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01-04-2009, 12:23 AM
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Some of you may have already noticed that I can go on and on about sex for ages. I started on this path when I was fairly young 15 or so - see I only ever found out about sex through "THE TALK" when I was 14 so my reaction was basically "WOAH wtf is going on here?!!?" when I purchased a book about sacred sex, titled that, actually, the thing is out of print now because it was very generic and not useful for anything but an introductory appraisal of Indian arts. Nothing on Tantra was readily available in my libraries at the time and the internet wasn't in motion as much as it is now.

Later I started mucking around with demonology and noticed some of the traits of demons are expressed in everyday life, and the transmission of energy is readily apparent - when you are constantly delving into the Abyss, and becoming a conduit for these types of energies, the effect it has on other people surrounding you is astonishing.

My powers of perception grew enormously during the few years I started working with demons and the only disadvantage I saw in it was that it opened me up to all sorts of conflicting views, as my life began to readjust between what we humans like to see, what we like to think the universe is, and supreme reality - that which actually is. Seeing things as they are is an art in itself.

I really don't have an acurate appraisal of how much of demonic evocation and invocation got me into Tantra, but it is my belief that the world of the demonic is fraught with peril, sure, only at the level of the practitioner's own weaknesses, yet still there is another aspect that draws upon very very ancient myths and powers only accessible in this forbidden realm.

So-called forbidden. I don't think anybody serious about the occult actually even cares anymore, which is great. The less of that we have (restriction) the better!

Much of what we see in alchemy portrays a kind of direct conversation with the material world, through the intercourse of elements and chain reactions - mercury, hydrogen, fire and other stuff, and it would be impossible to not imagine the ancient alchemists probably experimented indisputedly with sxual intercourse, but we don't see that mentioned. I am absolute certain myself (from personal experience) that this constitutes the bottom line in almost all occult practice, but in alchemy ESPECIALLY this is a major topic which continuously gets skirted by both those in the know, and those who just assume from first glance "it's not that important"

I don't really get a chance to experiment with sex these days, except as a reaction to other body of light turbulence going on. Still, that doesn't stop me from recalling certain features of energy that occurred in liasions. Such as the attraction of entitites to copulating people, or the strange visuals going on with sex as in, a kind of dark energy. Then there's blood and all of the taboo subjects that go along with periods and women.

One of the things I like about menstruating is that it's a good reminder of death and destruction, and the forces that abound around the earth who constantly destroy manifest creations that don't come to fruition. One could say the whole earth is like this, that oppurtunities lie everywhere, and you have only to penetrate into the center of the matter to realize the culmination of forces that create great realities.

fish eggs, etc....

I typed this whole message with my eyes closed. hee hee.

I typed this whole message with my eyes closed.
You should do that more often... very nice post!

I can't add much since I know next to nothing about the application of sex in this manner. I have more experimented with abstinence or using the mind only (no hands) to achieve an orgasm. Perhaps this latter one is some form of tantra... you tell me!

I have been instructed to apply tantra and alchemical marriage in initiative magick for ascension alchemy . We have split ourselves and married our own energy body in order to form the spirit child for a future self vessel that would retain these Alchemical memories . We have also used tantra with each other that was asexual . We have projected to each other with permission for astral tantra to raise the vibration and bond to each other . These practices have been taught to us in meditative trance .
Something to think about - in eastern terminology the body is sometimes called the "palace of nine gates"

this is due to the fact that there are nine visible entries into the body - nostrils, eyeholes, mouth, ears, anus and penis. In females this comes out to ten holes.

During sexual (vaginal) intercourse, the total in the male is reduces to 8, and in women reduced to 9.....

Furthermore, in ninjutsu, a female ninja is called kunoichi, which means "extra hole"
Ah, I see... good info there LH!

Perhaps a bit off topic but John Lennon used the word hole as slang for women...

I read the news today, oh boy. Four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire. And though the holes were rather rather small they had to count them all. Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall. - A Day in the Life by The Beatles