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01-03-2009, 11:59 PM
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are transmutation circles real? if so how are they used? or are they only in the cartoon full metal alchemist? is it possible to make water boil by placing it onto a special transmutation circle, and without any heat source? is it possible to use a transmutation circle to combine things or create a statue or doll without touching the material itself? if you reply let me know if you have ever accomplished such a thing.
Transmutation circles are not real. Totally a fabrication on the part of FMA. Please keep in mind we do use symbols from time to time, but not so much in our age (a thing of the past).

I believe it's possible to make water boil without even using an external heat source. I've also heard stories of water freezing without a source refrigeration.

I recommend getting Robert Bartlett's book "Real Alchemy." This will help teach you something about the true art of alchemy.

Transmutation circles are not real. Totally a fabrication on the part of FMA.
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Alfred Raeburne
01-01-2011, 05:30 AM
The closest thing you can get to a transmutation circle can be found in this book called "Creating Magickal Entities" by David Michael Cunningham. It makes use of sigils and marked off areas for creating Servitors which is somewhat the same thing as a homonculus (sort of) and relies on goetic magic principles.

It is a pretty advanced practice and the smart thing would be to complete an initiatory program such as the ten stages of Introduction to Hermetics by Franz Bardon. That way you will have a "solid soul" which can create and / or withstand the volatile nature of doing such a thing.

Also, it seems that in many cases the "transmutation circle" is simply a sigil that allows the Alchemist to do alchemy in FMA. You can find the idea of using sigils on talismanic objects in many of Paracelsus's works, but these are mainly focused on healing elixers.

So the idea of a transmutation circle exists, but nobody calls it that.