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solomon levi
10-19-2010, 07:22 PM

this is an alchemical recipe.
forgive me for not elaborating.
it must be meditated upon.

But I would like to speak on something else these signify - the left and right hand paths:
the pillar of severity and the pillar of mercy. Left = sinister, right = dexter.

See page 49 of Junius:

The oak/potassium carbonate has left and right; it has a serpent (Veles - sinister) at its roots/trunk
and an eagle at its heights/branches (dexter). This is the tree of good and evil, but it is one tree.
Good and evil is a poor interpretation. 'Tis better to think in terms of fixation (order) and volatilisation (chaos).

Jehovah/Perun created the laws to keep Adamus bound. Yeheshua came to change that with a sword.

Man also has this tree within him as the spine/nervous system, with a serpent coiled at its roots (kundalini)
and an eagle at its height (right and left hemispheres of the brain) and fruits (endocrine glands).

Again, from a different perspective this time, there is a recipe here in this tree:
oak = potassium carbonate
eagle = sal ammoniac
serpent = nitre, but sometimes something else in other paths (for example, the ouroboros = benzene ring = hydrocarbons.)

But we have the elements to accomplish several paths:
1) one of Glauber's alkahests - nitre fixed by charcoal (or tartar)
2) with sal ammon and nitre we can make a king's bath, Aqua Regia --> gold chloride, the start of many archemical paths
3) when the serpent/dragon represents Cinnabar or Antimony or Marcasite, we have the elements to make a Hepar.

A thought came to me last night:
"A.H.S. Fulcanelli"
Apostle of Hermetic Science, but also Aqua Hepar Sulphuris. ;)

solomon levi
10-21-2010, 10:06 PM

mercury as mediator between the eagle and the serpent

10-22-2010, 10:20 AM
Yes and you can see the wings on the floor, as the fixation of the volatility. It is also the mediator between sun and moon, otherwise, no marriage can be done, and the snake and eagle, are in fact the two elements composing the Mercury, volatility, and ingres, verticality/horizontality.

Niter, Sal ammoniac and Pot carb (pot ashes), can also be seen under another perspective, more philosophical, the ashes are a ground for the Niter, able to bear a rising Light, our principle of Sulfur. Niter can also be a very good interpretation of some modification of the matter, because indeed, it grows out of a "rock" or a ground where matter putrefied, exactly like Niter.
Our Sal ammoniac can be the mediator between the pot ashes, or our mineral oak, and the niters' seed.
This is just an interpretation.

solomon levi
10-22-2010, 11:19 PM
Thanks Salazius. I will give that some more thought.
Something that is becoming apparent to me is the unity of the whole symbolism, as if
the three are truly one thing manifesting in different aspects. This is something I know because
of "seeing directly", but I have not yet translated it in practical terms.
Glauber had said that nitre was the alkahest because it can be made an acid and an alkali.
I suppose it is something like that. But nitre is not the only substance that can be made acid and alkaline.
Sulfur does this as well, and I'm sure there are many more - chlorine as HCl (acid) and sodium chlorite (alkaline), etc...

I'm still contemplating what I've been shown - trying to fix the volatile dream. :)

solomon levi
10-26-2010, 12:31 AM
Aleilius' recent "purple post" spurred me to post this observation:

I do not think one can dismiss the amazing correspondence of appearing colors as one raises the pH of a chlorauric acid solution.
I suspect this is related to a very short path to the stone.
And our symbols seem to agree:

Our fixed serpent is joined to our volatile eagle to make AR. The king is bathed therein.
As the (secret) fire (of the Oak) is gradually increased, we observe green in acidity, then white around neutrality,
then red as the solution alkalises, and finally purple. Who says ormus is not alchemy?

The only thing that I haven't noticed in ormus is that they fail to observe the black stage first.
But a black precipitate of gold is also completely possible. Whether that can be called true putrefaction may be argued.

True Initiate
10-26-2010, 03:03 PM
That reminds me of the purple cloak in Basilius twelve keys.

solomon levi
10-28-2010, 03:44 AM
Exploring the tree-eagle-serpent imagery and its possible application as a path,
I keep returning to the unity of the matter(s) - the predominance of
Zeus/Ammon, which might suggest:

ammonium chloride
ammonium carbonate
ammonium nitrate


Argento Vivo
03-21-2020, 01:29 PM
Hi solomon,

great great thread, very inspiring. beginning from the first words, where the Shin (fire and bearer of immense energy) makes possible for the JHWH to materialize in the Virgin. This was one of the points argued by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola to justify christianity to the jews by using kabalistic explainings.

i find it a nice link between human's body and snake-tree-eagle.

on this regard, i would like to point out a possible detal identity of the eagle=rectified alcohol, as:

-basilius' "fechter-bad" could be made of salpeter=snake, grown vitriol=tree, alcohol in which the AF is distilled into = eagle with which to take out of gold his purpur mantel.

-gualdi's work using fixed nit as a magnet for hygroscopical waters, (serpent+tree=his green lion) joined to the eagle of well rectified alcohol to make his mercuriaal water.

((about benzene circle, it was the first observer of this carbon structure that formed this idea of it being the ouroboros.. this can be an interest reflection topic))

big hugs