View Full Version : symbols in alchemical glyphs

solomon levi
11-05-2010, 04:17 AM
Much can be learned from a proper understanding of geometry and symbols.
In fact, the whole of alchemy is divulged in its symbols, if only one knew how to read them.

You are probably familiar with the planetary symbols:


These are composed of three glyphs:
the solar circle, the lunar crescent and the earthly cross.
We may also translate as soul, spirit and matter/body.

The planetary glyphs reveal how these relate.
For example, in Venus, the solar circle dominates the earthly cross,
while in Antimony/Earth it is the opposite.

There are some other symbols worth examining.
The triangle (tri prima) is used to define the four elements:

And the square (four elements) is used to define earth/matter/salt.

This study can lead to some interesting correspondences.
For example, a circle above a cross means venus
but a triangle above a cross means "sulphur"
and a square above a cross means tartar.

I think in some small way this helps to define various elements of glyphs.
Like if you know two parts of an equation, you can find the third:
if x + y = z, and x = 10 and z = 17, you know y = 7.

Applying the same logic to the elements of cross, circle, triangle, square, venus, sulphur, tartar,
you can get a sense of what's what - like a Rosetta stone, requiring a bit of meditation.

Familiarising oneself with alchemical glyphs leads to more insights.
For example, urine is glyphed as a square with a dot/dash in the center,
just as the sun is a circle with a dot/dash...