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01-04-2009, 12:33 AM
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Lovecroft wrote of the fictional necronomicon, a book that when gazed upon drove people insane, however little is known about the fact that Lovecroft and Alister Crowley knew each other and where pretty good friends, Liber Loagaeth by Dr John Dee (Alchemist) was said to have been written from some of its passages, whilst most scholars dismiss it as a fable and a phalicy. If it never existed the why did Pope Gregory the 3rd ban it as a work of heracy.

Its true name is the Sepher ha-Sha’are ha-Daath, also called the Book of the Gates of Knowledge. (Of which it is forbidden to speak!).

Rumoured to originate from the lost city of Irem Zhat al Imad, or Irem of a thousand Pillars and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were vying for power, pinched by our buddy enoch from the angels themselves.

Little is known about Irem, in some stories it is described as being the very gates to paradise in others located within the qur'an it is said to have been the home to the tribe of AD, whom god smote in wrath.

It is not mentioned in the Holy Bible, however a lot of things do seep through from the Christan version of the good book, God told Amos the wise to seek ye he with the Seven Stars of Orion in his hand (Whilst they struck poor old enoch and other important scriptures right out of the book along with the 5th and 6th books of moses), we are told their where Seven angels and in revelation we're are told of the seven seals and we even have our seven deadly sins.

7 it would seem is a mystical and magical number and for a book we are told repeatedly does not exist it raises a lot of questions.

But the Sepher ha-Sha’are ha-Daath does not give its secrets away lightly. The knowledge of Alchemy, of the Philosopher’s Stone, of the Elixir of Life, of the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant and most importantly the Mysteries, are all in there, but hidden between the lines, in words for all now to read, but for very few to understand.

Lets refer to the Sepher Sephiroth in which we learn Kabbalah, simply stated, according to Gershom Scholem, the world’s greatest authority on the subject, is a form of Gnosis that underlies certain "Jewish mystical theology." The Fundamental tenets of Kabbalah, according to Scholem, are as follows: "Over and above disagreements on specific details that tend to reflect different stages in the Kaballah's historical development, there exists a basic consensus among kaballists on man's essential nature...At opposite poles, both man and God encompass within their being the entire cosmos. However, whereas God contains all by virtue of being its Creator and Initiator in whom everything is rooted and all potency is hidden, man's role is to complete this process by being the agent through whom all the powers of creation are fully activated and made manifest. What exists seminally in God unfolds and develops in man… Because he alone has been granted the gift of free will, it lies in his power to either advance or disrupt through his actions the unity of what takes place in the upper and lower worlds... his principal mission is to bring about Tikkun Olam or restoration of this world and to connect the lower with the upper." The concept of tikkun, or restoration, involves the problem of evil, and again according to Scholem, "the root of evil resides within the Ein-Sof (hidden God) itself." Evil, therefore, for the kabbalist is simply the sitra ahra or "emation of the left" and at the end of time, through the process of man's work of tikkun even the devil, "Samael will become Sa'el, one of the 72 holy Names of God". ... "In Greek this is called apokatasis (sic)"..."To use the neoplatonic (Plotinus) formula, the creation involves the departure of all from the one and its return to the one."

So then is what we all seek in plain sight? If so is the symbol of the tree of life in fact a copy of a molecule?

Only time will tell...



And when someone tells you the necronomicon does not exist and that its was a fabrication of lovecrofts that only exists in the miskatonic university (fictional university) remember to laugh in their face!

"Mamu Taimat Zi Kur!" - Spirits of the sky remember...

Behold the symbol of our race and our covernant with the children of the stars...

The very same symbol said to be contained within the TETRAGRAMATON the hidden lost name of God...

You can also find the same symbol when you cut an apple sideways!


Ancient Secrets, a secret no longer, let all who heed read and understand the ancients wisdom...
Seven Deadly Sin's,
Seven Ways to Win,
Seven Holy paths to Hell and your trip begins! - Iron Maiden-1988 [link broken]
This ones for you BeautifulEvil [link broken]
Music for the soul, pick a number!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. [links broken]

7 it would seem is a mystical and magical number and for a book we are told repeatedly does not exist it raises a lot of questions.
Sure does and that is why there is a topic called Seven (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=6)!

As a sidenote I have read most of H.P. Lovecrafts stuff and I love most of it equally!

A great post harveydent. I'm going to re-read Lovecraft's Necronomicon tonight and see if I can divine anything from its text. I haven't pulled the book out in ages, and with my current state of development I should be able to find any real "clues" or "secrets" that may possibly be veiled (perhaps I missed them before).

I've heard stories of a "real" Necronomicon that was supposedly written on the skin of some individual, but this was years ago and only then just a mention of it. My memory fails me at this point, but maybe I can research it on google later tonight. However, I believe this story might be the product of some individual's overactive imagination.

Its true name is the Sepher ha-Sha’are ha-Daath, also called the Book of the Gates of Knowledge. (Of which it is forbidden to speak!).
If you've ever read "Club Dumas" or watched "The Ninth Gate" you'll be slightly familiar with the term called the "Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows." I can actually see a connection between these two names.

Actually, the whole idea of the Sepher ha-Sha’are ha-Daath and the premise set out in "The Ninth Gate" seems to have rather odd connections. I believe this connection should be investigated further.


One major key to alchemy, and indeed to the occult, is the 6th sephira. There is no question as to why the sixth sephira is related to gold, the sun, the HGA, and beauty. Indeed, if one "understands" these connections well enough it will in turn lead to a form of enlightenment.

Seven Deadly Sin's,
Seven Ways to Win,
Seven Holy paths to Hell and your trip begins! - Iron Maiden-1988

This ones for you BeautifulEvil
That song has very good lyrics that I found to be quite enlightening, thanks for posting it.
I read some of the Necromonicon once while in a bookstore. Although I didn't get to read too much, from what I did read, there seems to be a lot of knowledge in there, but it needs a lot of dissecting. There are references to astral projection and whatnot, and I think reading it in groups could reap a lot of rewards. It piqued my interest, to say the least, and I very much appreciate the way Lovecraft portrays fellow humans.