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Although, as a relative newbie to Alchemy, I am not especially qualified to recommend books, Alchemical Essays, by Ross Mack [which I've read through once] seems to me to be an excellent book from which many who are advanced in the Art would likely gain gems that I am as yet unable to pick up on. Seems to be written by someone who knows what they are talking about. Nice overview touching upon many facets.



Review of ALCHEMICAL ESSAYS: The Living Process of Alchemy / Iona Miller, 1-1-09

“The changing of bodies into light and light into bodies, is very comfortable to the course of nature, which seems delighted with transmutations.” ~ Opticks, Sir Isaac Newton

“Ultimately, the Stone should be considered a catalyst to instruct the body code to overcome its inherited weakness and rebuild a better, stronger vital metabolism that is not just self-repairing, but building to an optimal state of health. . .The Stone has the seed of all DNA in an archetypal form and gives the correct, original instructions to the potential new cells. This enables generations of mutation/adaptation of the organism to self-correct.” ~ Dr. Ross Mack

In ALCHEMICAL ESSAYS (Salamander & Sons, 2008), Dr. Ross Mack distills the quintessence of the alchemical art creating a Meta-Syn of philosophers for our time. It can be difficult in such an esoteric subject to transcend language barriers and satisfy both the novice and the accomplished practitioner. But he has done just that in this tastefully-illustrated, well-crafted volume, weaving a tapestry of depth and richness with subject matter elements and process-oriented guidelines. The qualitative Mercury, Sulphur and Salt presented herein make a luminous mixture.

Dr. Mack will cut 20 years off your learning process, raise your aspirations, sooth your troubled soul, and ground your practice in an expanded notion of our ancient art, which is a secret therapy, as well. One reading may lead you to ponder, while another brings a “Eureka” moment, and still another sparks an obsessive quest. Alchemical Essays inspires one to truly seize the noble fruit. He will expand your synergetic consciousness of the heart of the Art and the secret Heart of Nature.

Dr. Mack’s passionate work is a balm for both the experimental and spiritual practitioner. This nonlinear book can be reread in fractal reiterations in its entirety or section by section over a period of years for inspiration on higher octaves. Its symbolism stimulates us at an unconscious level. We all know that revelations have their own mysterious way of emerging once the aspirant and the time are ripe. If you have the drive, Dr. Mack’s directions will give you traction.

The aesthetic approach of art is as inseparable from alchemy as its experimental nature. Alchemy is the soulful language of transformation and transmutation, a way of life rooted in eternal cycles. It is a personal experience of the Laws of Nature that invites the materialization of Wisdom. Energy is matter in volatile form and the natural mechanism of creation. Matter and mankind pass through archetypal transitional states. Alchemy amplifies this process, changing our fundamental psychophysical makeup. Even our failures have value.

Alchemy itself is a prescription for the Nigredo depression, the modern malaise of dark futures and consumer conformity. It defines a perennial frontier where eccentricity elbows out enough room to thrive in unconventional ways of thinking, acting and being, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Alchemy leads us to experiment, break boundaries and transcend categories, including those of science, art and belief. Intuitively knowing more than we know we know, some navigational part of ourselves functions as Mercurial guide.

This magical art connects private consciousness with the unified global field of awareness. The world is animated and all things are interconnected. The spiritual technology of today’s alchemy offsets the alienating effects of modern technology and helps create a totally new environment in the same sense that great art does – a development in the pattern of human experience. Alchemical media widens our experiential field. It offers the perennial promise of rebirth at an enhanced level of functional adaptability.

If you are looking for “Trade Secrets,” you will find many here whose brilliant articulation only come through a lifetime of effort. Mack shares his qualitative perspective on the alchemical memes of our day, including Ormus, life extension, resonance, frequency, fields, dark matter and energy, the ether, energy, DNA, cyclic transformation and the true nature of the Stone. You will also find a deep respect for the living powers of alchemy and an indispensable love of Anima Mundi as the ultimate Soror Mystica.

Imagine, instead of buying a cure at the store that we actually collect all the raw materials required from the ground up, create and assemble our own equipment, make our own chemical ingredients according to the old ways, and draw our own experimental conclusions. The authentic practice of alchemical art requires all that of us, and more. It requires we consciously open ourselves to the Universe and its expansive manifestation mirrored within ourselves. It makes psyche matter.

Mack describes the Minor and Major work in all the alchemical traditions, including Hermetic, Chinese, Indian, Arabic and Islamic. He gives a thorough treatment of Spagyrics and Ayurvedic craft. But this is no dry history, nor list of symbols, nor retelling of parables or outworn myths. His philosophical flights range from the subtleties of New Physics, (such as light, time, superconductors, and Bose-Einstein Condensate), to the practicalities of creating and perfecting one’s lab apparatus. He distinguishes internal, spiritual and plant alchemy, describing various methodology and applications.

It’s not easy to write such hyperdimensional text, even though this form of deep coding was the forte of the alchemists of history. Precisely what separates the modern alchemist from science is a deep and abiding desire for Nature’s enigmatic truths, including emotional, philosophical and spiritual meaning. Unique aspects are part of our personal journey toward individuation, but the operations of alchemy describe the transpersonal milestones we share in the progress of our Great Work. Ultimately, we make the grand experiment on ourselves.

Both artists and alchemists claim a variety of ways of proceeding with their work. The product of each endeavor is an expression of one’s intentional creative effort. Ultimately, there is no recipe for the creative process, which requires the cooperation of the universe to achieve that flow state, but there are means available to foster certain outcomes. Your next correct choice emerges from strengthening your experiential connection to creative source.

Dr. Mack has chosen a stunning menu of alchemical fare that invites the reader not simply to read the recipe but to heartily relish the dish – your own deliciously “cooked” self. These essays cover a select array of notions that enfold the essential aspects of alchemical theory and practice.

Happily, this is a fluid articulation, without the obfuscation of dated language in a presentation that is perhaps one of the best contemporary works of its type. In short, Dr. Mack’s fluent style makes enjoyable reading that speaks to us on the level we are ready to receive, helping us see the invisible world. As base metals are turned into gold, our soul is regenerated. Anyone can attempt to recount the history of alchemy, but it takes a mature practitioner to shed new light on the subject."


Preface, Introduction

Alchemical Essays: Academic Commentators, Affinity, Amalgamation and Marriage, Biological Transmutations, Bose-Einstein COndensate, Chemistry Mindset, Color, Crucibles, Crystals, Dose, Equipment, Ether, Furnaces, Glassware, Humanity and Karma, Internal Alchemy, Laboratory, Living and Non-Living, Magic, Medicinal Gold Salts, Mohs Scale and Mineral Hardness, Pressure, Projection, Red Mercury, Superconductors, Symbols, Theriac, Tin, Trade Secrets

Alchemy of Asia: Ayurvedic Plant-Metal Amalgamations, Chinese Alchemy, Cyclic transformation, Cementation, I Ching, Indian Alchemy, Islamic and Arabic Alchemy, Omar Khayyam


Emerald Tablet: Commentary, Myths, Physical Characteristics

Gold: Ormus Elements

Light and Heat: Light, Light and Plants, Effect of Light on Minerals and Metals, Perpetual Lamps, Heat

Philosopher's Stone: Medicine for Man, Medicine for Metals, Little Particulars, Gemstone Method

Plant Alchemy: Solvents, Proof Alcohol, De-Natured Alcohol, Absinthe and Methanol, Commercial Herb Products, Alchemical Plant Medicine

Salt: Salts in the Air, Nitre

Sound and Music: Music of the Spheres, Frequency Hertz

Time: Cycles of Time




Excerpt from the chapter Indian Alchemy:

“Imagine a line from the smallest possible dark matter particle to the largest objects in our Universe. At one end, measure the time it takes for light to travel across the diameter of the minute particle. At the other end, measure the time it takes for super light (faster than light) to travel across the known Universe. These two extremes are our two polarities and spacetime exists between them. If we transform energy into matter by shifting the influence along our imaginary line, we shift its time value and its capacity to hold energy. Depending upon our manipulation of our matter, it can be made to appear in the physical world. This First Matter - the prima materia of the ancients - can be made to appear when energy is no longer able to travel at super light speed. Once this energy is persuaded to slow down, it then acquires weight, specific gravity, density, and all other physical parameters depending upon the instructions given in the process. In other words, matter manifests out of apparent thin air. The search for a particular first vapour of ether is futile, as it appears naturally when needed or directed. The software instructions that dictate the form of the matter is imbedded in both the universal dark matter and the starting metals that the alchemist uses in the work. The concept of universal software is also called the soul.

Natural transmutation is happening all the time, under the direction of the dark matter and various skilled operators. It is not the transformation of one element into another, as science demonstrates in particle accelerators via the bombardment of atomic particles. It is the moment in time and space or the speed of specific energy that slows to a critical speed under direction and manifests as a metal, mineral or anything else. This happens in a moment and in the crucible. All the forms of matter described previously, attained through slow conversion of lesser metals, are legitimate and real. They serve the purpose of education in a safe manner. For those special individuals who are able to fine tune matter at its energetic source, almost no time, money or special equipment is required - just knowledge and correct preparation.

Traditional Indian, siddha and Jain philosophy assumes this position to start. The ancient writers did not desire to bring energy into material form. Any physical manifestations from the subtle worlds they describe are an aberration or artifact. They considered the goal of humans was, or is, to strive to experience and dwell in these highly energetic forms. Through body disciplines, mental control, anatomical rechannelling of vital fluids, and rebuilding of the body, the candidate will achieve harmony between the opposing forces that govern life, and emerge immortal. The need to see transmutations on a physical plane fade away as the understanding of a more energetic place unfolds. The attachment to the human body fades away as the peak physiology is achieved. All of this is done internally in the body and externally in the laboratory. Despite the mighty dialog of the Indian scriptures, including epic battles and love stories, the final goal of these writings is for us to gain perfection of body function and realization of our capacity. Ultimately this is God realization.”

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