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Frater A.M.D.G
10-27-2010, 03:20 PM
Hi all, name is Frater A.M.D.G Ad majorem Dei gloriam for those who like the long winded :cool: Am into Magick of the Golden Dawn type and have recently decided to take a lean toward alchemy, of the practical type and its here that I'm in need of some advice.

My initial experiment, creating a tincture of Saturn, went, "well" in that I experienced results with it. Main problem was/is that I had/have no where to calcine the product when it had finished, ended up using a work kitchen and nearly burning the place down as the extractor fan didn't work, someone came back during the process and there was a rush to then hide my project and disguise it all as a cooking mishap. Still, all was good and well in the end BUT it seems I'm having difficulty getting the salts to an ashen white, initial experiment aside I now have a Watercress and Chickweed (Lunar) experiment under way with the same problem, greyish black ashes and a dark green tincture which I'm sure isn't at all right, the tincture is supposed to be clear isn't it? Perhaps its the coffee filters in place of lab grade filters. At the moment I'm using a grill to get to the ashes, figured it best with them spread out over a thin surface basically light the mass then grill it all evenly, most crucibles seem too deep and bothersome to deal with plant matter.

Any advice is appreciated along with general comments, in return I bring you gifts of the informative type!

**Does some form of magick**

Miron Glasss Website (http://www.miron-glas.com/en)

Herp nursery

Enjoy. :cool:

Frater A.M.D.G

solomon levi
12-06-2010, 04:05 PM
Greetings Frater A.M.D.G.
Sorry I didn't see your post tucked in there.
To get your ashes really white - the grill sounds like a good idea.
Washing will help too - dissolve them and then evaporate...
Here's a good link:

For your chickweed and watercress - no, I wouldn't expect a clear tincture. Green is fine/normal. :)

Welcome to alchemy forums!