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solomon levi
10-05-2010, 06:43 PM

solomon levi
10-09-2010, 07:29 PM
"OMMPA (orbitally mirrored metallic primordial atoms) is our acronym for what are popularly referred to as ORMUS, M-State, ORME, or micro-cluster metals. We hold that anciently those OMMPAs which most effected human health and consciousness, were labeled as 'quinta essentia.'

Although most contemporary authors penning alchemical texts will claim this means 'fifth element,' we maintain that, although this is also true (See our 'OMMPAs and Microclusters" page), this term was an esoteric code for the five principle OMMPA metals; those five essentlal OMMPAs sought for for their healing powers.

These five metals, in order of increasing atomic weight, are:

1) Cu (copper)
2) Rh (rodium)
3) Ag (silver)
4) Ir (iridium)
5) Au (gold)

Dolomite makes up 4% of the Earth's crust, but no longer forms under natural conditions, suggesting the Earth had far higher oxygen levels at one time. Not all dolomite is created equal, however. The dolomite deposits we process to yield our Magi's Blend® pure white dolomite, exceeds national and Californian (the strictest) standards, for heavy metals. A 100% natural Calcium and Magnesium supplement, is the finest dolomite available, and appears to have an extremely high content of Copper-Rhodium-Silver OMMPAs hidden in its carbonate matrix."

I really like the insight that Kokopelli is not playing a flute but is an alchemist/smith using a blowpipe to increase his fire.