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01-04-2009, 12:38 AM
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Hi all, i'm on the brink of insanity right now and i feel like my days are extremely numbered.

I'll just put it this way, i blew my opportunity with the queen and now i'm bleeding from the stomach. I'm fearing that i have no other way out but to either A, take my own life. or B, attempt to take my (ex)friends life.

I don't want to do either. I'm stuck in jail and have no way out as far as i know.

Is there a method of retreating after one has entered a portal? All of this crept up on me by surprise and i almost feel like it's too late to do anything about it.


i can supply more information if one is seriously interested in helping me! i dont know what to do!
is there any way to get my queen back!????????

i'm freaking the f*ck out ya'll. i don't want to die!
Have you taken any drugs? If so, what did you take, how much and how long ago? I'd like to help you, but there's only so much I can do by message board and you're not giving much information.

Since your two posts are a couple hours apart, it suggests that, if it's a drug-related issue, it's something long acting... which makes it more likely that you've got a legitimate medical issue. Have you tried getting medical attention?
I don't know if you are in the USA, but if so:



We all struggle but it will pass, descent is often met with ascent. If you understand this: prae mendum novo'murchia...that will help if it's an alchemical matter. If you're having problems otherwise- then call those numbers.
All those who undertake such spiritual endeavors should have a clean and healthy mind. Those without such facilities will suffer from much pain throughout the process.

For in the Abyss no effort is anywise possible. The Abyss is passed by virtue of the mass of the Adept and his Karma. Two forces impel him: (1) the attraction of Binah, (2) the impulse of his Karma; and the ease and even the safety of his passage depend on the strength and direction of the latter.

I must stress number two. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this, and the most we can do is offer advice. Here's a piece of golden advice: "Never let emotion rule you, only by the light of reason will things go aright."
well, i'm still here.

but still scared sh*tless.

this isn't really my bag of tricks, and i'm struggling with all of this honestly.. but i'm trying my damndest to turn things back around and get everything back to where it started.

bleeding isnt a good feeling ya'll.

is there any way to earn myself some more "time"
and also, would procreating with the one after my "chance" bring things back around?

i never knew i'd be here... ah

Did you close the gate when you came back? you must ALWAYS close the gate and leave behind what you saw-met-expierenced.

did you go in on your own?

when you have not dissolved the sorrow in and around you -to begin with- you will enter the field of sorrow, by law.
naw, i am still right in the middle of it.. and my head is really hot.

i've been working on everything a lot lately though, and i appear to have gained some of my normal thinking patterns back though.. seems as if i'm onto something

but, i'm still freaked the F*CK out..

i don't know if it's best to use an aggressive technique or just set up a good defense and cross my fingers.. maybe a lil' of both?

once i get everything screwed on tight, how does one close the gate behind them?
Constructive, Controlled Use of Imagination.

the only advise i can give you, but you take it on your own risk...

..is to go back to the Gate, when it opens, you walk in but stay at the entrance (at all times).
if you have contact with your Guide ask him to come and aid you. when this is not the case, ask for Guidence.
remember you know nothing about that world (theory doesnt count),
so you need help from something that does.

collect the 'matter' that entered your daily consiousness, what troubles you the most.
the things you cant handle řet'".

Tell your Guide to bring back the matter to its place of origin. and Thank Him.
Gratitude will bring you a long way..

when you feel comfortable with the situation ,
step into the gate again, back into our world.
Use your imagination now to close the gate behind you.
make sure it is closed, closing the gate will prevent matter(other world) to enter our world.
(seems you can agree?)

send positive energy to every cell of your body once you're back
your Guidence can help you in every step of the process.

when you were a baby, did you not have to learn all there is to learn about this world ?
were there no dangers?'is this different?

it starts with Purification, as Beautifullevil nicely quoted.
i stronly suggest you start there
but.. do as you wish.. offcourse ^^
wow.. it's like i've almost completely changed since the first few weeks i was hit with this problem.

thank you guys for all of the advice.. throughout this whole process i am actually becoming more intune with how i TRULY feel and also feel like i am almost back to "normal"

i guess i'll get some sort of indicator when i'm 100% in the clear?

i hope so..

ya'll take care..[off-topic removed]