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I've have been a practicing Alchemist for a very long time. I awoke to consciousness at age 2 in this life, having to deal with an abusive mother. She took away my teddy bears when I started leaving them in Tantric asanas with my sisters' Barbie and other dolls. She got really upset when I asked how to find alchemists and practitioners of Kabbalah at about age 9. By age 12 I started practicing Tantric alchemy. While I have read widely, what I have been doing and teaching for decades is from my own memory. However, I use quite a variety of books by many authors in teaching Alchemy. At some point I resolved to not be dependent upon any specific set of props and tools as that is one major way of getting very stuck, especially if imprisioned literally or culturally. A current project of mine is the development of a language of Object Oriented Metaphysics (OOM). I feel that much of the most frequently used language sets obscure what is really meant, as the truth, such as it can be suggested, can get one killed at many times and places in history. Mostly I have worked on this language concept with a few students and my long term Alchemical partner.

Metaphysically I come from a non-dualist jnana Vivekananda/Ramakrishna direction with a host of more modern interpretations and terminologies by DeRopp, EJ Gold and a multitude of others with a variety of practices from Goddess circles of various kinds, labrynth voyaging (EJ Gold) and a variety of other meditative practices within a more or less Tantric Alchemical framework. I have worked for years at making Alchemy more teachable and reliable, not that I have gotten very far in those directions.

As a matter of distinction, I use "Alchemy" for the subject in general, "an Alchemy or some Alchemies" to limit what I said to some specific alchemy or set of alchemies, and "This alchemy" or something of the sort specifying a specific alchemy. You might say that I have become something of an Alchemical Engineer.

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Hello, and welcome!

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solomon levi
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I too have an interest in language/communication.
Studied a little EJ, but moreso Gurdjieff.

Look forward to sharing with you.

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