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Another Mutus Androgynus:








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You might find Sabazios to be relevant to this meme.

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Yes Mudras are fascinating. It is worthy to note that different traditions assign the elements to different fingers.

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Yes Mudras are fascinating. It is worthy to note that different traditions assign the elements to different fingers.

In the above implied Alchemical context, some Mudras also hold symbolic keys to practical implementations for casting the Fire-Net and catching the Fish.

Some Thumb-Sucking children turn into Pipe-Sucking Geniuses (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=1649). Some don't.

Opposable Thumbs most of us possess, nevertheless...


You might find Sabazios to be relevant to this meme.

The Hand of Sabazios


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Translation: A gargoyle ate my decoder ring, so I'm out of the loop :(.

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A gargoyle ate my decoder ring, so I'm out of the loop.

You are the Gargoyle.

That should help you retrieve your 'Decoder Ring'...


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You are the Gargoyle.

That should help you retrieve your 'Decoder Ring'...


Thanks. Took me awhile, but I somehow managed to find that useful ;).

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You are the Gargoyle.
That should help you retrieve your 'Decoder Ring'...

Thanks. Took me awhile, but I somehow managed to find that useful.

After retrieving the Ring, put it on your Ring Finger and let it light the way...


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et cetera et cetera...

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The Third Eye aka Eye of Horus aka Eye of Fatima is clairvoyantly seen and can be felt moving upon the palm of the magician in various stages of alchemical progression and invisible fingers and thumb appear too so that the magician has 6 or 7 digits. The magician develops the ability to see with their hand.

(daughter of Muhammad) or KHAMSA (five): Many Muslims believe that the image of the hand with an eye in the center will protect them from the "evil eye." While this symbol often appears on magical charms, amulets, and jewelry, it is seen in many other places. See a similar image painted next to the main door to a home here. Many serious Muslims view this as folklore or superstition. This Khamsa seems to be the same as the Jewish Hasma .Jewish versions of the supposed "hand" of protection (above) from "evil eye" (Some expect protection from demons and sorcerers as well). During the Israelites' exile in Babylonian, some began to blend Old Testament beliefs with Babylonian myths and mysticism. Such syncretism continued through the centuries. One of its manifestations was the mystical Kabbalah -- the heart of many streams of modern occultism (including the Order of the Golden Dawn and other secret societies, Tarot cards and divination, etc.) www.crossroad.to/Books/symbols1.html

The images above are mostly my own drawings depicting my clairvoyant observations of the progressive development of the Hermetic hands of the magician

The Hand of Sabazius
]An ancient Magickal Artefact
and talisman which gives protection to the owner.

an archetype of an ancient cult of Sabazius which originated in Phrygia or Thrace and later became popular in the Roman Empire.
displayed in the lararium, or shrine to the guardian spirits, of a home in ancient Rome and Greece
and carried on poles in religious processions.

Sabazius is depicted in the palm.;
the nomadic horseman and sky father god of the Phrygians and Thracians.
Romans associated him with Dionysus, the god of wine.

*Some scholars believe that Dionysus is a syncretism of a local Greek nature deity and a more powerful god from Thrace or Phrygia such as Sabazios or Zalmoxis.Dionysus and Shiva bear many resemblances ;name etymology, gods of love and ecstasy, association with the bull and the snake. , bearing a trident
Rites of Dionysus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mystery_religion
Greco-Roman Sabazius, the god of vegetation and the guardian of women in labor,
it has been conjectured that the some Jews identified the Jewish Yahveh Sabaoth ("of the Hosts") as Sabazius.

The naturally syncretic approach of Greek religion blurred distinctions. Later Greek writers, like Strabo in the first century CE, linked Sabazios with Zagreus, among Phrygian ministers and attendants of the sacred rites of Rhea and Dionysos. Strabo's Sicilian contemporary, Diodorus Siculus, conflated Sabazios with the secret 'second' Dionysus, born of Zeus and Persephone, a connection that is not borne out by surviving inscriptions, which are entirely to Zeus Sabazios. The Christian Clement of Alexandria had been informed that the secret mysteries of Sabazius, as practiced among the Romans, involved a serpent, a chthonic creature unconnected with the mounted skygod of Phrygia: "‘God in the bosom’ is a countersign of the mysteries of Sabazius to the adepts". Clement reports: "This is a snake, passed through the bosom of the initiates”
The magician projects from the heart as the Higher Self to attain knowledge and communication with the HS/GA and to begin to form the immortal body of light called the Greater Soul of Alchemy.

The invisible tinging spirit is the pure fire of Gold…The father of the stone is Sol."http://hermetic.com/stavish/rituals/hex-notes.html

"He that prudently draws the virtue out of the sol, and his shadow, shall obtain a great secret. Again, it is said, without sol and his shadow, no tinging virtue or power is generated. And whosoever is that shall endeavor to make a tinging or coloring tincture without these things, and by other means, he errs, and goes astray from truth, to his own hurt, loss, and detriment." - Bacstrom’s Alchemical Anthology

The Spiritual effects should be Vision, Knowledge, and Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. Direct dialogue with your Inner Master.
The Higher Self may project from the magician's heart through the core energy centre between the yellow and green chakras in the chest or SunStone.

The magician can enter trance and project from the heart about 1 metre away from self turn and communicate . The distance of 1 metre prevents the immediate re-entry after separation. A further distance makes it more difficult to see and hear and is not necessary.

A clairvoyant reader may evoke the HS from a sitter and watch as it flys from the heart.

Alanus~" He that knows not how to extract the Soul from the body of Gold or of Silver and to return it to the body, wholly deviates from the right path."
fingers form a gesture of blessing;
the fingers of which form the gesture of benediction still familiar in Christian practice.
in another example the eagle separates the fingers of blessing
The fingers of the right hand are ;
pinky orange fire
ring indigo water
middle salmon red earth
index chartreuse green air
thumb silver akasha
The eagle separates air from earth as in the Emerald Tablet the subtle from the gross
Air is the element of ascension
These two are paired as they are opposites and one pushes the other out .
The fire and water fingers are curled downwards together another pair of reciprocal elments fire dries and removes water
but first separate the earth dumping it from the physical body
then backwash /flush it clean purging water outward too
then heat the remaining air with fire to cause lift and separation from the physical form in projection of the greater soul the immortal light body.

bronze sculptures full of symbols;
Sabazius ; the immortal body , the greater soul , the guardian angel genus, the ascendant magician
*wears the Moon Crown of Thoth
*body is an Axis Mundi like the Tree of Life ; stands upon Ram symbol of Earth, arms like branches reach up to the Heavens.
*wears high sandles to show his goal to ascend higher. .
* rises from the sacred chamber of the magician floating in projection above the table of the Magician as depicted in the Tarot
* rises above the tomb defeating death by creating the greater soul the immortal light body with the philosopher's stone

a table with offerings; a magickal altar, the magician's table as depicted in Tarot

a nursing mother ; in a tomb ; reincarnation, rebirth
in one example "an opening in the wrist, shaped like a temple, had a hinged door that revealed an unknown, lost object, perhaps a reclining mother and child,"

a crow; harbinger of death , psychopomp . messenger. opus nigredo
raven;" three Raven Kings were associated with the bird's transforming powers of death and decay. Further, the raven was hailed for it's ability to decompose everything in its path. This was considered an attribute because putrefaction must take place so that the body can be joined with the soul. Although an emblem of death in the alchemical realm, the raven was also long relied upon for its connection with the ethereal, darker forces at work and would often be invoked during difficult transmutations and particularly complicated operations. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/animal-alchemy-symbols.html"

lizard/dragon/ serpent.kundalini, ascension,connection to source, guardians of the Tree of Life

cymbal, divine sound . temple processional, banishing

frog, symbolic of the moon, dreams, the unconscious psyche ,good fortune, transformation, happiness, 3 stages of life, fertility

FROG: A symbol of fertility to many cultures. The Romans linked it to Aphrodite, the Egyptian to the shape-shifting goddess Heket who would take the form of a frog. To the Chinese, it symbolized the moon -- "the lunar, yin principle" bringing healing and prosperity.www.crossroad.to/Books/symbols1.html
A man approaches a woman and holds a toad or frog to suckle at her breast.
Two black birds (crows) are shown on the right, one flying towards the tree, the other flying away from it. On the ground below there are two snakes and two frogs
A tree is depicted on the left. Two black birds (crows) are shown on the right, one flying towards the tree, the other flying away from it. On the ground below there are two snakes and two frogs.

the heads of a lion, a ram, and a bull.; and the magician /ascendant ;the Hermetic principles the magician is Air the highest by using water to flush out earth and separating from the heavy physical body by raising fire energy to heat remaining air and to project to the higher planes and attend the lessons of the mystic regarding ascension of the soul.

On the tip of the thumb is the pinecone or pineapple of Dionysus.

You hear it in most historic houses, usually in a dining room or bedroom when the tour guide points to a pineapple table centerpiece or a pineappple-carved bedpost and explains that the pineapple was served to guests as an expression of hospitality because it was so rare. Rare it was indeed, and relatively expensive, coming all the way from the West Indian tropics to American ports—the pineapple would have been a treat on any early American table. But there is not a shred of evidence that anyone at the time thought of the fruit as a symbol of hospitality. That idea came much later, in fact, not until the early twentieth century. So how did this widely believed myth get started?

Early Spanish and Portuguese explorers were the first Europeans to discover the pineapple, called na-na, by the natives. The Portuguese ananaz and the Spanish ananas no doubt derive from this native word, but the English called the new fruit a “pine-apple,” a word heretofore interchangeable with “pine-cone,” because it so resembled the pinecones they already knew. The pinecone had strong and ancient ties to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine—Bacchus to the Romans—who carried a thyrsus, a staff entwined with grape vines and topped by a pinecone. (That association related to the use of pine resin in the making of wine, Bacchus’s favorite beverage.)Ever since classical times, the pinecone has symbolized fertility and regeneration and it has been used over the centuries as a decorative motif. It is really the pinecone that the colonists were using in their decorative arts (carving on bedposts or using as finials on gateposts, for instance), evoking the classical symbolism that they, educated in the classics, understood very well. (It’s a bit of a stretch to think our colonial forebears were carving pineapples on their bedposts as welcome-to-my-bed hospitality symbols.) Yes, they did also use pineapple imagery sometimes–I’m thinking of the ceramic pineapple dishes at Colonial Williamsburg’s museums, for example. But it symbolized the exotic fruit, not hospitality.

Amateur historian Melvin Fulks, who has spent decades gathering information about the origins of pineapple/pinecone symbolism, says that the earliest incidence of the “pineapple as hospitality” story he has been able to find comes from a 1935 book about Hawaii. The pineapple myth simply refuses to die an honorable death.

Pineapples had been discovered in the Caribbean by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and over the following centuries had become rare and highly prized delicacies in Europe. Symbols of power, wealth and hospitality, they had increasingly come to be used by architects to decorate gateways, door lintels and other detailed features on their buildings. http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/airth/thepineapple/index.html

The pinecone is symbolic of the Pineal Gland, or third eye. ... the masons... connection to God is through opening your third eye and letting the light of God infuse you. The Pineal Gland looks exactly like a miniature pine cone henceforth the symbolism. www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread296835/pg1 -

PINEAPPLE: Originally called pineapple because of its shape and external appearance to that of the cone of the pine tree. As early as 1492 Christopher Columbus found pineapple growing at Guadeloupe and carried it back to Spain to Queen Isabella. Ancient sea captains would place a pineapple on their gatepost when returning from a long journey, to let their neighbours know they were home. It became the symbol of elite social standing and hospitality.

PINE CONE (pine-apple): The ancient Greeks and Assyrians viewed the pinecone as a symbol of masculinity because of its phallic shape. It formed the apex of the thyrsus staff, which represented both fertility and immortality. As the emblem of Artemis, it represented feminine purity. It was also the emblem of the Roman goddess Venus (Aphrodite). In Christianity, the pinecone forms the crown of the Tree of Life. Symbolizes immortality and fertility.www.heraldryclipart.com/symbolism/p.html

Don't disregard the Pine Cone symbolism!
"E. A. Wallis Budge has noted that in some of the papyri illustrating the entrance of the souls of the dead into the judgment hall of Osiris the deceased person has a pine cone attached to the crown of his head. The Greek mystics also carried a symbolic staff, the upper end being in the form of a pine cone, which was called the thyrsus of Bacchus. In the human brain there is a tiny gland called the pineal body, which is the sacred eye of the ancients, and corresponds to the third eye of the Cyclops. " Manly P. Hall
A male pine cone is known as microstrobilus and a female as megastrobilus, kind of like micro and macrocosm!
The pine cone is a symbol of immortality and the divine in earth-based religions and the Oreiades (gnomes/nymphs, beings who discovered iron (blood/saturn) and invented smelting. The Oreiades are often seen as carrying a snake and a large staff with a pine cone on top.
For the Assyrians the pine-cone may have symbolized the whole process of re-birth with seeds falling to the earth and creating new pine trees. Like the Phoenix out of the ashes!
IMHO the pine cone and pineapple symbolises
* the mystic coming back home to source , henios,
*and the immortality of the soul
*the pathway to ascension
at the Vatican ; http://www.enile.co.uk/portfolio/images/photos/vatican_pine_cone.jpg

.Rich in the symbolism of Hermetic Alchemy ,this is a Philosopher's recipe for Ascension and a pictorial Emerald Tablet. . I saw this hand for the first time in this life in the Day in Pompeii exhibit when it toured in Western Australia in 2010. Photography was prohibited and the exhibit was carefully guarded. But I was tempted to use my camera phone anyway and tried to find an opportunity but it was always crowded. So I took copious drawings and notes instead. None of which I can currently find. SIGH . But I recall that the artefact was found in what was called the "House of Magic" ruins in Pompeii . This is what it says in our souveneir book ;
" This complicated bronze sculpture of a right hand is associated with the cult of Sabazius, a god of vegetation or reproduction,imported from Asia Minor. On the palm of the hand is the image of Sabazius himself,depicted as a man dressed in a short tunic belted at the weaist and wearing high shoes. On the wrist, a woman nurses a baby, a reference to the god's protection of women in labour and of mothers and infants. More symbols . including a serpent, appear on the back of the hand."

The front of the hand
*is posted on the far right and enlarged here ;http://www.smm.org/static/media/pompeii/handofsabazius.jpg
The reverse of this artefact
*is similar to the one depicted in the first image posted here with a feather above the scales of Libra above the winged caduceus and an ascending elongated serpent.from the wrist to the tip of the pinky.

http://www.britishmuseum.org/images/ps3575 00_l.jpghttp://www.britishmuseum.org/images/ps3621 42_m.jpghttp://www.antiques.com/vendor_item_images/ori__837191873_1064535_Roman_Bronze_Votive_Hand_%2 8Sabazius%29_-_LO.711.jpghttp://www.tepapa.govt.nz/SiteCollectionImages/Exhibitions/Pompeii/sabazius.dia47.jpghttp://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highli ghts/highlight_objects/gr/h/hand_of_sabazius .aspx

http://www.smm.org/static/media/pompeii/ha ndofsabazius.jpg
http://via.lib.harvard.edu/via/deliver/deepcontentItem?recordId=olvwork295090%2CDIV.LIB.F ACULTY%3A694529