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solomon levi
07-16-2010, 04:32 AM
We have several threads addressing the initial subject.
I have a correction and i'll just place it here.

My learning/seeing is an unfolding process. There was something missing
that i didn't understand, while i was quite sure of the part I did see.
I was shown the fleece before I had seen the oak.

In that Leo and I may be speaking the same language, but he has never
mentioned the fleece to my knowledge, which is what i had focused on.
It's very confusing so please forgive me.

The silicate i have been referring to as the Secunda is not a clay. But clays are silicates.

I have the picture more clearer now. And i hopefully learned a lesson not
to speak too soon in the future. But as you can imagine, this is all very exciting and a bit confusing translating my seeing into practical knowledge.

I am going to edit my posts where i lumped together clays and marcasites, etc, vs. silicates. I am not doing so to hide my error, which I
am professing here, but to avoid confusion/misleading the reader.

I once told Androgynus that this Green mind is like a fledgling vampire as
portrayed in the popular Twilight novels and movies. At first it just devours
everything, out of control. It takes time to mature it.

I apologize for any confusion.


solomon levi
07-16-2010, 04:52 AM
Well, I didn't edit anything - I can't find it.
I thought there was a post where I compared the things Leo has taught,
deuterium, marcasites, clays, against what I saw to be the materia.
If you find it, take into consideration what I have said above.