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01-04-2009, 12:56 AM
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I have had the opportunity to see some videos and read some online articles concerning the subject of Astrotheology.

For those who are not familiar with this concept, the basic idea is that most if not all major theology comes from an interpretation of the celestial bodies, zodiac signs, etc. Astrotheology says that our current understanding of theology/religion is a deification and story telling of these celestial bodies. If you're interested in reading or looking into this subject, Jordan Maxwell seems to be major proponent of the subject.

I'm not saying that I agree of disagree with the subject but I do find it very interesting. I would like to know what view or opinion others have on the subject.
Definitely interesting, with lots of metaphors/allegories that seem to correlate to Christianity/Judaism - Moses slaughtering the Ram (Aries) and burning the golden cow (Taurus).Jesus and his disciples following a man carrying a water pitcher (Aquarius, the water bearer) and of course the Icthis fish the early Christians drew in the sand (Pisces)...

There are many others but those are the ones that readily come to mind. I'm definitely a fan of this theory, as I find many notable correlations with alchemy. But for the alchemist their Zodiac would go in this order: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo (skipping Cancer) due to a certain ferment that takes place at the end of the fourth month- which is signified by Leo. Of course this notion is derived from the Cathedral at Notre Dame and Fulcanelli's interpretation.
I've read a couple books on this subject.
I'd object to saying our theology comes from the stars.
The stars are given their symbology/image because of something that occurred here.
The event(s) that occurred here was of such importance that someone felt it should be encoded
in the heavens for posterity.

Not to contest that "gods" have come here from the stars... I believe they have.
It's just that no one could look up at the sky and see all these images without being taught to.
It's not really interpreting the stars - it's learning the stories/mythology.

I've posted some of my thoughts on this in the symbology section of this site.
Some of the books I've read interpret these images as relating to christianity.
That certainly can be seen there, as can alchemy, but the constellations existed as mythologies
before the supposed time of Jesus, so one has to look deeper for the true intent, which for all purposes
could have been re-told as the story of Jesus of Nazareth. We've already discussed this echo-ing
of the solar deity (Mithras, Dionysos, etc), so I won't repeat that here.

IMO, these myths contain the vestements (or the skeleton) of people and events that actually occurred
here on earth. Reading the Popul Vou or the Sumerian epics, or the Norse, Hindu, Hopi, etc, etc... You either have to
conclude that it's curious that they all tell the same or similar stories, or that these events actually occurred on
a world-wide scale. The latter makes more sense to me. If it were the former, how did these stories travel, and if
they did travel, why would they be accepted and revered another society?

One of my favorite sources on this subject is Robert Morningsky - The Terra Papers.
These are hard to come across now. At least I have a hard time finding them. But I had a copy once
upon a time, and I've attended his lecture or event a couple times. I especially like how he links it all up linguistically/
For a brief outline though, he claims to be the grandson of a Hopi indian who was one of three who came across
one of the downed alien craft at Roswell, and these three indians rescued an alien and the alien told them, or rather
showed them, the history of our earth and the galaxy. To jump into it, life occurred in various places in the universe at
various times. There wasn't one big bang, but many. Here, on our planet, the dominant life evolved from ape-like
creatures that were mammals. In other places, the dominant life may be insect-like, or whatever. Jumping ahead -
the Dog star, Sirius, is called that because there are dog-beings that come from there and are a Patriarchy.
Another star system that discovered this area of the galaxy around the same time was from Orion and was/is insectoid
and a Matriarchy. I think the Orion queens allowed the Sirians to use their "highway" to access earth and mine its
resources for a price. If I tell the whole story, there were planets before earth, including the asteroid belt and mars. Anyway,
the Sirian Patriarchy is the basic story related by the Sumerians - Anu, Enlil and Enki. Battles ensue between the
Orions/Aryans and the Sirians, and within the Sirian group itself. Much of this is what is recorded as mythology.
What's interesting is what happens with Egyptian gods and later pharoahs, how they fought and always tried to write
history over the defeated, building over cities and carving out or over old hieroglyphs to appear as if so and so had
been "god" all along. Then what's really interesting is how these bloodlines are brought into present day and how the battle
for possession and rule is still going on. One interesting semantic was Rockafeller = Ra Ka Pharoah, and Rothschild =
Ra's shield - the religious and military/industrial complexes that now control our planet, along with others. So Pharoah's of Ra...
I think Ra was related to Marduk, and so on - he does the lineology real well.
One last interesting twist which I'll outline was about Jesus and Mary Magdalene - Jesus a descendant of David and thus
the Sirian Kings and Mary Magdalene a descendant of the Orion queens - their bloodlines together would provide an true
human heir who could claim earth and release us from extra-terrestrial rule. Barrabas, whom Jesus supposedly took the
place of on the cross, was Bar Rabbi, son of the rabbi, son of Jesus. He took his place cause the bloodline was more important.

So I'll leave it at that, but he goes all the way to the Kennedy assasination.
A fascinating, fun read, whether you believe it or not. A story too incredible to make up.
The word stuff really ties it all together. Like Magdalene was Orion as shown in Mag, Mak - which meant
great or powerful, and also magic. These are the aliens that produce magical effects/images like the ones at
Lourdes and Fatima. They're also involved in the images one sees in "the light" when people die. They do a lot through religion
to keep us coming back here.

One more note, the Grey reptilians are from Draco and serve the Orion queens, according to Morningsky, and
the alien his grandfather discovered was from the Pleiades and they supposedly encourage our freedom, as did Enki,
the serpent/satan/saturn.

03-14-2009, 05:07 PM
Without a doubt in my mind!

The stars are the mothers of our Gods (that or aliens), Lucifer (the morning star) for instance...

My opinion, look through the eyes of a Spiritual Alchemists, is that the zodiac goes in this order:

V = Capricorn
I = Pisces
T = Aries
R = Leo
I = Libra
O = Virgo
L = Cancer

But there are many ways to look at it, the above is just one of them!

Let's not forget the thirteenth sign of the zodiac, the Serpent Holder: Ophiuchus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiuchus)