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06-05-2010, 03:40 AM
I just joined a few days ago because I hope to find some answers to my thesis. I'm working on a thesis relating to light, vibration and [sacred] geometry and how it can possibly be some type of magic.

My reasoning....
If anyone has heard of the Star gate of Aramu Muru [http://www.xpeditionstv.com/] the legend says that the area has silicone (sandstone) and a crystal within the sand stone. The Star Gate is activated by three overtones which the explorer was taught by a shaman in the area who had died.
You would knee and put your forehead (third eye) in a particular indent in the sandstone and your hands on the sandstone. Then you would use the overstones to produce a vibration that will travel through your body, activate your third eye as well as manipulate the structure of the silicone and the crystal.
My philosophy in life is that anything is possible and have taken this story with an open but closed mind.
I have not based my entire thesis off of this particular example, but it made me realize that I am on to something. Crystals have lattice structures which are shapes. Perhaps there is a connection between the crystal lattice structures and light bending and the sound making it all vibrate.

There is another example of a time wrinkle in Arivaca Arizona. That particular area is COVERED in geodes which are essentially quartz crystals. Again crystals seem to have a strong impact on time distortion and star gate technology.

In other points of research it has occurred to me that perhaps in ancient symbols the lines actually represent bent light or twisted light of something they saw; i.e bottom of a ufo.


This image also explains why I am going over ancient symbols with a fresh mind, sometimes we misinterpret things.

Here's another example of light bent to create a time vortex of sorts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRWwI61so5Q

And this article I had found and posted on my site: http://strangedaysthese.com/?p=568

My question is has anyone run across anything were sacred geometry, light and vibration/sound/music work in a particularly "magical" way?

Apologies if this is in the wrong category, not sure if this should go into the Practical or the Spiritual. :)

06-05-2010, 10:39 AM
Hi Giuwah

Looking at your pic...I don't know if the scale in it is relevant, but if you place the eye over the brain...
then, where you have the Medulla Oblongata it actually covers the Cerebellum
and where you have the Hypothalamus this could be pointing to the Mamillary Body.

Another possibility, if the scale is of no importance is...
that the coil actually wraps around the Pineal Gland, and the Vav points to the
Mammilary Body

The coil has a resmblance to that produced by the Golden Ratio in the pic below

The eyebrow could be brought down to meet the Corpus Callosum but maybe it is supposed to be raised as that Aha moment ;)

Just some thoughts on what you pointed out, I hope you don't mind...I have not seen this connection before...its great :)


Edit: I was a bit disappointed that the three tones were not given in the Aramu Muru link, and that they did not film it...
wouldn't have had to be very close with today's technology...

Mamillary Bodies in red

06-06-2010, 09:33 PM

I'm glad someone else noticed that the curled part can be related to the pineal gland.
I also think that if you flipped the Eye of Horus it'll be slightly more accurate.

I understand why the explorer didn't want to reveal the Overtones for Aramu Muru. :( But in my educated guess the overtones could be A-Ra-Mu since that's the name of the god that came out of the star gate.

Donna Matrix
06-18-2010, 08:40 PM

I work closely with crystal skulls. I use one for a type of stargate/ communication switchboard for communicating with star people and beings. The skulls have taught me everything i know so here goes:

I have several, but one is always kept in my left hand, a chevron amethyst who is my protector. I think this is actually a kind of astral travel/ telepathic thing. I say a special prayer, called the light invocation with the skulls between my hands. This charges and cleanses them. It goes:

I invoke the light of the Christ within
I am a clear and perfect channel
Light is my guide

Say 3 times.

Then I say a special phrase repeated 7 times which i cannot repeat because they told me not too. This phrase awakens and actuates them. While holding the amethyst in my left hand, i take whatever skull in my right after all preparations, and hold its third eye to mine.

One of my skulls allows me to talk to planets and star people, others connect me to ascended beigs, one is an oracle. One connects me to my spiritual teacher. One is connected to dragons. Light and sound have profound effects on the minerals. So do scents, like rose or incense.There are also optimal times or interaction as well. None of my skulls like to be in pyramids. They also like movement, like dancing, especially beautiful movement. They also like flowers.

In the olden days men made gods out of stones by burning incense, chanting and making offerings. These awaken the spirit in the stone, who are ancient beings of amazing wisdom and abilities. The stones that have highly evolved spirits are very interdimensional. Some stones have no spirits.

What you want to do is make friends with the spirit of the stone,, and it will tell you everything. If you are very good to it, it will show its gratitude, after all, how many humans have ever shown respect for stone, except to put a money value on it?

Hope that helps.

Donna Matrix
06-18-2010, 08:44 PM

What happens if you take that whole Golden Ratio spiral, flip it upside down and overlay it on the brain of the largest part overlays the cortex?

solomon levi
06-18-2010, 09:50 PM
From what I know, I would say the spiral goes over the cerebellum and the
Vav indicates the pituitary. Not that the pineal isn't significant.

There seem to be two schools of thought. One thinks the pineal is the 7th
and the other says the pituitary is. I'm of the pituitary "school". This is the master
gland. It tells all the others what to produce. The pineal produces some amazing NTs and hormones, but it is not the master gland as i understand it.

The significance of the cerebellum I have mentioned elsewhere. If the cerebrum
is the conscious mind, the cerebellum is the subconscious - the mind of God. It is much more folded, much older and experienced.

Though the "sand" is found in the pineal. :)


solomon levi
06-19-2010, 02:54 AM
Hi Ghislain.
What is the significance of the mamillary bodies?
I know that in the ancient schools these were called the Breasts of Isis,
but I don't recall anything about their function.

Donna Matrix
06-20-2010, 03:00 AM
There are several chakras in the head, in fact the whole head chakra is actually 7 smaller chakras roughly corresponding to the jewels in the crown of a mideval European king. There are the front chakra, at the apex of the hairline, which also connects the 7th eye of the ajna or brow center. Then there are chakras at the front side/ corner of the head, backside/ back corner, the back or alta major and the very top where the soft spot in babies is. These all form the crown chakra. The brow is also a composite of seven sub chakras, including the two eyes, the spot directly between, a bit above that(number 4) until you get to the hairline which is number seven. In truth what we normally refer to as the third eye is actually our fifth.

There are interesting lines of force between these subchakras, I feel that each one corresponds to a different psychic ability. There's alot more to "opening the third eye" well, than meets the eyes.

The British flag, the Union Jack has occult significance for the lines of force in the head.

I read somewhere that the pineal is actually a rudimentary organ ( a third eye) left over from when humanity could see on other levels. It became rudimentary so we would be forced to develop intelligence, instead of relying on our senses for everything.

11-22-2013, 07:27 AM
Mammillary bodies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammillary_body#Function), and their projections to the anterior thalamus via the mammillothalamic tract,
are important for recollective memory. The medial mammillary nucleus is mainly responsible for
the spatial memory deficits that are seen in rats with mammillary body lesions

Donna Matrix...The Overlay