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solomon levi
06-19-2010, 04:51 AM
Milk of magnesia is said to have a pH of 10.5, probably the closest
common item to the desirable 10.78 (without going over, of course).

So I wonder if you can mix milk of mag with DSS, not slowly! but toss them
together and start shaking vigorously right away. (you may need to add some water to dissolve everything). Then wash as usual.

This may get the most ormus for your salt without actually having or using
a pH meter. Haven't tried it, but seems do-able.

06-19-2010, 05:10 AM
Hey Sol I prefer Kaopectate to Milk of Magnesia although the formula has changed it used to actually contain kaolin clay, Kaolin-pectate, :

The active ingredient in Kaopectate has changed since its original creation. Originally, kaolin was used as the adsorbent and pectin as the emollient. Attapulgite clay replaced the kaolinite in the 1980s, but since 2004, bismuth subsalicylate has been used as the active ingredient in U.S. marketed products.[3] In Canada, McNeil Consumer Healthcare continues to market Kaopectate using attapulgite as the active ingredient

I know thats not what you meant but, it kinda fits here, besides I alluded to doing a DSS precipitation on clay the other day, but my thoughts were similar,.... dissolve some DSS in water and then stir in the clay and adjust ph, then collect,... much like Glauber's Esprit de Sel which he used clay to manufacture . Should make for a very potent m-state,.... unite above with below.... alternatively bismuth has its virtues as well.

I'd also recommend as you already know to loosen the ionic bonds of the salt by dissolving/redissolving or preciptation by oversaturation like you have done in the past, everytime it goes in and out of existence it will bring more consciousness back with it.

solomon levi
06-19-2010, 09:31 AM
Great ideas Leo. Thank you.
I never thought of that: kaolin-pectin!
What a great medicine if it were still made that way.
Besides the kaolin, the pectin is really good for arthritis.
The Essene recommended that to people - jelly pectin in fruit juice
and m-state to boost it.
I don't have arthritis, but it be a good preventative too.