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solomon levi
10-22-2010, 01:01 AM
The world we perceive is a coagula.
It has become "fixed" by many, many repetitions.
Repetition/circulation is an important aspect of alchemy.
Solve is another aspect. Solve is not repetition, not known, but the source of worlds.

Let's say solve is the undifferentiated mind-stuff (akasa), and coagula is a concentrated thought (sanyama) reduced to mass.
Solve is the universe without a center, an "I", and coagula is world(s) revolving around a seed (bija) of "I thought".
Solve is mercury and coagula is sulphur.

"Left to itself, the First Matter would be perpetually unformed and unmanifest, invisible. It is only when it is 'ensouled' or 'informed' that the process of condensation takes place. In its primordial state, the First Matter is esoterically called "the sea of the Wise, passive to all impressions and influences of the Light". And that gives us a clue as to just what the form, the principle esoterically represented by Sulphur and soul, really is: it is mind." - Steve Richards

As I have explained in other parts of this forum, and as can be seen directly, first-hand, through practice of
non-duality, and "seeing", the "I" does not exist, save as memory (repetition, coagula). It is the same with our
perception of the world - the false "I" is perceiving a false world (false in the sense that it is not THE world,
but one description among millions.
Is it not amazing that all these false "I"s can perceive relatively the same false world?
Do you know that there are beings in this universe that cannot fix their realities/worlds? They use technology
to do it for them. They have lost or not yet developed the ability to do it themselves. What a dream we live in!

Do not believe me. I am just supplying other/alternative (alter native) perspectives to expand your mind.
Of course, the ultimate expansion of the mind is to stop it.

"In the Mysteries, Adam is accredited with having the peculiar power of spiritual generation. Instead of reproducing his kind by the physical generative processes, he caused to issue from himself - or, more correctly, to be reflected upon substance - a shadow of himself. This shadow he then ensouled and it became a living creature." - Manly P. Hall, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages"

Let's consider that the soul is the faculty and receptacle of memory, and that to "memorize" something is to
give it fixity, coagula. Is this not how the brain works? Can we not change our own programs by emphasizing
or de-emphasizing new or old thoughts/memories/images? It is true. I have done it myself. Patterns in the brain
that fire repeatedly (coagula) create strong neuronets; patterns that are not used/exercised (mercury-passive-solve) get replaced.

solomon levi
10-22-2010, 11:58 PM
"If we grasp its full meaning, the law of octaves gives us an entirely new explanation of the whole of life,
of the progress and development of phenomena on all planes of the universe observed by us. This law explains
why there are no straight lines in nature and also why we can neither think nor do, why everything with us is thought,
why everything happens with us, and happens usually in a way opposed to what we want or expect. All this is
the clear and direct effect of the 'intervals', or retardations in the development of vibrations...
Further observations show that a right and consistent development of octaves, although rare, can be observed in all the
occasions of life and in the activity of nature and even in human activity.
The right development of these octaves is based on what looks an accident. t sometimes happens that octaves going
parallel to the given octave, intersecting or meeting it, in some way or another fill up its 'intervals' and make it
possible for the vibrations of the given octave to develop in freedom and without checks... if at the necessary moment,
when the given octave passes through an 'interval', there enters into it an 'additional shock' which corresponds in
force and character, it will develop further without hindrance along the original direction, neither losing anything nor
changing its nature." Ouspensky, "In Search of the Miraculous", pgs 127-131

Some little green men from mars revealed this solution to me. No, I'm not crazy. It's green language:
green mens = green mind, venusian consciousness, 5th seal...
mars = the will, an active force, G's 'additional shock' of self-observation.
Notice that the symbol for mars the arrow points at an angle while the other planets are represented by
vertical and horizontal lines. My green mind translates this as the martian force of will/conscious intent is
necessary to alter our unconscious course.
The unconscious course will continue to recycle/repeat/fixation the past, whereas the 'additional shock' of
willful intent is required to leap into an unknown/volatile virgin present.

solomon levi
11-07-2010, 12:00 PM
Some little green men from mars revealed this solution to me. .

I just found this! It's nice to know I'm not alone:

"Among the ancient books then these are the chiefest.
1. Hermes whose books are of very great nay the highest moment, in order to understand well and truly our business.
There are two small treatises of his; one inscribed with a posthumous name given by his commentators viz: Transitus maris rubri. The other; Appulsus ad terram promissam, both let be recommended to you before any other.
But they are rare to be had and perhaps not to be found in Europe.
I have found them in Constantinople by some Martians where having perused them I copied them for memory's sake."
- Letters of Sendivogius