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01-04-2009, 12:02 AM
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Alright this seems weird I know, but I stumbled on this guy's website doing a search for sex related topics -


Check out his sales pitch, it sounds so weird!

"Alchemists have the power and processes to transform
what is common into great value. Folklore tells us that medieval
alchemists could transmute base metals into gold and held the secrets
to longevity.

alchemists have both the insight and skills to create great value
within organisations. Corporate alchemist, John Hale, works as a
speaker, executive coach, and facilitator to inspire and transform
individuals and organisations alike."

Look under events he gives speeches about improving sex, lulz...I wouldn't be caught dead at such a grotesque dichotomy unless I was the speaker of course...if you have to go to one of those you're already on the wrong track!

Just something interesting to observe, I don't want to hire him!
Haha, that's a great example of a charlatan.

I can't believe people actually hire this guy.
This is what I think of John Hale: