Matter (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=1382) thread, and can be searched (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/search.php?searchid=17193) under the name of Spiritus Mundi.

But there's always more room to expand :)

05-30-2010, 10:59 PM
I have to disagree with you.

Not really dimension, but more accurately density, although it does permeate all densities and dimensions alike.

Let me get this straight. You're saying that the Universal Spirit comes from density? How can this be? Density is a result of the concentration of matter in a given space. Matter itself is created from energy. At the very base, energy is a byproduct of the interactions of the Universal Spirit with this dimension. While density may be a part of the equation, it is not the point of origin, no, not at all, but rather, the point of origin is from another dimension.

And it doesn't 'pop in and out', but rather omnipresent on all levels of reality.
If 'IT' would 'pop in and out', so would we - because it's the Universal Component in all of us.

Yes, it does pop in and out at all times. It is this action that creates dipolarity, and thus, the ensuing energy, mass, time, space, everything. I do not disagree with you, it is omnipresent in all reality, but this doesn't mean that it is static. No, it is not static. It is dynamic in the sense that it is always popping in and out of this dimension.

Really consider what I'm saying. Do not simply disagree with me because I am posting under this alias. I know I am not liked, and because of this, it's quite possible that your reaction is biased to some degree. I highly doubt this has been covered in the other threads as I am stating it.

There is much reason behind this notion. There is reason behind alchemy. There is reason behind science. All things can be reasoned. All things can be understood. Alchemy can be extended into a fine science. It does not have to be mystical. It does not have to be without reason. There does not have to be spooky action. It does not have to stay within the realm of spirituality. The only reason that such things remain in the shadow, and remain cloaked in mystery is simply because one has not grasped the reason behind the curtain. There is unity behind both occult science, and practical science. This unity has not been grasped before, but it does exist. Many would say alchemy, and archemy are different, but in reality, they both operate on the same occult principles.

05-30-2010, 11:28 PM
You are completely entitled to see things the way you see things.

I have no personal bias towards you whatsoever.
I simply disagree with you. That hard?

I have largely expounded my concept and perception of the Universal Spirit/Common Mercury throughout many posts.

Look them out if you wish.

Wish you well.

PS: 'Dimensions' link (http://www.wimp.com/tendimensions/)

05-30-2010, 11:48 PM
Okay, fair enough, but could you explain to me the "density" issue you brought up. How can this be? To be it seems to be erroneous.

I am entitled to my wrong beliefs, you are entitled to your wrong beliefs, but continuing to believe such errors is not the answer. The only way to rectify wrong beliefs is by reconsidering them, and reasoning them out in full.

Could you please, for the sake of discussion, explain what you meant when you disagreed with me about the Universal Spirit coming more "accurately" from density, and not from another dimension. With that being said, then you went on to state that it was both density, and dimension. How can it be one, and not the other, when you stated that it permeates all densities, and dimensions? Am I detecting a logic error? Maybe an error in wording?

I did not ask you to post in this thread, but you posted in it on your own accord. You posted your views, and denied my views. Now, for the sake of discussion & debate, it would be appropriate for you to go into detail on why I should believe your views, over my views. It would also benefit onlookers.

There is no both: either you are right, and I am wrong; or I am wrong, and you are right. When using such strong language (and believe me, your language implies that you KNOW these truth ["Not really ____, but more accurately ___" & "it doesn't ___, but rather ___"] - it doesn't sound like you're stating an opinion, but rather it sounds like you're trying to state a fact), then we should be prepared to back up our claims. If you cannot back them up, then by default, your claim is unsubstantiated, and should be denied.

I am not trying to bite, or bark. This is cold logic, and you shouldn't mistake it for anything else.

05-31-2010, 12:22 AM
Densities are related to the various spectrum fractions of the Universal Spirit, from 'heavy' to 'super-light'.

For example, a material or element containing/conducting highly concentrated super-light energy would be a super-heavy element at our density level.
This may seam like a paradox, but it isn't really...

On our density level, for example, perception of light is mostly limited to the visible spectrum.
Were we to 'move up' to a more 'rarefied' density level, we would perceive a different fraction of the light spectrum.

The higher and much more subtle spectrum fractions may be perceived as the 'Overtones' of the 'Undertones' perceived at the lower levels.
The overtones 'descend' into undertones and 'ascend' back to the overtones, thus continually influencing eachother.

Dimensions beyond our space and time are more related to parallel universes, etc...
Those parallel realities are also permeated by the Universal Spirit, and also subject to the various densities of the Universal Spectrum.

The Universal Spectrum/Spirit does not pop in and out between dimensions, but rather circulates between all densities and realities.
Like I said before, it's the Universal River we all sail on. The river doesn't pop in and out - it simultaneously flows everywhere.
I never said it was 'static', but when taken towards the extreme, when the frequency is close to infinite and wavelength close to zero - it may be perceived to 'move' so fast that it appears to be at a complete stand-still :)
It's us (the specified Points of Self-Awareness) who travel along this river, while simultaneously being permeated by it, no matter where/when/how we are.

Alchemy deals with seeking evolution beyond what is 'naturally' occuring at our level.
Therefore, it seeks it in the more subtle density levels and in the possibility to manifest those subtle energies in a form dense/fixed enough for us to interact with, at this level.

Dimensions deal with potential and probability. Density deals with the frequency level on which such potential is manifest.

With technology, it is even (to some extent) possible to alter dimensional probability and put this to use in applications such as space/time travel.
Still, the main point of reference remains within the density/frequency fraction of the level we currently reside on (physical).
Much could be gleaned from the 'Stargate' movie and series in this regard.

Interestingly, such technologies employ 'heavy' elements which are able to conduct and interact with much higher and less 'dense' (superlight) frequencies of the Universal Spirit.

Of course, if we reside on a 'lighter' (and non-physical) density, multi-dimensional interaction is easier and does not require physical technology.

That's a starter.

Watch the linked video (http://www.wimp.com/tendimensions/).

I do not wish to convince anyone of anything.

solomon levi
06-01-2010, 07:09 PM
I would say that other dimension and popping in and out is like the black hole -
white hole thing (black suns - yellow/blue/red suns).

I was realising more on this while reading Scranton's "Sacred Symbols of the Dogon". It's very impressive how he shows the ancients knew about quantum physics, string theory, black matter, etc. So many of the hieroglyphs are used in
alchemical allegory too.

According to quantum theory, we ARE popping in and out all the time; though
what we see as reality appears constant, they say it is really like a film strip where
each frame is separated by black/nothing spaces, but when you spin the reel you
don't see the nothing spaces between the somethings.

I'll share a small piece from the book:

water = massless waves
fire = perception
air = vibration
earth = mass

06-09-2010, 08:17 PM
More about the Universal Spirit, especially about it not 'popping in and out', but rather ever-present and permeating the whole of Creation simultaneously.

The One Thing (or the Subtle Ether)

Space, whether interplanetary, inner matter, or inter-organic, is filled with a subtle presence emanating from the One Thing of the universe. Later alchemists called it, as did the ancients, the subtle Ether. This primordial fluid or fabric of space pervades everything and all matter. Metal, mineral, tree, plant, animal, man; each is charged with the Ether in varying degrees. All life on the planet is charged in like manner; a world is built up in this fluid and move through a sea of it.

Alchemical Ether, which some Hermeticists call the Astral Light, determines the constitution of bodies. Hardness and softness, solidity and liquidity, all depend on the relative proportion of ethereal and ponderable matter of which they me composed. The arbitrary division and classification of physical science, the whole range of physical phenomena, proceeds from the primary Ether, for science has reduced matter as we know it to nothing but Ether, which, although not solid matter, is still matter, the First Matter of the alchemists. When most of us speak of matter, of course, we usually visualize solid substance, but it has been proved by that matter is not actually solid, but merely a stress, a strain in the etheric field of time and space. The atom and the electrons and protons of which it is composed, all move in a sea of Ether, so, that in accordance with this theory of alchemy, the very air we breathe, the very bodies we inhabit, all things most likewise be moving in this sea of Ether, the parent element from which all manifestation has come.

This principle that all things proceed from One Thing is demonstrable in the realm of biology, for the multicellular organisms, complex as they may be in their structure, nevertheless arise from a single cell. Science postulates that all matter is composed of atoms; atoms, however, are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and those in turn composed of still finer components until we arrive at the Ether. This Ether is a universal connecting medium, filling all space to the furthest limits, penetrating the interstices of the atoms without a break in its continuity. So completely does it fill space that it is sometimes identified with space itself, and has, in fact, been spoken of as Absolute Space.

"The Ether of space," according to physicist Sir Oliver Lodge, "is a theme of unknown and apparently infinite magnitude and of a reality beyond the present conception of man. It is that of which everyday material consists, a link between the worlds, a consummate substance of overpowering grandeur. By a kind of instinct, one feels it to be the home of spiritual existence, the realm of the awe-inspiring and supernal. It is co-extensive with the physical universe and is absent from no part of space. Beyond the furthest star the Ether extends, in the heart of the atom it has its being. It permeates and controls and dominates all. It eludes the human senses and can only be envisaged by the powers of the mind. Yet the Ether is a physical thing; it is not a physical entity, yet it has definite properties. It is not matter any more than hydrogen and oxygen are water, but it is the vehicle of both matter and spirit."

SOURCE (http://www.alchemylab.com/alchemical_theory.htm)

Just a different perspective...

solomon levi
06-12-2010, 08:23 PM
Well, it certainly is constant from its perspective.
From other perspectives matter seems to be constant.
The description of nothing "popping in and out" of something
is one way to describe how change is possible in a
seemingly constant material universe.

From one perspective, one could say matter evolves (changes) over time.
From another, one could say all changes happen in an instant, from the void,
point zero, nothing, whatever you call it...

I don't think that either statement can be disproved. ;)

06-15-2010, 03:22 AM
Vacuum, "Space", is not completely empty. There are energies and things that don't swing in our line of visionary light. Orgone energy for example.